Danielle Nicole Kristi Mini Shoulder Bag It is a small world. I have been in all ends of the world and run into people that somehow know someone I know. It happened again recently and tied one of my best friend’s family friend’s daughter to an internship with a handbag designer in New York. That was a long line of knowing, but it is closer than it seems. So thank you Kathleen for the introduction to Danielle Nicole Handbags!

Danielle Nicole DiFerdinando’s passion for fashion started young, like many of us. She went to the Fashion Institute of Technology and later studied in Europe, where her love for the design and manufacturing that goes into major design houses begun. Since then Danielle Nicole launched her handbag line which are composed of luscious Italian lamb leather, crushed patent leather, and French embroidery fabric.

I found a bag from her line that I absolutely 100% adore. You all know what I love in a bag; some slouchy appeal, usability, supple leather. All is there in the Danielle Nicole Kristi Mini Shoulder Bag. Available in a variety of colors, the orchid is my pick as purple complements most women and outfits wonderfully. The slouchy shoulder bag has a knot and fringe detail on the front which is the perfect addition to finish the design. On the inside you will find brown suede lining, two open pockets, and one zip pocket. I adore this bag. I can never have enough slouchy shoulder bags. And this one looks like it would fit snugly, casually, and perfectly on your arm. There is also a larger version with a bow tie at the top of the shoulder strap. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $495. Check out Danielle Nicole online for more from this designer!

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  • Sarah @ Salescoop

    This definitely is a bag to adore. I love the color and the smooth leather. Slouchy bags are perfect for summer because it adds to the carefree look of ‘I didn’t try so hard but look good anyway’ ensemble. The knot in the middle is interesting, and I like that the fringe is not overbearing unlike in some other designer handbags. Also a plus that the inside has got suede linings. Great pick!

  • Jennifer

    I love Danielle Nicole’s handbags! They’re so soft and light weight. My favorite feature has to be the fact the lining is washable! I don’t know about the rest of you but I am constantly spilling make-up in my purse. I can’t wait to see her next collection!

  • creighbaby

    This looks plain and uninspired.

  • Jack

    Is it just me or do those first two comments sound completely fabricated by some PR or brand management trying to create hype over an otherwise boring bag? Officially sus!

    p.s. the bit in the middle looks decidely phallic (i’m just sayin’)

  • joeann

    jack: or maybe people really like the bags and are trying to recommend them to others!?!

    Personally, I really like Danielle Nicole bags. While some might say this bag is “boring” I think that it’s simple and classic. When I buy a bag I want one that I can wear with anything and that won’t overshadow my outfit. I think this bag is great and trust me I’m no PR person….

  • Taylor

    jack: you’re probably right. i can tell you right now her method has always been to just pay someone to do everything for her. and lucky for her, she has daddy’s money to do that with.

    also, its funny how some things the other people posted sound identical to a recent interview with the designer. right down to the spilled makeup

  • Rebecca

    I’ve been following this girl for a little while now and I am not impressed by someone who brings back the same 3 uninspired bags every season for the past 3 years in a new color. If she wanted to make it a. stop copying other designers and b. mix it up and get creative.

    …oh and Taylor. You are RIGHT ON THE MONEY. I believe the motto is “Can’t I just pay someone to do this”

    • Marcelaine

      I bought a handbag from her, personally-$350. after about 5 months the leather had worn on the top flap and patent leather was peeling off the trim. Emailed to let her know and received no response.

  • Rebecca

    …oh and btw she never made it through accessories program at FIT perhaps if she finished more than one semester she could have broadened her horizons as a designer.

  • Rory

    Hey Rebecca I think your right. I had just posted on another site I feel that the line is stale. I actually know some people that went to school with her and they really did not have anything impressive to say except that she left cause she had enough money to start something on her own and they were not impressed by her work in their classes.

  • lindsay

    I just bought a Danielle Nicole bag. It was the Diana style. I saw it in Life and Style magazine and fell in love with it!! I am obsessed with Danielle Nicole. She is so creative and I really respect someone so young and successful. Keep up the great work Danielle!!