When Vlad and I got married, I didn’t want an engagement party, bridal shower or bachelorette party. We had our wedding, and it was stunning, but I’m someone who likes to celebrate others and doesn’t love being the center of attention. But when I found out I was pregnant, I was excited to have a baby shower. I wanted to celebrate our baby with my friends and family, and I looked forward to it. We first thought we’d have our shower in Florida because that’s where I was supposed to be, but being in NYC, I had a venue in mind that I always loved, and I was pretty excited about having my shower in NYC at one of my favorite places.

We had a brunch this past Saturday, October 1st, at the Gramercy Park Hotel Terrace. The Terrace used to have a restaurant that I discovered when we first moved to NYC over 6 years ago, and it ended up being one of my go-to spots. Now the Terrace is only used for private parties, and it is the perfect backdrop for any event. It was one of those magical moments where I went back to see the space, was set on it and they had the area I wanted on the weekend I wanted. It was meant to be, truly.


I have to talk about the flowers also, because I’m such a flower lover and getting flowers in NYC with only two weeks notice for an event is pretty tricky. Adore Floral NYC is a shop that I have used many times over the years to buy arrangements as thank yous and gifts, so when I reached out to them and they were excited to work with us, it was a perfect match! I didn’t want to go overboard with pink; I wanted the vibe to be very pretty and soft, with a palette of pale pinks, blush, peach and white, and Adore Floral NYC was able to create a dream world for our tables and venue. I can’t name every flower in the arrangements, but after I gave them the color palette I was looking for, the designers put together the most gorgeous centerpieces and flowers took over the entire area to make it come to life. They also added the flowers to my cake (which, by the way, was delicious: light and tasty lemon cake with vanilla whipped cream and fresh berries). Seriously, I can’t speak highly enough about this flower shop; if you are in NYC and want flowers or need to send flowers to someone in NYC, check them out.


As for the party itself, it felt somewhat like a mini wedding; there was a ton of planning and buildup, and then, before I knew it, the shower was over. We were so lucky to have friends from all over join us, and even many of my Florida friends made the journey up to NYC! I saw an idea of having books that guests can sign to leave well-wishes for the baby, so you have a little book collection to start her off. I was set on having this at the shower, so we had it set up when guests arrived and now we have 25 books with personalized notes for Baby D!

Brunch was one great course after the next, and after that, we gathered to open gifts. I won’t deny that I loved opening gifts for the baby; it is so fun, and I feel like a tad less gratuitous than opening gifts intended for you (or maybe I just want to feel that way)! Thankfully, my friends told me my running commentary was hilarious, but honestly it’s hard to come up with what to say with that many gifts without repeating yourself. This baby is one lucky little girl, and she was given some of the most adorable outfits and accessories. (She even got a little Ferragamo backpack–I mean, come on!) I laughed so hard, because I told everyone she is starting off with a better wardrobe than me. (I still have a far superior handbag collection, obviously!) We had everyone play bingo while I opened gifts, which included a bunch of presents everyone could win, and that made it more fun than just watching me open gifts.

This was the shower of my dreams, and I am still on Cloud 9 from it. I was exhausted afterward and had to lay in bed, order room service and watch TV until the next day. I found out last week my iron levels are low, so the Dr. has me on iron pills, and I think they are helping but this final stretch of the pregnancy has definitely been harder on me than the beginning! Hope you all enjoy the shower pictures; I wanted to share them because it was such a fun day and meant so much to me to have everyone there to celebrate this little girl.

♥ Megs










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  • C

    What a beautiful and classy party, expertly captured by Vlad I assume? And the Ferragamo backpack sounds DARLING, can’t wait for it to show up in some future posts!

    • Yes, Vlad took pictures! We ended up having my brother and some other guys there so they all had a good time!

      Can’t wait to have her wear her little backpack!

  • Lina Lee

    So beautiful! So lovely of you to share it with us! Thank you. I wish all the best of luck with your birth! Hope to see pics of you holding your little one when you have her.??

    • Thank you so much! Of course I’ll be sharing pics of her when she arrives! Only 6 more weeks!! Ahhhhh

  • karina

    absolutely love your dress, Megs! you look regal in it. Tell us more about it :)

  • SeeJay

    What a pretty event you had!

  • rashmi

    Dear Megs, the baby shower looked like great fun! What a great venue with beautiful decorations! You looked so beautiful! I too am a big fan of ASOS. May I ask what flavor the cake was? It looks delicious! I bet it was! Vlad as always takes such great pics! Good luck with the arrival of baby D!

    • Thank you so much!!

      It was a lemon cake with fresh berries and whipped cream – and then buttercream frosting – it was seriously so good!!!!

      I was happy Vlad got to be there, though I did put him to work a bit with the photos… haha!! She’ll be here in 6 short weeks!

  • kemilia

    The shower looks perfect! And so do you!

    I generally take a pass on any type of shower but not baby showers–babies come into the world with nothing and need everything. So excited for you and Vlad, thank you for posting this–it made me smile a lot!!

    • Thank you so much for the kind words!!! We had such a great time at the shower and I got to have it just how I wanted it – no games I didn’t like, the people I wanted were there, and it was truly such a magical day!

  • Jen

    Very nice, Megs. You look lovely and we’re so happy for you. Great place to have the shower and the cake…beautiful.

    • Thanks so much!! Ahh, the cake was so good, wish I had some right now :)

  • kristin

    Congrats again, Megs! Beautiful dress – you look so beautiful!!! :) Loved all the photos. Thank you for sharing :) :)

    • Thanks so much!! The dress was really comfy, and that’s what mattered to me! Happy to share :)

  • Gia

    Oh Megs everything is so beautiful!
    Your so lovely and wishing many blessings for baby.

  • V

    You look beautiful Megs! The affair looked lovely. I’m totally in love with the dress collection you received-I love little dresses!!:)

    • Thank you so much!!! Yes, that was from my sister, it’s such a great gift – all Ralph Lauren dresses and it was a progression. So 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 18 months! She is so set with cute little outfits, it was all too much to handle!

  • Corey

    There’s something about holding up those gifted onsies and then, reality rushes at you, realizing these clothes are for YOU and YOUR baby! ?
    It looks like it was a beautiful event. Congrats!

    • I KNOW! It makes it so much more real and seeing those tiny little outfits is surreal! Can’t believe she will be here with us soon. Trying to savor these last weeks together but also so excited for her to join us!

      • Corey

        Binge watch a few seasons on Hulu and write every time you feel the urge. Also, in a world of probably receiving ‘helpful advice’ from all angles, treasure this one: Disposable nursing pads are evil; they will ultimately curl and stick to your sensitive skin. Nursing bras have a dark magic of keeping your internal sexy from coming back. Order comfortable sports bras with removable, washable pads…..or use formula. No judgement.

  • Passerine

    Congratulations and thank you for sharing this lovely day with us. A quick question — were you bothered by any yellowjackets etc as the party was outside? I love dining al fresco but one of my BFFs is highly allergic to wasp stings. I don’t want her to be signing the guest book with an epi pen, sigh. Did those winged critters leave you alone?

    • Happy to share! Our area was actually covered with glass so you get the feeling of being outside but you have glass covering you. Plus it was on the rooftop, so not sure we’d have a problem with bees/yellowjackets.

      That’s tricky for you with your friend. I have family members who are highly allergic to bees and other things so we always try to avoid. I’d ask her what she’s most comfortable with. Anyone with severe allergies knows what works for their comfort level so that’s what I would do!

  • Violet

    It’s so beautiful! I’m happy for you! Mine was inside a friend’s apartment and we had Shakey’s Pizza and soda in plastic cups. Lol. Yours is far more sophisticated!! You’ll make a wonderful mommy!

  • psny15

    Congratulations guys!

  • Amanda

    Everything looks beautiful! Congratulations!

  • Imgoingbroke

    What a lovely baby shower! It’s so pretty it looks like a wedding reception…and don’t think I didn’t eyeball that cake with a watering mouth. Did is taste as good as it looked. Thank you for sharing your day with us, you look lovely! I smiled a lot viewing each picture. Congratulations.

  • So beautiful! I’m glad you got to share this special day with your family and friends. You look gorgeous Megs, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!

  • TexasST

    What a stunning baby shower and you look so beautiful, Congratulations!!

  • Pamela

    You look so pretty! Great shower :) Baby is so lucky