When the reviews for the Proenza Schouler Resort 2013 collection started rolling in this past summer, I became agitated. Not because of what I saw, but because of what I didn’t – the reviews mentioned a bag known as the Proenza Schouler PS13 that had been shown at the brand’s press previews, but not a single outlet published a picture of it. That was intentional, of course; Proenza Schouler had restricted photos of the bag to keep it away from the eyes of potential counterfeiters and fast-fashion copycats like Zara and Forever 21.

Even in this age of Twitter and Instagram, Proenza was successful; the brand somehow managed to completely shut down any efforts to distribute photos of the much-anticipated design. I googled and googled and tried to ferret my way into the corners of the Internet that might contain any kind of visual on the PS13, and I was rebuffed. Our Forum members tried to do the same thing, a quest at which they are generally successful, and they faced similar failure. Until now.

While I was on vacation last week, a friend tweeted me the image above, from Net-a-Porter’s Cruise 2013 lookbook. Finally, the elusive PS13! What Proenza has done with this bag is clear – it’s a sequal to the ever-popular PS1, so much so that I’m surprised the company isn’t calling it the PS2. It’s a bag meant to be carried everyday and everywhere, with the option of a solid shoulder strap (not long enough for crossbody wear, it would seem) or double top handles that appear to be sturdier than the single handle of the PS1. The design also seems ripe for spinoff shapes – most notably, a clutch in the shape of the bag’s front pouch is on its way. The possibilities for colors, materials and shapes are many.

Vogue magazine seems to agree, which is important for any designer hoping to score a hit, particularly in the US. The influential publication gave the bag, in the black-and-white snakeskin, its coveted back page in the November issue, on newsstands now. One of our Forum members was kind enough to scan Eric Boman’s photo of the bag, below. Vanessa Traina also carried the bag around Paris Fashion Week, but at the time, no one knew what it was. You can also find an action shot of her with the bag below. (If you know who took this photo, please let us know so we can credit appropriately!)

As for pricing? The python version is $6550, according to our Forum members, with the regular leather version listed at $2495 in NAP’s lookbook, which seems a bit high. I would have guessted $1995, based on the photo and Proenza Schouler’s other bag prices, but perhaps the brand is trying to creep its way into a high accessories price bracket. Shop now via Proenza Schouler.

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  • Yogi


  • caroline

    sorry, it’s ugly

  • Amina

    Counterfeiters…..get ready-set-GO!!!

    I LOVE IT!!!

  • Silversun

    I’m not a fan. It looks oddly busy despite the clean lines. And the strap… sigh. Why does PS insist on making their straps too short for crossbody? Are they just fundamentally against being practical and hands-free?

  • Donna

    Love the last picture. Price is high though.

  • LaDon

    Hmm, really blah.Nothing about it says ‘i’m a must have’. The ‘copycats’ may copy all they want, hardly original design itself so the ‘cloak and dagger’ was unnecessary, if not risible! The snakeskin one is appealing though..

  • Sam L

    Have always loved Proenza Schouler, but don’t think I am going to buy this one! I agree the python one does look appealing, but the price is not at all!

  • elle

    Maybe not the python, but the basic black bag looks nice.

  • Not feeling any of these. To each their own…

  • kellyx

    Almost everyone i know who wants a PS1 wants the option of a longer/adjustable.strap for crossbody use when neccessary (check the forum too). Season after season, new designs after another, they are still very stingy with the strap’s length. Why!! Sigh.

  • dnfl

    “perhaps the brand is trying to creep its way into a high accessories price bracket” ??? lol is $1995 not a high price?!

  • They are very beautiful bags, but a little expensive.

  • Guest

    I don’t love this like I love my PS1. The thicker width of the strap doesn’t appeal to me either. A cross-body strap would definitely make me take a second look though.

  • anorthwind

    Much better than their last ‘it’ bag. I was sick of those fangs!

  • FashionableLena

    I am not a fan of the PS1, but I like it better than this one. This particular bag looks a little mumsy in its shape and silhouette.

  • supriashah

    botkier is dat chu?

    • Botkier

      It does share the same triangular front flap like our very identifiable Valentina and Trigger bags. We definitely stand behind our triangles so you’ll be seeing more from us with it. Thanks for noticing!

    • awbsrvr

      I think it is fair to add that Botkier, at one time or another, was accused to be lifting from Balenciaga. Plus, I will take made in Italy over made in China or Taiwan…

  • “Us and Them”

    I’d rather wear my Sesame street shopping bag….

  • gpc

    OK, oddball out here. I actually saw this in the large size in grey at Nordstrom and I loved it. I am NOT a fan of the PS1 or PS11 – so overhyped, underwhelming and sloppy. This bag is so modern and fresh. I love the functionality and didn’t find any of the zippers or compartments at all awkward. It is surprisingly lightweight and the thick shoulder strap option is comfortable on the shoulder. I think this is a winner, but I don’t see it having the popularity status of the PS1 – I guess its too structured for some. But, that makes it even better – not everyone and their mother will be carrying one! I don’t think the black color does the bag justice, but the white and grey do. The only downside to me is that it should be priced more @1995 as Amanda noted…

  • gpc

    Even checked back in with my local Nordstrom today and they sold out of it in the large grey and would have to order from another store. So, I guess others like it AND don’t mind the $2495 price tag!

  • BRTrix

    I am not a huge PS1 or PS11 fan but I cannot stop thinking of this bag…in the grey of course or even the emerald. May have to give in and get myself one…