I love a great big slouchy bag that I can throw over my shoulder and run out the door with. As much as I love to dress up and look all fancy, I am admittedly more of a casual chic kind of gal. This being said, you can probably imagine that my go-to outfit consists of great jeans, a fab t-shirt and sandals. I even have a couple casual yet gorgeous dresses that offer that bohemian look I tend to lean towards. I can’t think of a better bag to fit my needs than the Tylie Malibu Nomad Crackle.

Tylie Malibu Nomad Crackle

First of all, for those of you avid online shoppers, you will be pleased to know that this bag was created exclusively for web customers. It feels good to be loved, doesn’t it? Well, this bag is spacious enough for just about anything you might need as you head out of the house for the day or even just a quick trip to the post office. I love the soft combination of colors which work just as well in the Fall as they would in the Spring or Summer. The shoulder straps look comfortable; not like those straps you might look out and think, “ouch, this is going to dig into my shoulder”!

Whether you are a mom looking to carry around things you need as well as toys or treats for your kids or a young single girl who is looking to explore the city you live in, this bag can work for you! Buy through Tylie Malibu for $305.

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  • mandy

    I find TM to be inventive and interesting. Their bags always catch my eye. My current obsession is the Runaway Rose. Their bags are also lightweight and garner a ton of compliments. While this particular style is not for me (it pushes a bit too far on that beach casual thing), I know I’ll be purchasing more TM bags.

  • Mary

    Just received my Nomad Crackle bag today, and I have to say that it is even prettier than the picture. The pictures of this bag hardly do it justice. The crackle treatment gives it a nice texture and the combination of brown to tan on the leather really gives it depth. Such a great bag!