Earlier this week I brought you the Sang A River Square Tote, which has become a staple for this flourishing young designer. Sang A is worth talking about and worth the slow growing hype. The Korean-born Sang A did not start out as a designer, though her track in life has been anything but ordinary. Sang A was a popular stage/television actress and singer and release three pop music albums on a major label by age 26. Talk about accomplished. But one of her true loves and passions came from costumes, colors, and styling of her stage outfits, which ultimately lead her to take on design and move to New York City. Her accessories were launched in the Spring of 2006 and since the launch her popularity has shifted from being known as a singer to being known as a designer. Sang A focuses on the art of luxury; using exotic skins that are meticulously treated. The style lines are clean and leave an impression. When speaking about her designs Sang A states, “My design exudes the essence of modern classic with a dose of avant garde”. Below are four of my favorite handbags from the Fall/Winter 08 line from Sang A. The colors stand alone, the skins are extravagant, and the designs are the perfect touch of modern. Find more information on the designer at Sang A online. To order call 212-564-4433 or email store@sanga.com . Also, Vivre sells Sang A and has a great selection!

Sang A Rosette River Woven Eel
Sang A Rosette River Woven Eel | $2156
The classic River Tote is updated with a detailed rosette effect, which gives the perfect texture on this exotic eel skin.

sang a jade ostrich
Sang A Violet Jade Ostrich | $2275
A saturated deep hue of purple is combined with supple ostrich skin to make a perfect hand held clutch.

Sang A Black River Large Alligator
Sang A Black River Large Alligator | $15632
Large, exotic, and in charge! This is the ultimate alligator tote from Sang A

sang a flash ponyhair
Sang A Lemon Flash Pony hair | $856
The lemon pony hair adds texture to the ultra modern shape of the Flash clutch

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  • sarah

    I love that you featured this designer. I keep wanting one of the River Totes!

  • tea

    my goodness, the rosette river is gorrrgeous

  • Ana

    It’s strange how I keep reading here that she was a singer/actress, yet I have never heard of her and I am Korean… In any case, the ostrich clutch is gorgeouss!

    • KC

      oh ma god~ u don’t know her as an actress? Have u heard about the song ‘Musical’? … She was the one of the famousssssss atress in Korea. if u r yonger than 25yrs old u wouldn’t know. are the bags lovely?

  • Julia

    Maybe you’re too young to have seen her or heard of her, Ana? :smile: I don’t think she was ever hugely popular. I remember her being a mediocre actress. Who would have known that she’d be making handbags now?? Not only is she designing expensive bags but she also looks gorgeous. What a change!

  • mette

    I´m not so keen on these bags. I don´t like the boxiness of the totes and I think that the great alligator bag is spoiled by the hardware stuff and the zipper, including the shape ( the whole bag is out of proportions ). The clutches are bad too, can´t understand the yellow one-ponyhair-where? I just don´t think the design on these does justice to the material used.

    • Stef

      I agree with you. Poor alligator….

  • Sweet Pea

    I am not a fan of these bags…especially the Black River Large
    Alligator, it looks like something from Out-of-Space: Scary!!!

  • Sweet Pea

    I am not a fan of these bags!!!!

  • lumidee

    I love these bags, and the quality is exquisite. I have the Sang A River tote in python, which always receives rave reviews when i carry it.

  • Suki

    The first bag has an interesting texture, but there’s no way you couldn’t get something similar to all of these bags for a fraction of the price. I’d pay that in Hermes or Chanel, but not for these.

  • LucianaW

    Cool….I love these bags too. Really nice.

  • yennn

    i like the pink one and the clutch but there’s no way i will buy it…. it’s pretty expensive for non branded bags…

  • Niz

    Frankly, this is my first time knowing Sang A. Well, I must say she have a great collection overall. Even so, what’s with the exorbitant prices? Perhaps, she could have started out with something more simple and not go avant-garde out of nowhere. ;)

  • anna

    Obviously she is a designer and using high-grade exotics, hence the price.

    I wouldn’t say this is a non-branded bag collection.

    • Mijung

      I agree with Anna. It isn’t non-branded anymore. It has become a “must-have” amongst celebrities and brand-lovers. Plus, the designer wasn’t exactly focus on people like us (ordinary people.. ^^) to be her customers. Perhaps she is doing just fine without our support like it or not. I am proud of her as a korean..

  • muther_fucker08

    DAMMMNN, theese purses are fucking expensive. Would you really pay that much for one of those ugly-assed bags? I mean, who really gives a shit about you fucking purse? I do love designer bags, but i aint no fucking fool! Well anyways, ladies, im just sayin dont spend your whole fucking life savings on one of thees shitty bags. BITCH OUT.


    • Jaclyn Renee

      way to keep it classy MF08! :shock: