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Fashion Forward: Bags to Help You Nail the Art Student Aesthetic

These bags are works of art!

It’s been said that fashion is simply art in motion.

Since fashion itself is a form of visual art, design houses throughout history have almost always looked towards other visual mediums for inspiration.

We see this with a brand like Fendi that loves to show off its heritage by using elements like smooth lines and natural forms of famous Italian architecture and sculpture in its designs.

Or with Loewe’s love of geometric shapes that pay homage to early 20th-century Spanish cubism.

Or even with Dior’s use of toile embroidery taken from classical French interior design.

True artists typically appreciate many art forms and strive to find ways to incorporate them into their everyday lives. Fashion and personal styling are the quickest ways to really make a statement, so for young Gen Z art lovers, this usually means adopting the ‘Art Student” look.

The ‘Art Student’ look is another famous visual aesthetic popularized on social media throughout the 2010s. It’s generally regarded as a subset of the larger ‘Academia’ aesthetic, but with the intention of showing the wearer’s cultured attitude, passion for art history, or dedicated art practice.

Unlike the other fashion aesthetics born on Tumblr, Instagram, and TikTok, the ‘Art Student’ style is thought to have actually come from Pinterest.

Wherever it came from, the look is pretty easy to spot in the wild. It’s widely popular among actual art students or those who previously admired their hipster Millenial siblings.

More often than not, the look consists of neutral-colored clothing with colorful or intriguing elements that draw the eye in; It’s definitely cleaner than the vintage paint-stained denim look of yesteryear.

You may not be a student anymore or even be aiming to be the next Monet, but it can’t hurt to add some more artistic elements to your wardrobe!

Here are a few bags to help you nail the ‘Art Student’ aesthetic (based on your preferred art form.)

Sketch & Sculpture

Sketching and sculpture work both place great importance on lines. Freehand lines help portray the mood and energy of the artist while smooth, continuous, curved lines lead the viewer’s eye. Lines in sketch and sculpture help show depth, distance, dimension, form, and structure.

Valentino Tote

Cult Gaia Mina Bag

Cult Gaia Mina Bag
via Net-a-Porter

Painting & Screen Printing

Painting and screenprinting are for those who are more intrigued by an artist’s use of color and composition skills. Mastering these mediums requires a deep understanding of color theory and the ways in which different elements can work together or lay on top of each other. There should be some space between the elements without diminishing the strength of the final piece.

Versace Medusa Head Bag

Ferragamo Printed Vara Bag

Ceramics & Mosiac

There aren’t any elements that are consistently emphasized within ceramic arts. Any emphasis on a particular element is usually linked to the culture and time period the piece was created in. Maybe it’s shape. Maybe it’s color. Maybe it’s cravings or embellishments.

(While there aren’t any bags actually made of ceramic, there are some with that smooth terracotta vibe.)

Chanel Boy Mosaic Bag

Chanel Mosaic Boy Bag
via The RealReal

Cult Gaia Elodie Bag

Cult Gaia Elodie Bag
via Cult Gaia

Photography, Film, & Animation

Photography, film, and animation are all focused on the element of storytelling. Real or imagined, the imagery should have contrast and help the viewer understand the larger narrative being told.

Givenchy Bambi Antigona Tote

Givenchy Rottweiler Clutch


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