When we first met Jason Salstein (formerly of Hunting Season), we immediately sensed his ambition and readiness to stand out above the rest of the pack. A few days ago, Jason reached out to introduce his latest venture, namely his new line “Our Lord & Saviour“. This was just too good to pass up.

The signature “Olympus Teneo” clutch for Fall/Winter 2010 is fabricated of high quality exotic leathers in neutral tones. What certainly catches the eye is the prominent detail of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on its front. The python version retails for $3,265 and the crocodile retails for $8,695.

Jesus Christ, indeed!

It is not uncommon for designers to incorporate subtle references to religious symbols into their collections. However, this is the first time for PurseBlog to encounter a full-on crucifixion so prominently on a bag. Needless to say, this clutch will part reactions like Moses was told to part the Red Sea according to the biblical account.

When asked about including the cross in his design esthetic, and the possible controversy over it, Jason responded:

I wanted to create a brand that already had a legacy and a history built in. I wanted to bring back emotion and couture qualities in the handbag market. Everything is handmade with Our Lord & Saviour.

The crucifix was not for shock value at all, but rather an introduction of the sacred Gothic aesthetic I want to convey. It just happens to be the subject that receives a lot of attention and moves me the most and others as well. I am sure that Catholics are not the only individuals that venture to Italy and visit the Sistine Chapel or Vatican. People ooh and awe at the paintings, frescoes, Michelangelo’s marble Madonna etc.

I look at the clutch as a true work of art, every detail has been thought out from the inscription on the scroll, to the crown of thorns, and nails in the hands and feet. I want to create bags that have the same effect as true masters!

Some shoppers will adore it, some will hate it. Some may call it blasphemous. It is certainly a bold move to introduce a highly religiously-tainted fashion line.

For more info, visit Our Lord & Saviour online. We will make sure to update our readers with Jason’s new designs in the future.

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