When we first met Jason Salstein (formerly of Hunting Season), we immediately sensed his ambition and readiness to stand out above the rest of the pack. A few days ago, Jason reached out to introduce his latest venture, namely his new line “Our Lord & Saviour“. This was just too good to pass up.

The signature “Olympus Teneo” clutch for Fall/Winter 2010 is fabricated of high quality exotic leathers in neutral tones. What certainly catches the eye is the prominent detail of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on its front. The python version retails for $3,265 and the crocodile retails for $8,695.

Jesus Christ, indeed!

It is not uncommon for designers to incorporate subtle references to religious symbols into their collections. However, this is the first time for PurseBlog to encounter a full-on crucifixion so prominently on a bag. Needless to say, this clutch will part reactions like Moses was told to part the Red Sea according to the biblical account.

When asked about including the cross in his design esthetic, and the possible controversy over it, Jason responded:

I wanted to create a brand that already had a legacy and a history built in. I wanted to bring back emotion and couture qualities in the handbag market. Everything is handmade with Our Lord & Saviour.

The crucifix was not for shock value at all, but rather an introduction of the sacred Gothic aesthetic I want to convey. It just happens to be the subject that receives a lot of attention and moves me the most and others as well. I am sure that Catholics are not the only individuals that venture to Italy and visit the Sistine Chapel or Vatican. People ooh and awe at the paintings, frescoes, Michelangelo’s marble Madonna etc.

I look at the clutch as a true work of art, every detail has been thought out from the inscription on the scroll, to the crown of thorns, and nails in the hands and feet. I want to create bags that have the same effect as true masters!

Some shoppers will adore it, some will hate it. Some may call it blasphemous. It is certainly a bold move to introduce a highly religiously-tainted fashion line.

For more info, visit Our Lord & Saviour online. We will make sure to update our readers with Jason’s new designs in the future.

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  • Emily

    NIce, but, seems semi-sacrilegious. Cannot risk the good lord for Fashion. (fb)

    • R

      Risk for fashion…What about all the cross pendants? Dior makes a beautiful cross and Kanye West and Pharrell WIlliams, individuals who some say are fashion pioneers and those that are lured to fashion shows like Vuitton and Lanvin, wear jewel encrusted Christ faces. Double standard if you ask me. Love the bags!

    • Barbara

      And what would you say to a diamond cross hanging around someone’s neck? Or how about a pair of Chrome Hearts sunglasses?
      It is not sacrilegious at all. It’s an expression of one’s taste just as the jewelry choice would be.. I wouldn’t say this is risking the good lord for fashion in any sense.

  • Imogen Rose

    Not loving these at all. It may work better with a smaller crucifix, perhaps a simple Elsa Peretti cross like design.

  • Jools

    I think it would be lovely to carry your prayer books and memory cards in but I wouldn’t have one for everyday use

  • brookelyn

    i wouldn’t buy it. i don’t think the bags themselves are sacrilegious, maybe the designer for playing on peoples religious devotion to lure them into purchasing. they are definitely way too overpriced. it’s not like it’s made from actual jesus flesh. (fb)

  • Paulina

    I love it. It’s awesome in a really dark and creepy way. Not really sure if I would carry it yet, but if I did, it would be to a metal show with my stomping boots (fb).

  • Not my favorite. I wish that more had been done to unify the design of the clutch with the religious iconography. As it is, it sort of looks stuck-on. I don’t mind the use of religious symbolism (I’m not religious, so it doesn’t impact my personal beliefs), but I generally prefer when it’s done in a more subversive way, a la McQueen. The materials used look top-notch, however.

  • CC

    Haha perfect for the hardcore religious person (fb)

  • Sofia Nolan

    um … no. Religion, in my oppinion, shouldn`t be combined with fashion. ever.

  • Tanya

    I agree with some of the others it seems a bit much. (fb)

  • reneeo

    I like it. I too think that it is no different than wearing a similar necklace.

  • whit

    while adding a person to the cross is new, it’s not so much different then the crosses like number nine, has done..and it doesn’t add shock value imho esp these days..

    however the prices do!

    3+k for a python and 8+k for croc–clutch?!

  • BLynnT

    I agree with previous posts that it just seems like a bit much, especially since the crucifix hangs past the bottom of the clutch so it seems bigger just for attention’s sake. (fb)

  • Lily

    i’m not loving this, to be honest… i think the cross is way too big! (fb)

  • Rebecca

    I don’t have any problem with it religious-wise. I’d probably have to be careful not to hit the bottom of the cross off anything, though. (fb)

  • LaToya

    I think its a really nice bag. I would carry it. It’ll keep all the evil spirits away. People use crosses in jewelry and clothes. Fashion needs some Jesus in that industry. But the bag is too expensive.

  • Jen

    I dont think Jesus would appreciate the animal cruelty that goes into making a bag like this!!

  • Loquita

    I don’t care for this design, mainly because it strikes me as not only impractical (the large cross ornament appears to extend beyond the bottom of the clutch, which makes it and the leather trim under it very vulnerable to damage) but also because I don’t find it terribly original. How many other designers have employed religious iconography in their work – especially the cross – in an attempt to impact the public? I am 100% for freedom of expression (whether I like that expression or not), but this one strikes me as a use of the cross without much thought. Like Amanda, I can appreciate the incorporation of religious symbolism in fashion but on more sophisticated terms.

    And yes, I am a practicing Catholic.

  • Anneliese

    I don’t care for religious symbols (of any kind) in fashion accessories, but the exotic skins are gorgeous. (fb)

  • Gelynn

    I’m not sure about this bag. It’s too religious looking to me. (fb)

  • SisiEko

    Our Lord & Saviour…seriously? I don’t mind the bag itself…but jeez even the “Lord and Saviour” would have preferred that His image not look so stuck on. That crucified it for me. (fb)

  • Terri

    Mixed feelings about this for sure. Not so much about the fact of the cross being the focal point, but just the placement & size. Bold statement piece for sure. (fb)

  • Jan

    My feeling is that this is totaly inappropriate and sacrilegious to boot. Nice time to introduce the clutch with Good Friday coming up next week. Furthermore he has to be out of his mind to charge that kind of money for a clutch…some people will make a buck off of any angle regardless of using the crucifix on the bag. Why didn’t he just use a cross?

  • Stacy

    Just not feeling it, emotionally, religiously or financially. It’s a miss in my book. (fb)

  • zasghar ali

    I don’t like the bag-(fb)


  • Bella

    The clutches are stunning. The exotics look beautiful/pricey/–and worth it! Jesus and the crucifix seems built to precision and flushed onto the material. Never seen anything like this and it is quite a statement and quite a piece. LOVE!

  • Natalie

    It’s the prices that would keep me away. I can’t even comment on the design with those prices!

  • shaintell

    I love exotic skin but not with the crucifix on it. Definitely a bad idea. And those prices are ridiculous. Give me a break.

  • Randi

    I love it!! Reminds me of an Hermes Medor only edgier! Definitely can see the Olsens’s and Daphne Guinness wearing it! Wish I could afford it cause would testify it in a second..

  • Cerise

    Love the exotic skin, but I would not buy it because of the crucifix. Not that I don’t like ti either, just not the two together :) (fb)

    • Barbara

      I disagree. I think the bags make just as much of a statement as wearing a religious necklace . It’s just a forward and creative form of the same expression.

  • Cat-Janet

    I would not buy this. The bag itself is nice just not into the hardware (fb)

  • sherry mounir

    well…i think we shouldn’t cheer for any bag that plays on religious beliefs …plus…it should have looked better than that… sorry but am not impressed at all with how it looks :S looks like a nun’s notebook! (FB)

  • hikarupanda

    I think this is a bit too much……not for me…. (fb)

  • s.carter

    dont like it:(

  • Barbara

    I think the creator has an amazing and forward thinking sense of design. Men & women have been wearing religious symbols around their necks since the beginning of time. I love the whole concept. Where can I buy one?

  • Linda

    Jesus on a purse, what on earth is this world coming too! *shakes head*

  • Marilyn

    very interesting, and daring . . . I wouldn’t carry it myself, but I admire the creator’s flair. (FB)

  • April C.

    Very interesting….and daring indeed!! (fb)

  • Erin

    Hmm, I don’t know about this. It’s a nice purse but I don’t think the crucifix really fits. It looks awkward. I wouldn’t know whether to have the bag blessed by my priest or to think it was blasphemous. (fb)

  • sndc99

    I don’t know if I like a religious symbol on my purse but I’m sure they are people who will buy it. Maybe for personal reasons or to see what others say (FB)

  • Lauren H.

    Not my style, personally. Instead of making bold statements with symbols, I like to make my bold statements (with my purse) in the color choice.


  • Lauren H.

    Oh, my! How could I have missed those price tags?! That would be out of my league even if it was a color or design I admired! LOL! Not sure if even the Lord would appreciate anyone carrying around a bag with his dead body on it. Maybe a scene from the Last Supper? Or, just a cross? A SMALLER one? Just some thoughts…..


  • Chi

    I like the message he is trying to get across, but I feel that the prices he’s asking for python and crocodile is way outrageous .. If a part of the funds were going to a catholic charity I think would have been a better idea and market.


  • Amanda Allison

    Wow! I’ve never seen something like this before, but I like it. Bravo Jason. (fb)

  • Chiffre

    I guess it’s a bit fitting that my first reaction upon seeing this bag was, “Oh, god…”.

  • aidan

    no…. just no….

  • Jessica

    I LOVE IT!!!! Where do I find one, it’s so out of this world. Very daring, I bet this becomes the next big thing.

  • Team Brenda

    This is a statement piece. The person wearing this exudes confidence and self-assurance. I’m Catholic and take no offense to the religious adornment. I’ve showed a few people an image of the clutch and they loved it. Hats off, Jason.

  • Britney Spears

    I will carry this bag as will Madonna, Beyonce and J-Lo. Please have one overnighted to Jason Tarwick….

    • Jan

      Yeah, right “Britney”….

  • Cherye

    No thanks. It seems a bit disrespectful to be flaunting Jesus on a cross like that on a (extremely) expensive bag.

  • Jenna

    its beautifully crafted, but a bit much if you ask me (fb)

  • Mama M

    Just in time for Easter, too!
    @Vlad — “Jesus Christ, indeed!” LOL

  • Sylvia

    I am not a big fan of this. The cross kinda scares me a little and I am catholic!!!

  • Sylvia

    I forgot to add (fb) to my post above!! O_O

    • Karin bag4bag

      What is this (fb) thing ???

  • Debbie

    Wow, that’s certainly a statement piece and very bold of the designer! Not my cup of tea though. (fb)

  • Mick

    I like this bag & the adornment. I dont understand all the gasping over it though. I wear crosses frequently both as my religious symbol as well as for style. I would compliment anyone I saw carrying this bag – but hey I’d like one without the body of Christ as I’m a protestant.

  • Denise

    not a fan. (fb)

  • Carly

    I am catholic and I think this is a beautiful piece. It’s not offensive to me. It’s edgy, I see how it can be controversial but I want one! I think what appeals to me is the top quality (crocodile is the real deal), its novelty and its mystique. People will see me carrying this on the street and DEFINITELY inquire. And I understand that some people will find it to be blasphemous. That will only add to the hype.

    Well done Jason! This is a great product and I’d love to get my hands on it :)

  • Jessica

    i dont like the bag ! (fb)

  • spanish moss

    hmm, looks like a prop from a madonna video/g

  • otter

    Irony that skulls are accepted as chic. LOL.

  • supriapatel

    repulsive…..i cant imagine Jesus being pleased about anyone spending that kind of money on a clutch when there are so many poor and starving people in our world..maybe the designer thought the juxtaposition of the cross with something so superficial would be interesting but i dont think it is…..i can see some trashy lady like alexis from the real housewives of oc or ramona from nyc flaunting this thing and acting like she’s holier than thou

  • Adam

    Besides being visually beautiful what is the big deal? Rappers spend thousands of dollars on Jesus necklaces and no one says a thing. I think this clutch is outstanding! Extremely stylish and different exactly what we need in fashion. Dolce & Gabanna wish they thought of this. Can definitely see Madonna holding this!

  • Lianne

    Okay, it’s well made, but it’s just… no. Definitely not. It’s just *wrong*. I mean, putting a crucifix on something that holds things like money? I really don’t like this. (fb)

    • Barbara

      What about people (who have drink, swear, & have sex) wearing a cross around their neck?

  • carrie

    I think it’s wrong, and personally makes me uncomfortable.

  • Sue

    Saying he didn’t do it for shock value doesn’t make it true… and that’s why someone would carry it. A real Catholic girl would wait for the horse hair version…

  • jedimaster

    I have no words. Is this a fashion statement or a religious symbol? Both, I suppose. You won’t see too many Jewish girls carrying it.
    I prefer my “religious fashion statements” to be a little less graphic.

  • hect

    personally not loving it a bit disrespectfull and non fashion just not loving it i guess !

  • Rashmi

    Strange that I just watched this video of PETA and happened to check out purseblog only to find the cross on a bag made with exotic skins. Quite an irony!

  • Shayna

    I think this is incredible. I have never seen anything so creative and so powerful. I am sure this will have an immediate impact on the fashion industry. The prices for the bags are not nearly as bad as some people seem to think. I’m sure there are several people who understand fashion and have a sincere appreciation for design that will be more than happy to pay a premium for a product so exclusive. My hats off to the designer. This truly is art and design at its finest. How do I go about ordering one??

    • charles morrison

      Hey shayna,youre in luck!You should Contact me immediately.We got those bags and can get them to you ASAP!Hurry up cos they are hotcakes!While stocks last.

  • 19yearslater

    I don’t think it’s blasphemous, but I prefer my cross necklace to be small and this is way too gaudy a religious show for me to carry.

  • bagnshoofetish

    I’m as opened minded as they come but can’t say I like this at all. It just trivializes something that is so sacred and important to so many people. Its the same reason why I never wear any kind of fashion that bears any kind of deity that means something to another people. Its just disrespectful IMO.

  • Rachel

    It’s an interesting point that Jason brings up Italian art and how people venture to see and appreciate that. It’s an interesting concept to bring true historical art into an accessory! I’m Jewish though and would never wear that!!! (FB)

  • Lauren

    I love this clutch! (fb)

  • Davina

    I’m not a fan (fb)

  • LeighKamira


  • Lynette

    Well maybe for the nuns to carry. I would not want it.

    • Lynette

      I became a fan on FB great way to keep up with the purseblog

  • Rosanna

    I don’t necessarily find it offensive, but I personally would not carry something like this. However, I do like the style of the clutch… maybe if it had a different clasp! (fb)

  • Miah

    I love the crucifixion, the workmanship looks stunning.
    But the overall design of the bag seems to fall short. Maybe if the clutch had a design that mimic the bible with the crucifix in the centre, then I’ll love it!
    Btw, I’m a Christian and I dun think it’s blasphemous at all. And having Christ still on the crucifix is a reminder of all that His death had accomplished. And I think it’ll make a great conversational piece too. Of cause, it’s just my own perspective. (fb)

  • nora

    I support blasphemy in all its forms, but this is just silly.

    • Janinevs

      Amen sister!! Juvenile!

  • Lee-Anne

    It is gorgeous, to those who have a problem with the message that it sends, then don’t buy it!! I am a catholic and I love it and have no problem with the crucifix, I also wear rosary beads by a very well and talented designer from Melbourne and I get comments all the time.. I would carry it… (fb)

  • mynewbag

    the bag itself it good, nice shape, the adornments, not so much.
    it would either be a show of faith or a disrespect for it.

  • mochababe73

    I am just going to focus on the bag and leave the religion to the rest of you. I am secure in my religion and don’t feel the need to discuss whether or not this is blasphemous.
    This is just a simple silhouette in a gorgeous skin just like any other bag. The clasp just looks too heavy and takes the focus off of the exotic skin. The clasp should be lighter and a half the size.

  • Cara Mia

    I love the bag. I don’t understand why some people are offended by it. Are they offended by those who wear crosses on a chain? People who wear crosses on a chain are considered to be honoring their religion so why wouldn’t the same hold true for this? Why would wearing a handbag with a crucifix be considered irreverent? Disrespectful? Just the opposite! The craftsmanship on this bag looks to be outstanding and the quality of the skins used on these bags seem to surpass the quality of any skins I’ve ever seen. Bravo, Jason Salstein! Now…where do I buy one of these beauties?

  • papertiger

    It harks back to an earlier era and certainly a stylish way for ladies carrying their bible to church

  • Jessica

    i think it just makes things awkward if you were holding it and talking to someone… the ones on a chain are at least smaller… but this sign is huge

  • Emily

    Taking a stance on religion isn’t a great way to market your brand imo. Wonder if they are losing a demographic with this “design.” (fb)

    • Janinevs

      I can’t imagine any Jewish person, no matter how secular they are, wearing this.

  • Linda

    What would Jesus do? He would be giving the money that this handbag costs to buy food and shelter for people who need it. I think this is a very inappropriate use of a sacred sybol to Christians around the world.

  • Rachel

    Why doesn’t he make other clutches with symbols from other religions? If he is trying to “do a brand with legacy and history built into it”, there are other religions with deeper histories and legacies than Christianity. Oh wait, he is marketing this bag in a country that is mostly Christian.

    Either way, this clutch doesn’t offend me, it is the person who would buy this believing the designers claim, that does. There are tons of companies that profit from selling religious paraphernalia. This is just another one of those companies.

  • MAX

    I think it’s disrespectful. I’m not Christian but i think I wouldn’t want to have Buddha bag or any kinds of religion on the bag i think the bag is great without Jesus padlock. That’s sooo disrespectful

  • Eva

    I don’t like anything which is religious for accessories, this is too much! (fb)

  • Tiffany

    I am all for the odd but this is a bit weirder than i would go for. I am not liking the JC on there at all..Religion and Fashion…hmmm And the price is unholy!

  • Susan

    It would take a miracle for me to come up with the money for this! (fb)

  • Tamee

    I’m just not big on the “in your face” crucifix on it. I mean, there’s a time and place for everything, but I just don’t think a clutch is it. Imagine someone kneeling down to pray to your clutch – AWKWARD!! (fb)

  • Jenn

    I can just hear Seth Meyers now — “Really?!?!?” (fb)

  • Ali

    BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL…Can’t people see its not about religion but about craftsmanship and art. The designer is so right, you don’t have to believe in Jesus to be moved by a piece of art that has Jesus in it, or on it for that matter. Granted it’s a strong powerful bag that I would imagine gives confidence and sex appeal to the wearer. The same reason Madonna wears crosses even those she’s a kabbalist or Ricardo Tischi put a Jesus shirt in his men’s show; For provocation and beauty. Can’t you have a little bit of both in one’s life. I have gone to Paris and Italy with my Jewish family and we have all admired the works by the masters and are not put off whatsoever. I am not Catholic and take no offense when I see a rosary hanging on a rear view mirror or Jesus fish on the back of a car. I am sure many visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC or Notre Damne in Paris regardless of religion but more for admiration. For those that cannot go deeper and go beyond the surface and see this handbag as a true sculpture I feel sorry for them. SHAME ON THEM for JUDGING. Art is expression and is supposed to make people feel uncomfortable at times. How immature are some of these readers. And those that state comments regarding the price tag and how it should be given away to charity, who is to say those wealthy enough to splurge on this luxury investment piece as it is clearly classic shape, do not donate to their Church or charity. Instead everyone should walk around carrying a Birkin that prob has less craftsmanship and cost less to make this. I mean isn’t a Medor in leather almost $4,000. Give me a break people. This is edgy and sophisticaed and luxurious. I would be honored to carry this bag! Where do I confess my sins? I LOVE THIS BAG!

    • Linda

      One person’s art is another’s tacky.

    • RGMofNYC

      Thank you for saying this, and I completely agree! Although I really REALLY hate the crocodile version, I’m in love with the python version. Just SO beautiful!

  • Lollie Shopping

    This has got to be the most hilarious handbag ever! But, I’m going to have to wait for the designer to come out with a Flying Spaghetti Monster version before I can purchase one. Great post!

    • Adam

      What does that even mean a spaghetti monster bag? Ridiculous comment… It’s controversial fact just like Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Kanye West…most geniuses and talented artists are!

  • bonybynatur2003

    I like the skins he chose, and although Im really not that religious-Im not opposed to owning something with JC on it, but I do think that its rather large. If it were a little smaller, I think it would be a bigger hit than its turning out to be. (fb)

  • justa9url

    Umm…right… Not into anything religious so this bag was not made for me.

  • justa9url


  • Lauren H.

    An opinion is a JUDGEMENT? LOL.

    It seems really DIShonorable to display a large, dead Jesus on a multi-thousand dollar purse.


    (fb) -lol.

  • EM

    This may be the perfect clutch for the devout church goer. Perhaps he could add a removable strap that can double as a rosary for the Catholics. LOL.

  • Lauren H.

    LOL, Em, that’s cleaver, actually!!!! ;)

    (fb) !!!

  • dana

    I am not even that religious but I have to say this is really bad taste. The bag itself is beautiful, but the crucifx, is tacky. Sacred symblos should only be used as intended.

    • dana


  • Moudane

    Nice ! Really …(fb)

  • Mai

    interesting. (fb)

  • denim53

    I prefer non-sectarian handbags.

  • Lindsey

    “OMG! Holy Moly! This clutch is superb….so chic and luxurious. Extremely surprised regarding the reactions. I’m baffled how one could question it’s glory. I mean I’m not going to wear it to a Seder or to Synagogue but this is quite the work of art. I would put it in a case and just stare like the holy Grail . And his Hunting Season work is also gorgeous. A master in his own right. Those that don’t like it don’t deserve to even hold it! Purse Blog really bringing us the goods this season. Can’t wait to see what’s next from Our Lord & Saviour and Purse Blog.”

  • mary s

    wow this is just weird. i dont even, its just weird and seems to be for shock value despite what he said. (fb)

  • Ann

    I would love it without the cross on it. (fb)

  • Maryann

    I love the skins and the craftsmanship appears to be lovely; however, I just think the cross is not proportionate to the bag.

    I also find it interesting that one must lift Jesus everytime one must open the clutch just as his disciples lifted him off of the cross…hum.


  • Mlle

    I’m not a religious person. I guess if you could affix the image of Jesus to a cup, a mug, or any other religious souvenir doodad, why not a purse? Unfortunately that leaves me thinking that the purse is just that, like a souvenir, and tacky for that reason. Pity, because the craftsmanship on the bag is gorgeous and the skins are very beautiful. I would pay for those things alone. But the crucifixion is a detail I could do without. For sure it’s a work of art, but it’s too loaded a symbol for me to want to carry on such a material item. It’s not about blasphemy. It’s this: why would I want to be reminded that Jesus died on a cross so that I could buy an US$8,000 purse?

    I’m sure Madonna would love it though. Oh but wait, she’s not Catholic any more is she?

  • Shannon

    The bags themselves are beautiful, no doubt. But i don’t like the idea of the big crucifix… i feel religion is a private and personal choice… and this isn’t very subtle.

  • Shannon

    The bags themselves are beautiful, no doubt. But i don’t like the idea of the big crucifix… i feel religion is a private and personal choice… and this isn’t very subtle. (fb)

  • Merve

    And if you are not christian? can u special order a star of david or an islamic prayer? Funny but no thank you. I dont need a “Jesus died for your sins and so did this crocodile….”

    • Lauren H.

      LOL, this is what my Hubby said, too! Kill an animal to display Jesus…….


  • nicole

    ummm this would be perfect for easter??? But I wouldn’t carry it around….if the cross was much less in your face

  • Katie

    LOVE IT!

  • Anna

    ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING…The quality and detail is superb! And how great, a handbag, causing this much controversy. I personally dont see the big f-ing deal but great job to make something as beautiful as this clutch and have people talking….now this is a collector’s item!

  • ShoeQueen1961

    The bag is beautiful. I can definitely do without the image of Christ on the crucifix [after all he has risen!!!] But the combination of the two is blasphemous. But just because it’s the newest/hottest thing–it’ll sell.

    • Lauren H.

      and that’s what the creator is hoping for. If you feel attached to his “art”, you’ll give him $8000 :)


  • Corey

    I love this bag! It is unique and a breath of fresh air. If you are familiar with the designer’s work, then you would know that he puts tremendous passion and energy into everything that he does. This bag is not for the everyday person, but for the utmost trend setter. You will not go unnoticed wearing this masterpiece.


    The python version retails for $3,265 and the crocodile retails for $8,695.

    I always find it interesting that the people that say they do not mean to shock or insult anyone always d do.. They believe that passing it off as art and creativity makes ok to charge the insane amount of money for it..

    I am not of the christian but I find place a Jesus Crist on a purse highly insulting and tacky. It is not cultural in any way to place this image on a clutch that you would weat to lunch or a party…

    If this designer wanted to stand out well he did but not in a good way.. There are tons of wonderful imagies from history that do will work and not be so insulting..

  • Theresa W

    Love the clutch itself…but REALLY don’t like the crucifix on it! :( I’m not religious myself, but I wouldn’t be able to wear that in good conscience…and the price…well that’s just evil. lol (fb)

  • Highmaintenance


  • Hellena

    If it was only the cross it would have been ok but Jesus?!?! (fb)

  • Shop_Girl_212

    These bags are extremely unique and avant garde. True art and talent….sexy and breath taking too. Can’t wait to see whats next!!

  • eorchid

    I’m not religious, but somehow I find the crucifix on this bag a bit off-putting. I would not be comfortable carrying it, but it’s fun to look at! (fb)

  • Maria

    not a fan at all!!!!

  • Marissa

    NO..and thats all I have to say about that. (fb)

  • Carolina

    OUTSTANDING! God sure is in the details! I am awe-struck! Beautiful skins and craftsmanship. This piece belongs in the Sistine Chapel! The Holy Grail of Handbags!

  • Amy

    Not only is this ugly, but I am sick of people inserting their religious beliefs into their businesses and then expecting the public to be ok with that. I just recently learned that Forever 21 has a bible reference printed on the underside of their bags, and it suppossedly refers to only Christians going to heaven. As a non-Christian, why would I continue to give my $$ to them?

    Religious beliefs are fine, but do not belong in a business that depends on a wide range of people to purchase their products. (fb)

    • CEU

      the “designer” is a jew not a christian. o_O
      and you shouldn’t shop at F21 not because the owners are christians… but because of their sweat shops abroad.

  • Alia Bustamante

    OMG i am in love!!!!! (fb)

  • lily

    the cross is a little much. (fb)

  • Hollander

    I like the concept but the execution (no pun intended, seriously; I’m Christian) is questionable in its proportions and in its asking price. The crucifix as a religious symbol incorporated into something to wear does not offend me in the least (my mother is Catholic, father Protestant, I’m a Happy Medium) but it shouldn’t extend downward past the bottom of the bag; it just looks awkward to me. And that price is just absurd.

  • Swags

    I grew up seeing the crucifix on your rosary beads and sometimes (mostly older) ladies would wear them on a chain around their neck. I am having a hard time transitioning my thinking to consider this on a clutch. Its like going from Grandma carrying her rosary to seeing a celeb carrying the crucifix adorned cluthc while wearing her new skinny jeans tucked into short boots.

    • Swags

      I grew up seeing the crucifix on your rosary beads and sometimes (mostly older) ladies would wear them on a chain around their neck. I am having a hard time transitioning my thinking to consider this on a clutch. Its like going from Grandma carrying her rosary to seeing a celeb carrying the crucifix adorned cluthc while wearing her new skinny jeans tucked into short boots. (FB)

  • ceejay

    Now that is one bag I would never be able to pull off. (fb)

  • Ashley

    Very nice i know my nana would love that if she was still hear ……Just beauiful(fb)

  • Marni

    I don’t understand the comments about how it doesn’t belong on a bag, or that it is sacriligous. We all wear crosses as pendants. It is one of the two most popular pendant themes of all time. The other is the heart. So here it is being used on a bag instead of on a chain. I think it is well done – maybe a little large – but the bag is beautiful. fb

  • pursemonkey

    Over the top. Despite the designer’s insistence that it’s not for shock value, to me it seems on par with Madonna’s Like a Prayer video, a means to illicit a reaction from people by incorporating religious themes into something in a way that could be perceived as blasphemous (whether it’s intended that way or not). Attention getting? Probably. But IMHO it’s trying to hard. (fb)

    • CEU

      Madonna was already photographed with one. she’s pretty predictable, huh?

  • kylie

    this could be quite offensive for some people… and i dont like it as well… it just looks gauty (fb)

  • Lisa

    creepy (fb)

  • Exo

    Eek! It’s tacky. I just don’t feel comfortable carrying Jesus Christ on my handbag.

  • Jimmy

    This is unbelievably bad ass!!! Really looking forward to seeing what else you develop!

  • Lydia

    Gag me with a spoon! Far to kitschy and trying WAY too hard to be unique. Anyone can make a clutch and slap a crucifix on it and call it original and modern. Puh-leaze! Not to mention that they are significantly narrowing the demographic of people willing to purchase such a tacky bag to: a) rebellious socials who are trying to be chic without fully succeeding b) sentimentally religious

  • Jacqueline

    Ok…I’m not sure about this. Jesus on a crucifix is a little offensive….

    Putting Jesus on a crucifix on a $8,000+ clutch…. at least it stays true to the symbolic meaning of sacrifice. Someone would sure need to sacrifice ALOT of $$$ to buy this.

    • Jacqueline

      Oh and (Fb) ;P

  • Elyse

    as a good jewish girl I just can’t get behind this bag… (fb)

    • Adam

      What does being Jewish have to do with a good design or not…so if it was a star of David, chai, or mezuzah it would be ok? You don’t have to be catholic to like the clutch…and by the way Jesus was Jewish…

      • Karen

        i don’t presume to speak for Elyse, but i am also jewish, and i would feel almost like i was mocking christianity as a jew carrying this bag. also, christianity is so pervasive in our culture that it can already be a bit overwhelming. there are roughly 5 million jews in the US, whereas there are over 66 million american catholics, not to mention all the many other denominations. i do think this bag is extremely cool. however, when you knock someone who is jewish for not feeling comfortable wearing a crucifix, please consider the historical perspective, as well — the jews who denied being jewish to avoid persecution long before the holocaust, the jews (and others) who were tortured during the inquisition or claimed to be christian to avoid being tortured , etc. this history makes wearing or carrying a crucifix more than just a fashion statement for a jew. so yes, i think this bag is amazing, and no, i would not carry it even if i were given it for free. my guess id that Elyse was simply expressing that she wouldn’t consider buying the bag, not that the design is not good. the jesus being jewish thing is a whole other can of worms. for a variety of reasons that i won’t get into unless you want me to (yes, jesus was a jew, not claiming he was not, but there are reasons, such as jews being blamed for his death, that complicate the matter). and the bag would look hideous with the star of david on it!

  • sketchy

    I have mixed feelings about these designs… I’m a Catholic but never really wear anything that depicts Jesus’ crucifixion in a really ‘in-your-face’ way… While the overall design is cool and simple, I think there’s more creative way to design the cross part, this one is a little too much. (fb)

  • Marie

    The cross is just too.. obvious. Don’t get me wrong, crosses really DO look good as jewellery, but right here, it’s just too.. ‘there’, too visible. + religion = controversy, no matter what. Why bother? (fb)

  • Eric

    happy Easter everyone, Jesus on the cross on the bag????? freedom of expression???? for me if it would help people to remind us to be more good people then fine.. -(fb)

  • styleezta

    he’s definitely going to get a shock factor but I don’t think many people will be running to buy this :(


  • Adam

    This bag is WOW sensational in every sense of the word…I can’t understand why people are continuing to freak over the subject matter regardless of one’s religion. Just curious why when a crucifix is applied to a bag is it considered blasphemous and exploitive rather than perceived as an appreciation and a glorification of faith and or art. CBS News Sunday Morning did an amazing retrospective of expensive Christian Art. This bag would have fit right in. Furthermore Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus Take The Wheel,” Pavarotti’s “Ave Maria,” Faith Hill, Kanye West’s “Jesus Walks,” Madonna’s “Like A Prayer,” Whiteny Houston’s “Jesus Loves Me,” Kirk Franklin’s “Stomp,” can also all be considered exploitive. JESUS! Why cant the same rules apply here and people just value the bag for what it is. AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL piece of fashion with a ornate piece of hardware. Look at the pristine leathers. The true carving and details of the crucifix. It is an intricate 5 inch sculpture. Now granted the bag is not for everyone but then again neither was Megs new Bottega or a custom Birkin with Diamond closure.

  • Laura

    Not going to get on my soap box on how I was brought up religious and now that I can choose and educate myself, I am not, but I love the clutch… hate the cross… (fb)

  • Jocelyn

    I’m on the fence about this. I like that it’s honoring Jesus but at the same time it’s like using Jesus to sell a product.

    Tag for Linea Pelle (fb)

  • Karen

    I dig this! If it wasn’t so astronomically expensive i’d so be adding this to my wish list!

  • Joy

    im christian.. but i say that this is a bit out there..

  • kee

    i think it is really stunning. it is totally like no other clutch around and yes it does resemble a nuns notebook!

  • Tiff Chao

    This might be a little too intense for me although it would look nice without the cross. (fb).

  • Brittney

    Ok so here it is. First as far as the designer, the Lord knows his heart so wherever his intentions lie ( to be blasphemous or to honor jesus) is between him and God..along with the price and what he does with the proceeds. As far as anyone who purchases this bag or any others with a religious statement, again their intentions are between them and God. If I bought this bag, the Lord would know that I was carrying it in honor of his sacrifised son and that it meant a lot to me. But, I am sure there are others out there who might carry it as some kind of mockery or just because and that is their choice. To the few who commented on rappers, drinkers, people having sex wearing crosses, We are all sinners so perhaps we should not judge peoples intentions and let God do that. :) IMO..the bag is beautiful.

  • CEU

    the designer should also make a clutch which represents his own religion. so us, “christians” can walk around with a ridiculous giant star of david. and i hear he’ll add mink to his “designs” next season… not bad enough that he uses crocs and pythons… o_O
    the bag is overhyped as is its silly designer.

  • Bear

    ARE YOU SERIOUS? Shameful. Use a suffering Jesus to sell a product from killing a baby cow for the special few who can afford such or are ignorant to such pain that may purchase this horrid thing. REAL CHRISTIANITY IS ‘MEEKNESS’; NOT EGO ! You Christians just keep on giving the intellectual more reasons NOT to be Christian: which is, you gotta have a prerequisite of STUPIDITY for Jesus to save you. Get educated. Bear.
    (by the way are inappropriate contributions mean “thinking w/o ego or provoking intelligent thought”?Probably.)

  • Bear

    What if your site is SPAM deleting SPAM – which is your site of Jesus on a purse to get $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    SPAM this ass.

  • Tracey G

    The bag is a bit intense for me (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    love the color but not loving the bag (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    love everything except the design on the bag (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    I like the brown color but would purchase the clutch in black (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    pass for me on the bag–too much going on (ipad)