I’ll go ahead and say it – I’m highly disappointed by the Anya Hindmarch Cooper Mirror Bottom Bag. Mostly that’s my own fault, though. When I went to its Saks.com page, I thought it said COPPER Mirror Bottom Bag, and I had high hopes that the bottom piece of the bag was going to actually be made out of a piece of metal, and that would have been awesome. I had no idea that I had any desire for a bag made partly out of sheet metal until I realized that I had never seen one before, and then Anya Hindmarch seemed like a genius.

Until I realized that the bottom of the bag was just made out of metallic patent leather, and the word in the title was COOPER not COPPER. And then I was tremendously disappointed. I actually frowned at the bag, and then I said to myself “Self, I’m not going to write about this bag, it tricked me.”

But then I looked again and realized that, hey, it’s kind of a cool bag anyway. They shape is perfect – structured enough to have really clean lines, but still with enough slouch to have the appeal of a hobo. The leather appears to be really thick, the patent on the bottom is probably shiny enough to be used as a mirror, and the interior is lined in delicious cream suede. So many designers cut corners these days, and it looks like Ms. Hindmarch is still make beautiful, discrete, high-quality bags out of obviously fine materials. As such, she deserves our heartfelt appreciation, even if the bag is not actually part metal. Buy through Saks for $1,195.

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  • Anilu Magloire

    Absolutely LOVE this. Such a cool. sleek design!

  • I like this in the cream version quite a bit!

    Now if there was actual copper on the bottom, that would be amazing!

  • missy Badach

    this bag is actually navy. I ordered it from saks.com because I’m not crazy about the bottom color and the gold

  • Veronika

    all the bags Anya makes are wonderful!!! Love the Cooper!

  • girly bits

    I’m not sure about the metallic bottom color; I’m generally not too fond of metallics. However…the lines and structure of this bag are pure art. I love the hardware and the two-tone, but the real winner is the the fact that Anya has taken the known structure of a hobo and made it fresh and edgy. Fabulous bag…I’m salivating just looking at it.

  • MizzJ

    It is a rather interesting take on a hobo! I quite like it; it’s edgy yet classic, though I hope the patent isn’t really as shiny as you’ve described! lol remember this post, I’m sure they’ll put real metal plated purses out there someday.

  • Merve

    I really like this too. So i guess the fashion is metallic colours!

  • handbagmad

    I have this bag in cream and I Love Love Love it – the material at the bottom is actaully still leather but has this wonderful shiny mirror effect and best of all has a zip poket inside, a seperate pocket for your mobile, pocket for lipstick/lipgloss/pen and there is also another concealed pocket to the front of the bag under the clasp – so many desinger bag have no internal pockets and it is impossible to find anything in them point in case Fendi Spy I have one and although I love it takes me ages to find anything in it as there are no internal pockets/divers would it hurt so muhc to have pockets/diverds on the indside of a large bag makes it much more user freindly IMO