We receive countless emails everyday about new and emerging designers that want us to take a look at their line. I wish we had enough time in the day to be able to cover all of them, but we do not. What helps a designer stand out to us is their bags possessing a unique quality. Uniqueness catches my eye first, one of those ‘Ah, haven’t seen anything like that before‘ moments. That is precisely what I feel about LaLucca Handbags. The head designer of LaLucca, Laura Pimentel, was born in the Dominican Republic and trained in both Europe and the USA. Her design aesthetic jumps out and grabs you instantaneously, especially with the LaLucca Art Bag collection.

The artist's easel   Canvas colors and easel

The Art Bag collection was born in Fall 2008 and combines Laura’s handbag know-how with the artistic touch of international artist Aleksandar Kirilov. The collection combines traditional shapes that are hand painted by Kirilov, which means every piece is an original. Vlad, Shannon and I had the pleasure of meeting with the designers behind LaLucca at an event in Miami. We were able to get a close look at the process that goes into creating every Art Bag. The combination of Pimentel and Kirilov forms a magnificent team. The Art Bags are sold like artwork in a gallery, each piece being an original and each piece taking hours of work to create.

LaLucca Red Lava (Art Bag Collection), $680   LaLucca Canvas, Close-Up

I fell for LaLucca because of the Art Bag collection in particular. Bold and colorful, each clutch tells a story. A story that can make your outfit but also a story that truly speaks to the person who owns it. I often speak about my love of clutches which grows enormously with a statement piece. Every Art Bag from LaLucca brings something different to the table which I love. You can look at one which is bright and airy and the next which is deep and passionate. The point is, you can find a bag from them that truly speaks to you. There is a possibility of a custom art bag from LaLucca as well, but it is not a guarantee (though wouldn’t that be amazing to have a bag customized for you!). More information and bags available from the Art Bag collection can be found at LaLucca.

LaLucca Carnaval (ArtBag Collection), $560   LaLucca Art Collection Clutch

There is also a signature collection if the Art Bags don’t speak to you. My personal favorite from the signature collection is the Bea Bag for 2009. The size was great for traveling or everyday use and the leather was light yet luxurious. The added, yet sparse studs really gave a great finishing touch. Buy the Bea Bag for $600 via LaLucca.

LaLucca Bea Bag (Signature 2009 Collection), $600

The good news is, we will have a LaLucca giveaway for you all sometime in the future, so this is not the last time you will hear about this wonderful brand and the designers behind it! Check out LaLucca for more information. And a special thank you to Global Trends Showroom in Miami.

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