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  • Gpc

    I love Delvaux – thank you for featuring them. I have two Le Pins that are impeccable. I can’t imagine any better craftsmanship worth the price.

  • Denise

    Thank you so much for this!

    My dream is to own a Delvaux bag (or a few) it is on wishlist at the moment. I definitely want the iconic Brilliant to be my first from this brand. Its so understated but also incredibly stunning!

  • Gorgeous bags. A little spendy but gorgeous all the same!

  • KloeF

    I absolutely love their bags. I am waiting for my perfect Tempete color, and I’ll be sure to add one to my collection. Great spotlight!

  • Stunning. I love the brillant and the tempete equally.

  • anneka

    could someone kindly let me know how much a tempete would cost? (I live in London)

  • FashionableLena

    Beautiful. A lot of the women that I follow on Instagram carry these bags. As much as I love pink, the one is slide 9 is my favorite.

  • Maria

    Wow! Finally you have featured Delvaux in Purseblog. I hope it will have its own category and you will feature it often. More pictures please!

  • louch

    As much as I can appreciate the quality and craftsmanship, most of these bags are ultra conservative and a tad bland for me. I can definitely imagine them on the arms of royalty :)

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  • Sparkletastic

    These are certainly attractive and pretty but, ultimately, uninspiring for me. I’ll pass on owning but will apprecate them if I see someone carrying them.

  • Canuck65

    An under the radar brand that deserves much a higher profile. Thank you this post!

  • Sofia

    Launer makes similar bags at a cheaper price point

  • kemilia

    While they are too structured for me (a slouchy bag gal), I appreciate how lovely and lady-like they are. I always enjoy seeing bags featured that “fly under the radar.”

  • Sue

    Many of the bags remind me of Hermes-esque styles like Kelly and Birkins especially the crocodile

    • Samantha

      Hermes reminds their bags..The article it’s clear

  • Raj Hemraj

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  • Passerine

    I have always admired the quality and durability of Delvaux bags. Many of the artisans who work for Delvaux have worked for Hermes and vice versa. However, I am not so enamored of these newer designs. IMO, there was more originality in their older designs. I also miss the signature Delvaux clip; they’ve discontinued using it in all their current models. That clip was to Delvaux what the Gancini is to Ferragamo.

    For anyone who’s interested in a Delvaux bag but hasn’t handled one in person, be advised that they can be surprisingly heavy.

  • Sofie

    the madame is literally my dream bag! it’s a shame it’s not featured

  • zarah

    Wow,What a amazing collections.Simple designs but looking is very nice.I want to buy this pink color bag.Thank you for sharing.
    Zarah from Bizbilla B2B portal

  • M Green

    So conservative… This is definitely not for me…

  • Jack Neill

    You can see why some of the world’s royals like them. Very good substitutes for Birkins and Kelly Bags.

  • Rajeev Ranjan

    As usual , you got the best collection and eye catching, Great collection.
    Rajeev From Businessvibes B2B Portal