moe click bags
Moe Click Bags

The problem with many clutches is that they look great, but you get sick of carrying them in your hand. That means you only have one hand, and it makes everything a little more difficult. There has been a huge buzz around the easy to carry Moe Click Bags which are created by Mary Rambin. Mary created her handbag line, especially the C.L.I.C.K bag, with ease of use in mind and effortless style. She created these bags after being faced with what many of us are daily when we peer into our closet; frustration with the burden of impractical evening purses. Available in a wide variety of colors and materials, the Click Bag has been sported on the red carpet. There are great bridal versions as well, which you can specially order in whichever color or quantity desired. The most important thing about the Click bag is that it is sensible. It gets the job done for many different events. Prices vary, but range from $175 for leather and spring fabrics and tops out around $210-$230. Check out Moe Bags online to see where you can buy the Click Bags.

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