While I add and remove contents from my bag constantly, one of the things I never remove is Band-Aids. Ever since I moved to NYC, I can’t leave the apartment without them. And if I do, it always ends up being on the day that I am breaking in new shoes and have to stop in a drug store to pick a box up. Band-Aids are a certain necessity for almost every woman, especially the woman who changes her shoes often and walks more than a few steps a day.

I’ve had so many men ask me why women wear uncomfortable shoes. The answer varies, but seriously, some shoes are so cute they just have to be bought and worn. So what if our toes are just a little too long or the back is just a little too stiff? With women, myself included, hope springs eternal that beautiful shoes can be broken in (or at least that is our hope).

Even shoes that I wear often sometimes cause problems. Last weekend I was wearing a pair of Tod’s loafers that are completely comfortable, but after walking over 2 miles in them, my feet started to hurt and I felt the blisters coming. Naturally, I reached into my bag and found some Band-Aids to put on my emerging wounds.

Your Band-Aids don’t have to be bland. I always search for something funky and fun, from Angry Birds themed to vintage Mickey Mouse to Cynthia Rowley sequins. There is also wound care specifically directed to help high heel wearing and blisters, but I stick to the quirky. This way when I walk down the street and my foot slips a little out of my shoe, there is a band-aid with personality sticking out. That is precisely why I love accessorizing my care products for my shoe woes.

Band-Aids are a very integral part of the contents of my bag and you should always have a few in yours. Designer shoes might try to get the best of your feet, but always have something to help so you don’t get the “my feet hurt” limp while you walk. What are your favorite band-aids you own?

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  • M.E

    I keep my Mr. Bump plasters in my wallet so i’m 100% sure I never forget them! after all a wallet is like a second bag… my ‘life’ is in there ;) ;)


    • Sil G

       i do that too! it’s really the best way to always have one at hand when you need it

  • Michelle

    I love this post! The one day I forget my band aids, is the day I wear the torture shoe from hell:-P LOL!!

  • Babs

    Okay then…

  • 19yearslater

    I always need band-aids for shoes as well. I have the boring tan variety right now, but my favorite ever were Harry Potter. I’ve also had Disney and tattoo. 

  • Cathy

    My hello kitty ones are always my go to band aids

  • angry bird band aid so cute!

  • Ebuypurses

    I need to buy a new and comfortable shoes out side if I forget to bring my band-aids. This post is what most of women thinking.

  • I am glad I am not the only one.  I forgot my band-aids and I still have a blister two weeks later.

  • Armbasket

    And I thought I was alone with this! Yes, bandaids are in every bag. If I start feeling the blisters coming, I’ll stop anywhere and whip out the bandaids. 

  • redney

    Megs, you need prevention. This stuff works wonders to reduce the need for band aids on your feet. http://www.drugstore.com/band-aid-active-friction-block-stick/qxp163404

  • Liz

    Compeed blister pads, I SWEAR by them! They make them for the heal and toes, never leave home without them!