For people with very expensive shoe collections or those who treasure their favorite shoes dearly, I’m sure that travelling with footwear is a consistent and irritating problem. Shoes don’t lend themselves to packing, particularly in the day and age when no one wants to check her bags for fear that they’ll be lost, stolen or some combination thereof. Not to mention the moronic baggage fees, but if you’ve got the five-figure shoe collection to tote around the world, I’ll go ahead and assume that you’re not hurting for the $25 each way.

In a sense, then, I suppose that the Jimmy Choo Tone Leather Shoe Case would solve some people’s problems, but for me, it just creates a lot of confusion and questions. First and foremost, why does it cost over two grand? Some luxury brands don’t even charge that much for an actual suitcase that will hold both clothes and shoes.

As shoe cases go, it does seem to be a nice one. The interior is spacious enough to hold several pairs and lined in a lovely leopard that won’t show wear from holding dirty footwear, and although I don’t like the embossing on the outside at all (in fact, I think it looks pretty cheap), leather is leather and it’s nice to have it. But how is this case supposed to be carried? Should it be one of your carry-ons, meaning that you can’t bring your bag full of electronics and snacks on board with you? Should it fit inside your suitcase? If it’s supposed to be packed inside other luggage, why go to the expensive of making it all leather, and why give it those bulky handles? And more than anything, how much money do you have to have to pay four figures for something to hold a couple of pairs of shoes when you travel? I told you I had a lot of questions… Buy through Net-a-Porter for $2295.

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  • edoardo

    I love this bag, is really cool and the Jimmy choo maison is making amaizng products in this category. However, I agree that the price is too expensive for a ” bag” that should travel with other ones…

  • Lisa

    Nice bag but I agree….way too expensive for what it is. As for “how do you use this”?….maybe it is intended only for private jet travel where carry-on, check, etc is not an issue :).

  • Tali

    I already added this one on my Fashiolista))) it’s just too cute! never mind the price..

  • Musette

    huh. this makes little sense and I agree that the embossing looks cheap. When airlines got weird about carryon stuff, I began UPSing my really valuable stuff. Worked like a charm and it was never lost and way-easy to track (certainly easier than finding lost luggage at the airport). Seemed a more practical alternative to buying a G6 :-D


  • Lorie

    I really like it. If I actually owned some Louboutin’s, Manolo’s or Jimmy Choo’s, I would want something extra special to tote them in as I jet around the globe. So, yeah, I will buy when I hit the lottery.

  • PhotoGirl

    No, thanks! I think the bag looks cheap. I’d rather have the money for something else.

    The airlines are charging for all of these extra bags now. My shoes go in bags and then around the perimiters of the suitcase. Everything else gets rolled. I can go to Europe for two months with just one suitcase and one carry on.

    If something is super-important, I FedEx it to my destination in advance.

    And one camera stays with me. Always.

  • Jewels

    Where is there a picture of the inside if the bag? That would be helpful :-)

    • There are lots more pictures at the link! NAP is great about photographing their products from multiple angles.

  • 19yearslater

    This just seems like more of a hassle, an extra piece of luggage to carry or a good fourth of your suitcase at least. I don’t have many designer shoes so perhaps I just don’t get it, but that seems like a lot of cash for something that would get in my way.

  • Eva Knox

    Definitely not that much, but it looks fabulous

  • XXAL

    it seems like it will be very heavy to carry! rather not spend 2k on a bag just so i can carry an extra load..

  • bentos

    ummmmm, trying to figure out what’s nice with this bag, but it’s really ugly and not eye catching. the shape, the embossing, the stitches on handles looks very cheap and not really thought of. when you get pass it, you wont even notice it. no beauty in any ouint with this bag. what a waste….

  • scentsy

    I too think this bag is over priced. I carry all my shoes in small velvet bags and stick them in my suitcase. I carry at least 5 or 6 pairs this way and have never lost any. I will wait on this item until the qualty and price are more in line.