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Fashion Forward: Bags to Help You Nail the Mystic Aesthetic

I predict new designer bags appearing in your collection

The modern mystic is a free thinker, a spiritual scholar, and probably a really fashionable dresser.

All over social media, we’re seeing those in the younger generation share their fondness for alternative spiritual practices such as astrology, crystal healing, and aromatherapy. Some of us old-timers may think that this strange enthusiasm is just kids being kids, but anyone who’s ever flipped through a Cosmopolitan magazine or watched late-night TV in the 80s and 90s knows that our culture’s ongoing obsession with the metaphysical definitely isn’t anything new.

Technically, many of these practices have been around for as long as humans have been able to form communities, with most early civilizations having their own rituals related to their wondering about the world. But it wasn’t until the 1960s and 70s that eastern spiritual practices, various New Age movements, and dramatic cultural shifts really began to take hold in the west (also known as The Age of Aquarius.)

Many of those movements have come and gone, but those with the most appealing aspects have managed to remain. It’s why we collectively believe that those born as Earth signs are grounded or that 7 is a lucky number or even that we should expect big changes throughout the Year of the Tiger. We’re all just looking for a bit of positivity amongst the constant doom and gloom.

But I’ve heard some argue that for Millenials and Gen Z, two generations not known to be very religious, the fascination with these movements could be related to their need for guidance without wanting to turn to mainstream belief systems that they feel are inflexible and unaccepting.

This may or may not be true, but I’d also argue that a large subset of them just think it’s fun! C’mon… who doesn’t like sparkly things, intriguing smells, or daily reminders that your mere existence – your divineness- is something worth celebrating! I know I do!

And it seems the fashion industry does too.

So for all my tarot card-reading, sage-burning, sun-sign obsessed purse lovers out there, here are a few designer bags to help you nail the Mystic aesthetic, whichever one it may be.

For the Astrologers

What’s your sign?

Today’s planetary positions predict an expensive fashion piece in your future so look to the heavens for guidance but towards big-name brands for bags that’ll best match your vibe. No matter if you’re a laidback Libra or a very busy Virgo, these bag recommendations are sure to serve you well on your journey forward. The stars were certainly aligned when these celestial majesties were created.

For the Healers

Destress with something sparkly! While all of the stones featured on most bags are in fact imitation crystals, you can still show off your creativity and spiritual healing prowess with a few special pieces from top brands like Fendi and Gucci. While faux is still fabulous, Judith Leiber bags are also great for those looking for bags adorned with genuine crystal.

Also, there are plenty of sketchy people waiting for you to take your eyes off your bag, so I recommend waiting until you’re at home to meditate over these bejeweled beauties.

Fendi Peekaboo
via Fashionphile

For the Fortune Tellers

What does your future hold? (Hopefully, a new bag!)

Get the answers to all of your most burning questions with these fun, fortune-themed bags.

Whether you’re looking for a large catch-all tote or something a little easier to carry, at least one of these gorgeous designs are destined to make their way into your collection.


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