Gerard Darel 24 Hours Bag, $399 via Bloomingdales.

So far, the only thing we don’t like about Gerard Darel is that it can be very difficult to find in the United States. The reasonably priced French line with an ardent cult following counts stars like Eva Longoria and Halle Berry among its stable of dedicated fans, but looking to buy the company’s bags online when you live in the US can be an exercise in futility. Until now, that is. has picked up the line with some of the brand’s greatest hits, including the Gerard Darel 24 Hours Shoulder Bag. These pictures don’t really do the design justice, as is often the case with stock photos, but the leathers that Darel uses are top-notch and the designs are functional and seasonless. Here’s hoping that the Internet selection for the brand’s US fans continues to expand.

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  • ninjaninja

    I’ve been hearing so much about this brand recently. Why are the French in love with Gerard Darel bags?

  • dcblam

    I really don’t understand all of fuss about this bag….
    Yes, it’s a simple design which I can appreciate, but the leather is so mediocre, in my opinion.
    Saw them at Bloomies – and was not impressed at all.

  • Florence

    I’m French and I’ve had one of these bags for about 4 years now and the quality on mine is AMAZING! The thing is that the general quality of GD bags really went down throughout the years unfortunately and I feel like it’s really unconsistent, one bag can be absolutely stunning and the other one very poorly made :(

  • rose60610

    They kind of look like big fat old biddy bags. I hope Bloomies entertains getting more new lines, it’s boring to go through their bag department in Chicago. If, however, you do, request Beverly. Great lady, friendly and knows her stuff.

  • hmm

    i’m all for quality but, this is booooring

  • MaBoutique

    Hi Everyone,
    Just here to say that we are running a modest online store selling all of the latest Gerard Darel fashion! Just Google ‘MaBoutique’; we look forward to your visit!
    (Worldwide Shipping Available)

  • Donna

    I have a darel 24 hour bag and although my tastes are usually more extravagant, I LOVE this bag! The leather is gorgeous and gets better with wear, it is the perfect mix of slouchy but structured and I am so glad I took a gamble and bought it on the encouragement of a dear French friend of mine.

    Buy one and you’ll love it!