All these years later, my all-time favorite DvF bag is still the Stephanie. I own two of these bags, they’re my go-to when it comes to traveling. I love that for this bag, the shape is crescent-like, which means it’s so roomy that it fits everything I need. Furthermore, every time I carry my Stephanie, people praise it. It should follow suit that DvF continues to pump up her handbag game; she’s churning out lust-worthy bags each season.

Right now, my attention is drawn to the Diane von Furstenberg Limited Edition Box Clutches, which are so cute and quirky that they’re giving Kate Spade and Olympia Le-Tan a run for their novelty bag money.

Whenever you see a clutch like this, you have to know right off the bat it is not the most functional. This is meant to be a statement piece that gathers attention, and while there is an inner compartment, don’t expect to fit much more than your ID, lipgloss, your phone and some cards or cash. The real point is for this clutch to accessorize your outfit, and that it will do.

There are three versions available on the DvF site right now, including a red heart shaped clutch, a round clock clutch, and a black and crystal round version. I like each of them, for different purposes and outfits. What I love most about each of these is there is a long wrist strap, which makes carrying easy and functional. The heart is $750 while the crystal circle and clock circle are $995 via

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Suburban Glam
10 years ago

Ehhhhh Not sure how I feel about these. They are def fun but I would prob spend $1k on something else 🙂

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