Diane von Furstenberg Stephanie Bag The new must-have handbag floating around the DvF offices is the metallic Diane von Furstenberg Stephanie Bag. This bag is a favorite among the DvF staff (wonder if Whitney and Olivia are vying for it!). Celebs already carrying the bag include Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Jessica Biel. Because I am thoroughly obsessed with The Hills and now The City, I can image this bag being the handbag of choice on Whitney and her bff Erin. The DvF Stephanie Bag is a slouchy hobo which stands out with its knitted metallic leather, either gold or magenta, and an adjustable leather strap. The shape of the bag will slouch beautifully next to your body, give you both hands, and lend that boho chic vibe. I can see why this is the new beloved DvF bag and it is totally my style. I would opt for the gold. Buy through DvF for $875.

UPDATE: ShopBop currently has the DvF Stephanie in stock: $995 via ShopBop.

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  • Dear God, I love it.

    Even though I don’t love Olivia Palermo. She’s so POINTY.

  • I love her fashion sense!! This bag I see more on Whitney than Olivia. I LOVE it too!

    • Ayesha

      Megs – have you had any problems with your Stephanie bag. I’ve only had mine for 3 weeks and used it a few times. Already in 5 different places the weaving has come undone. Wondering it I should return it or exchange it?!? Really LOVE the bag, shame about the quality.

  • Jen

    I really like it! I just ordered my first DVF dress the other day and I found that it doesn’t really go with any of my bags. The Chanel is too formal looking. The Marc Jacobs is too bulky. The Chloe is OK but it’s too big. I basically have one small patent Marc by Marc clutch that goes reasonably well!

    Anyways, pretty bag.

    • Âèòàëèé Ïàâëåíêî

      Äàà… ñïîðíî, ïîñïîðèë áû ñ àâòîðîì…

  • my new bag

    Hmmm, looks really great, is the metal heavy?

  • KacyC

    I absolutely love this bag, I wish I could say the same for Olivia’s behavior.

  • It is not metal, just metallic leather. I am obsessing. I think I am going to order the gold version!

  • washlz

    I called DVF to inquire about the bag because the gold showed unavailable in the size shown above and they were so RUDE!!! Made it easy to not want to do business with.

  • MizzJ

    Cool bag! Perfect for the young and modern.


  • PhotoGirl


  • Natasha


  • Merve

    oooo i love love love it

  • Merve

    Its out of stock! Anyone know if its really shiny gold or not? I really dont fancy it being really sparkly.

  • lipvixen

    Looks like this bag brand Ante Prima. Not my thing.

  • Kris

    EWWWW!!! I HATE slouchy handbag. This is horrible!!!

  • holly

    Ohhh shiney, I quite like it! The texture of the bag makes me like it even though I usually don’t like Hobos that much. Very cute.

  • Shannon

    reminds me of something i’d see in gossip girl! i loveeee it!!!

  • kemilia

    Very cool bag, great size too.

  • chloehandbags

    I really like the body of the bag, but I’m not overly keen on the strap, or the rings that attach the strap to the body of the bag; they look a bit…..erm…..cheap, to me.

  • Maura

    A great looking bag, I wish the strap had incorporated some of the metallic leather.

  • Merve

    I just bought this bag and its really much nicer when u see it in person. The only negative thing i would say is that it really really holds its half moon shape. It looks a bit weird that the shape stays even when empty. The woven metallic leather is really lovely as it incorporates 3 different colours into the weave. Although a few people expressed the need for the mettalic leather to be incorporated into the strap, i think it would be too much as it is quite shiny. The brown strap works really well and is totally comfy on the shoulder. I am just a bit confused as i dont know what to wear it with!

  • susan

    I bought this bag too and I have to say I love love LOVE it!! I’ve never had so many compliments in my life. I wore it this weekend, and it works so well with jeans and high heels – very city girl!

    • Jessica

      It’s really nice I wish I had it

  • Amy

    I just bought it (the gold metallic) and the pictures shown on the DVF site really don’t do it justice. It’s cute on the website but MUCH better looking in person. I would wear it with most anything that I wear to work or with jeans.

  • erica

    Not that crazy about it honestly. Could get the same look with a woven bag for a lot less>

  • Disappointed

    The bag WAS beautiful- until they changed it- the newest handbag that
    has come out is not half as stunning! The shoulder strap is 1/2 as
    long and the bag is much smaller and the leather used is not as
    substantial. Therefore you are getting a bag that is half the size
    and is not as beautiful as the first set of handbags that have come
    out- do not buy rthe newer version- you will be very disappointed. It
    amazes me that DVF is charging the same for a bag that they are giving
    you less quality and hakf the size. Very Very disappointed!!

  • Kendra

    Ew. (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    Thanks Purseblog! (fb)

  • Nathalie

    just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on which bag is nicer – the BLACK or the GOLD METALLIC colour ? Can’t make up my mind – I’ve seen the black one in person but not the gold. I have alot of Blacl bags so am veering towards to the GOLD but just wondering if it might be too summery (ie. not an all year round bag)?? All your thoughts will be really appreciated…..xx