Growing up, I had my lunch made for me every morning by my mom. In a brown paper bag, she meticulously packed healthy foods that no one wanted to trade for at lunch (thanks mom, you were ahead of the curve!). My childhood was filled with brown paper bags, and for this reason the Marie Turnor Picnic Bag called out to me from the first time I stumbled upon it.

You can’t tell me there is not a tinge of nostalgia you feel when you see this bag. Whether you had an awesome hard case lunchbox or bought lunch everyday, the brown paper bag was part of all of our lives in someway or another. Marie Turnor uses this design to give us a pouch-like bag that can easily work as a clutch or be placed inside of a larger bag to hold some essentials.

The best part after the design is the price. For only $175, the Picnic Bag holds plenty of items at 8″ x 8″ x 2″. The Italian calf leather looks luscious and soft in the photos, so I hope it will not disappoint in the flesh.

If I bought this bag, it would end up getting most use as an organizational pouch thrown in a larger bag. The design rolls at the top and closes with a magnet, though I do not believe there are any organizational pockets on the interior. This bag could offer an easy accessory to the inside of your bag. There are many colors, but my vote hands down goes to the tan version. Buy via Marie Turnor for $175.

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  • Amy

    That is great! So cute. It also comes in a larger size (“Dinner Clutch”) that has an inside pocket.

  • Kris

    Why do I want this!?! So cute!

    • Jackie

      Ditto!!! My goodness… would’ve never thought!

    • franca

      same for me …why do I want this ? ;o))

  • Tre

    I want it too!

  • MizzJ

    I was all set to laugh at this bag, but it’s actually kinda cute! The leather does look really soft. Too bad it doesn’t have pockets inside b/c bags that are just a big sinkhole get kind unmanageable.

  • Jen

    I like Proenza’s take on the brown paper sack bag much better.

  • 19yearslater

    It’s adorable, but I don’t use clutches so it’s not for me even at it’s fairly reasonable price.

  • AstaK.

    I love it! Good minimalistic ideas are SO hard to make.

  • mochababe73

    It’s cute, and that’s it. Not practical at all.