When it comes to shoulder bags, particularly hobos, it’s fairly well-documented that I have a penchant for slouch. I like things soft and even a bit saggy when it comes to that type of purse, and my taste rarely deviates from that. When you look at handbags for the majority of your day, you come of with different theories of what makes a good bag and what doesn’t work for particular shapes, and while none of those ideas is monolithic, I rarely find myself digging something that deviates far from my own personal bag ideals. The Roger Vivier Faceted Python Hobo is one very, very notable exception however.

Roger Vivier Faceted Python Hobo

Vivier is not known for slouch or shapelessness, and this bag is a highly structural hobo that uses its panels to highlight the differences in the python skins used and the colors featured. I’m still on the fence about the colors used (I love the red and white, but would have preferred another bright to the beige/grey), but I love the structure and differentiation between the panels, and this bag may make more of a high-fashion statement than any that I have seen recently. Buy through Luisa Via Roma for €2900.

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  • gpc

    I saw this bag in the Tobacco calfskin leather at BG in New York and it is TDF! This bag is a work of art – the craftsmanship is exquisite and the details subtle, but edgy (it has brass faceted studs on either side of the handle that are a nice compliment to the signature RV buckle magnet closure). It is amazingly light and it literally hugs your body when you have it across your shoulder. It is very roomy inside, to say the least. While many, including myself, balk at $2000 for a bag (calfskin version), this bag will last you a lifetime and never be out of style, which is more than can be said for a lot of other bags out there in the same (or more) price range that are unoriginal and plastered with recognizable logos or insignia. It is just understated and elegant.

  • MizzJ

    I’m a big lover of slouchy hobos myself and this one is certainly one of the more interesting I’ve seen lately. High fashion indeed! I’m not sure that I would buy it necessarily, but I think it could be a great accent piece if you did and not entirely unwearable.

  • mette

    I like this one. It has the structure I need a bag to have, it also is a bit different, which is good. But one thing bugs me: The red leather part. Why can´t it be some other color, cause the red really spoils the bag for me.

  • chirpy_gal

    looks god :)

  • LDJ

    I Likey!!!!! And want it too. It’s odd. It would have been cool with loud colors.

  • renee

    When you say “python” and “hobo” you sure don’t think of this bag. This bag is like a piece of architecture. It reminds of origami. I cannot stop looking at it.

  • Cherie L.

    O mai GAWD! This the bag for me, as if some bag god listened to my ranting and designed the perect hobo I have been begging for — not the boring slouchy hobo, architectural art deco design, and colour block. HELLO!

    Vivier, man. Thank you Jesus that they revived the label.

  • Emily

    this bag is tacky. and not worth the price.

  • Merve

    Generally Im not a big fan of Vivier bags or shoes for that matter but this bag is seriously making me change my mind. Bring it on origami man!!!

  • NagaJolokia

    I despise the traditional hobo shape where it is a crescent moon, but this I like! I like the octagon-like shape and the “blown” up angular body!

  • Graham

    Renee- I second your architectural origami comment, that was the first thing I thought of when I saw it. The colors I adore, the pop of scarlet makes it edgy while the neutrals keep it versatile.

  • tara

    Wow, I love this bag. It is beautiful and so mod.

  • Abby

    wow,nice….but the price is really high… does anybody konw some good on-line shops which sell handbags at good price? pls share with me, thank you very much :)