Telfar Introduces a New Bag Shape: The Circle

Launched at its Fall 22 show, a couple new shapes were shared

New York Fashion Week ended with the show (or rather experience) that many were most excited about and wound up being the show that everyone talked about. Telfar Clemens kept people guessing, and few could have known what an astounding event was upon them. Telfar TV was what was promised, and the night unfolded with a 90-minute long event starting with screens showing videos introducing Telfar TV hosts, user-generated content, and more. At what many thought would be a commercial break, the video screen was slid aside to reveal an extraordinary fashion show.

Telfar’s brand is about community and connecting with his fanbase. When his bags, which became the bag to have, were being sold on the resale market for well over retail price, Clemens introduced its bag security program, which allows fans to secure the bag. While you’d have to wait a few months, this guarantees you a bag at retail value. Telfar focuses on accessibility, and if the shape of the Telfar Shopping Bag wasn’t for you, the newest bags that were just shown might speak to you more.

Telfar Fall 2022

This collection was two years in the making and explored Clemens’ draw toward athleticwear in a very streetwear-inspired collection. As for the bags, while the famed Telfar Shopping Tote was still shown, it was a new bag, the Telfar Circle Bag, that caught the eye of everyone. The Telfar logo (which features T and C after Telfar Clemens) still sits atop the bag, but this bag is a circular shape and has a wider, removable, and adjustable shoulder strap. This strap looks more practical in use compared to its Shopping Bag counterpart, which many will be happy about. There’s also an East/West duffle bag that was shown (in 3 sizes), but it’s The Circle bag that is the next big thing for the brand. As the bag is a bit more intricate in design, the price is higher – $567, to be exact. In fact, Telfar knew this would be a talking point and addressed this head-on in a video on its Instagram page.

The black version of The Circle bag is already sold out, but a white and chocolate variation is coming soon. The design is more sculptural in nature with a double-sided embossed logo handle. There is a zip closure on the main part of the body, and the interior features a twill lining and an inner pocket along with two hidden compartments. As with his other bags, the bag is crafted from faux leather, and this bag is made in Italy. Dimensions are 11″ H x 11″ W x 5.2″ D with a max strap length of 48″ and a minimum of 38″, which allows for over-the-shoulder or crossbody wear. Stay up to date with the Circle Bag and more from Telfar on its site.

Images via Vogue Runway and Vogue, courtesy of Telfar


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