Nuti New Yorker Ostrich HoboOstrich is a material that we don’t tend to talk about all that often. Of late, it’s been overshadowed by other exotics like python, and it’s not as common that you see it. Some brands still do an exceptional job with it, though – Hermes and Mulberry come to mind. Another brand that’s know for it is Nuti, who are lesser known but have so far done a great job when it comes to their specialty material.

A couple of weeks ago, I got the chance to see the Nuti New Yorker Ostrich Hobo in person in Atlanta, and I was absolutely blown away. The version that I saw was a deep, rich purple similar to Balenciaga‘s Fall 2007 Violet, and the leather was amazing. I sometimes shy away from ostrich because of its resemblance to the skin of an enormous chicken, but this bag is truly gorgeous. The variations of the leather are all the visual interest it needs, and the handle is artfully constructed and unique, compared to the afterthought leather straps we normally see. In my mind, they’ve got a big, big winner here. Buy through Saks for $3400.

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  • michelle

    I bought this bag 2 years ago and love it!!!!

  • lauren

    I saw this in the purple in atlanta too this past weekend and it’s gorgeous! the leather is so rich, soft, and thick. I love it, but the handle is metal or something, that would be SUPER uncomfortable after like five seconds on a bony shoulder…so PASS…there is a reason they use leather scraps for a shoulder strap…so it doesn’t kill you to carry a pretty bag

  • Valerie

    I’m so happy – i’m not the only one who loves this bag.

    I got one too, a few years back (in – light gold) and i still use her often……..

  • mette

    Hey, this is an interesting one ! Especially the handle gives this bag a kick ! I like it.

  • stella

    I would LOVE to touch the leather, it looks interesting and simply gorgeous. I can only admire this bag from faraway though, and that handle looks uncomfortable. Really interesting looking bag though. And this is coming from someone who dislikes exotics because of the texture and details of the leather.

  • Carolyn

    High price but i think it may be worth it. I don’t have any ostrich but it might be time to add it

  • chirpy_gal

    Awesome bag !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pe. Riche.

    I am a sucker for plain bags, so this is right up my alley. I would be in absolute love with it if it were a satchel.

  • Michelle

    I see comments about the bag being leather, but it is ostrich.

  • lauren

    ostrich is a type of leather…

  • @Michelle – as I understand it, ‘leather’ is a blanket term used to describe an animal skin processed to preserve it and make it appropriate for use as a material for making things. Ostrich, croc, goat, lamb, calf – all types of leather.

  • QueenMAB

    Great price for an exotic leather, and the handle is really unique. I would want to try it on though and make sure that it’s comfortable first though. But just gorgeous.

  • Lotte Decker

    It is a very interesting design to show off a great material in it’s simplicity. Whether one likes the handle or not – there is no question that any metal shoulder strap hurts your shoulder. As for me, I would have liked to see a beautifully twisted, or knotted strap in leather….

  • Arm Candy Lady!

    WOW!! Now this is REAL Ostrich…very pretty & it does NOT look too bumpy, the leather looks inviting…me likey a lot…the price not sooo much!

  • Cathy

    just to clarify: the handles are not mini slinkies are they? probably the lighting has got me fooled. lol.

    love the ostrich!

  • hazel

    I like the handle, but the rest is a bit off for me, I’ve never liked the puckered look of ostrich that much.

  • Julia

    I cringed while reading “resemblance to the skin of an enormous chicken” how gross to imagine! carrying around a huge chicken bag. yuck. This bag is interesting, sounds like we have to see it in person for it to really catch my eye.