Jimmy Choo Sky Hobo Bag

Sorry for the late start today, but there is just so much to do so little time. As you know last week Vlad and I spent in NYC. We have amazing interviews and pictures to come (so excited to share with you all!). Things are hectic around here today as we are getting things situated before Vlad leaves on Thursday for Germany for two weeks. I am staying home to hold down the fort and Shannon is headed to California. We have so many things in store for you all, just hang tight!

While in NYC Vlad and I did not over-shop, at least in our minds. Of course we shopped, but not crazily. I nearly left Hermes with a new goodie, but I decided to wait for something else and we got Vlad a treat instead, a Hermes wallet. We will photograph it later, but it is his new pride and joy. We picked up a few items from another store, and those pictures will come later.

My long rambling story short is that I realized my closet has a deficit when it comes to the shoe department. Don’t get me wrong, I do love shoes, but I just do not splurge. Typically shoes and handbags go hand in hand. People who love shoes love handbags and vice versa. But for me, shoes has never been a focal point. Blame it on my growing up in Florida on the beach, where no-shoes was indeed no problem. Or on the fact that I am 5’10 in flats, meaning that heels have me tower over most men. But my love of shoes is growing especially after our visits to Ferragamo and Jimmy Choo.

And while I love Jimmy Choo shoes and I attempted to force myself to find a pair, I was drawn to their handbags. The bag that caught my attention and looks like the sister of the Jimmy Choo Saba is the Jimmy Choo Sky Hobo Bag. So I strayed from the shoes and fell in love with this bag. The Sky hobo sports a much better hobo shape for my liking than the Saba hobo. The best part of this purse is the buttery, ultra-soft nappa leather. This is the kind of leather that you absolutely desperately seek to make into couches and bedding and blankets and anything that can be close to your skin. There is a touch of exotic on this bag, with a snakeskin-lined accent piece and handle. This is more my style, more my flow, and I just adore this bag! The shoulder strap is adjustable as well. And the inside is lined with ultra-suede lining and features a zip and slip pocket. Buy through Saks for $1495, which is a price that does not seem all that bad for what you get.

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  • lauren

    I just wrote about this bag too…totally loved it. It’s so my style and love the color. I was surprised because a lot of other designers mark up their “small exotic details” way way too much. But this price is more affordable than most designer plain leather bags. Bravo to Jimmy Choo!

  • Cindy

    Very stylish! Very lady like.

  • Kara

    Love this bag and can’t wait to see all you ahev in store for us!!

  • janis

    I am really drawn to this bag, too! I have quite a few Choo bags and was drawn to the Saba when I first saw it…something about those bracelets. But after seeing it IRL and trying to convice myself I loved it, I just didn”t. This may be my next Jimmy Choo! You can remove the strap and add more of the bracelets too, which can be purchased at Jimmychoo.com. Don’t know if I would, but they do have different colors so it is an option.

  • marytui33

    I love this bag…I find another HURLEY QUILTED HOBO BAG..this one..

  • daisyjane

    Love it! (The shape is more attractive than the Saba)

  • Ashley

    ABSOLUTELY love this bag!! Color is so unique and I love the pink snakeskin and the leather looks so touchable!!

  • tadpolenyc

    megs, i’m the same way! my bag collection is certainly not lacking, but i seriously wear the same pair of black patent delman flats with everything. my shoe collection is pathetic when compared to my handbags. i’m really doing my best to balance it out, but i keep getting distracted by bags. what can you do?

  • JackieJ

    I bought a bag similar to this a few months ago. I love the oversized hobo totes! My bag is a deep red rather than the unique shades of gray and pink, who comes up with a combination like that? Its genious, and the snake skinned leather bangle as an added bonus! The bangles are such an innovative touch. Two of the girls I work with designed something similar a few months ago, it was super exciting and ironic when we saw his latest stuff online. Its called The FUMI, it’s a purse accessory (similar to Jimmy’s), purse hook (who wants their handbag on the floor?) and piece of jewlery (added bonus!). I use mine all the time.

    Here’s thier website: http://www.thefumi.co

  • Jay

    Is anyone aware if this bag is sold out in pink? SAKS doesn’t seem to carry it. Therefore, I had to order the Black version for my girlfriend. Does anyone know about availability in pink? Does anyone own the purse in black and can comment on it? Never seen it in person…


  • Cassie

    I bought this bag (large) in black with a white/brown snake handle and I LOVE it. I thought the price was really appropriate compared to other brands that also have snakeskin accents which are priced much higher. The leather is divine, its so soft and so far its holding up well. I was worried about the snakeskin areas peeling or showing wear but so far so good. The only little problem I have with it is that it is kinda hard to get in and out of quickly, my wallet falls to the very bottom and the bag is hard to open quickly. I have to kind of juggle it around and move it in different ways while I open it. The zip pocket is good for my cell phone though and honestly I don’t really care that its kind of difficult to manage in a rush because it looks so damn good. I have gotten many compliments from friend and strangers.

  • Aimee

    I have this bag for sale in Pink. I won it in a raffle and would like to sell it. I am more of a cheap bag girl. Check my e-bay listing.

  • April

    I like the bag but does the name plate get scratched up with wear?

  • Frederick Adler

    My cousin has said they wouldn’t be caught dead in those shoes, nevertheless I’ve got to admit I kind of like the look of them