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  • FashionableLena

    I have the Lindy on my dream list. I may have to add the Colorado.

  • Seher

    Amazing! Never knew Hermes carried this many styles. Some are actually nice :).. (As if there aren’t enough handbags on my wishlist LOL)

  • anon

    the oxer bag is missing form this list.

    • Thanks for letting us know–I will add it!

  • anon

    i meant from the list.

  • Mya Wilkes

    I need the Kelly, that’s all!

    • Pamela

      Same it’s the one bag I love!!

  • Remi

    The Drag bag #18 isn’t labeled

    • Fixed the code that was preventing it from showing up!

  • Grace

    The Alfred messenger is missing, and perhaps you could add the Piano, Boule and Boutonniere, which are older style handbags but they do frequently pop up on the resale market.

    • I will add the Alfred! And the others as well–we definitely want this to be a resource for people trying to buy popular resale bags, whether they’re current styles or popular vintage pieces.

  • Kristen

    I think your list is missing the mailbox bag

  • john

    Great list! Perhaps you can include bolide relax, kelly relax, passe passe, or the many birkin and kelly renditions

  • dnfl

    the passe guide bag looks like a :3 face hahah

  • Viola

    the majority of these are….blah. if they weren’t Hermes nobody would look twice at them..

    • Jess

      so true

    • guest

      I agree. Some are simple and elegant but nothing amazing. Even using the “best” leather they are grossly overpriced. The illusion of exclusivity.

      I have a few Pradas (still think they are overpriced even though I bought them). When I carry one I always get better service in shops and restaurants – so stupid. Why should my bag define me? (sorry, digressing here…)

    • wuwu

      A picture’s worth is a thousand words, these in real life can be absolutely breathtaking. I know this for a fact!

    • Yijing He

      so agree

  • beastlybeauty

    I have never come across an Hermes bag that excites me. I can appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into making these bags, but that’s all.

    • Emily Boyd

      I feel the same way.

  • cavalla

    the sac oxer is missing

  • Cookymonster

    Adding to the list are : birkin fringe, kelly shoulder fringe, kelly doll, etriviere elan, victoria elan, piano, convoyeur, medor clutch, pliplat clutch, sac aline. Can’t remember the exact names are : vitrevolt (new bag), kelly hand muffler

    • The Medor is already on the list, but I’ll make sure the others get added!

      • Cookymonster

        Oops I must have overseen the Medor. Anyway, I got the last 2 bags’s names whom I wasn’t able to recall sorted out : new bag is called Vivrevolte, and Kelly Mouton (shearling).

      • cookymonster

        + Cabalicol

  • Sofia

    I was hoping this comprehensive list would help me find a Hermes bag I like, but alas, no. All the styles are SO boring.

    • Annie

      Your boring

  • Caitlin Chen

    Some nice, some boring.. And hey, you’re missing the Silky City and Silky Pop!

  • looking4kelly

    Is the Kelly Cut missing? Also the Maxibox?

  • Iréne Shûkriya-Dutta Scharief

    Other than Birkin, Kelly and Victoria, other bags are either meh or too impractical.

  • Chica

    Thanks for the list. Keep it coming :)

  • williamlion

    You are also missing Hebdo

  • BBC

    Missing the Atlas!

  • Wilma

    Thank you for all your diligent research…what a wonderful resource for Hermes lovers (like me)!

  • Imgoingbroke

    I like that Marwari bag. I’ve never seen it before. How much does it run? Evelyn III is a good should bag for “kicking around town” and holds up very well.

    • Imgoingbroke

      I bought my Marwari on The Real Real for $2900.00 in pristine condition. It’s in the ciel blue and very pretty, but huge…I mean HUGE! I just bought the Evelyne III GM in Togo Leather today. Yikes, I’m not even going to admit how much I paid for it. Oh well, I’ve been wanting an Evelyne III GM in the beautiful togo leather for a long time now and I got lucky and got what I was waiting for in a beautiful color of purple. Can’t wait to get it!

  • Elizabeth

    The hermes Yeoh bag. Named after Michelle Yeoh. It’s missing

  • liz

    the YEOH bag is missing….named after Michelle yeoh

  • expertess

    HMMM! I am pretty old but even I did not remember some of these boring styles. But I looked at each with a very critical eye and remembered why neither my Mother, sister or I bought some of these styles. Have you ever bought handbags from any other maker with such totally impractical openings??? Or where to make your fashion statement you have to walk on busy streets or through airports with you handbag basically OPEN?? And as it is start of fashion weeks in Paris, have you ever looked at the size of the handbag vs your height or your girth? For example, a woman with ample hips and a Lindy bag or even a Toolbox? I am lucky I own several different styles including birkins and kellys but my favourites so far remain my “SoBlack” Birkin (does that count as an additional style?), my JPG shoulder bags, and my absolute most comfortable style the MASAI CUT!! I may never forgive myself for not buying more of this style—perfect size for me, two different length straps, SWIFT so soft leather and no giant hardware!! Yes, I am guilty, I bought the longer and slightly wider Masai too–but traded with my sister who is 4 inches taller than me!ld

    That being said, would someone take a look at the photo of the KELLY LAKSI above? Is the zipper stitched as badly as I think or is it just the way it was photographed??

    Please see photos of the giant Bolide and a closeup of its print plus the Casaque and the Picnic Basket from 2012. I don’t know how or if you want to count these as separate styles or not but here is the info.

    And my Mother had two styles that I have only seen at Christies auctions—one cutie that looks like a pumpkin with arms which she called her Kelly Doll Bag and one from the 1960s that looks like something a samurai would wear that I saw on EBay once. And there is this giant Bolide that Hermes used to make for ladies who travelled in the 1930s that was auctioned by Artcurial in Paris. Thanks so much for the trip down memory lane!

    And if you want when I get back to my house next week I can did out some pre 1990s Hermes bag photos.

    Please note: I am being forced to send each photo separately so I hope this does not annoy anyone too much.

    • Emily Boyd

      Thanks for sharing those

    • Lovely! Thanks for that information. Always interesting to know more history and stories behind the bags!

    • Petal NYC

      The photos are fabulous. I think it’s great that you know and love your bags. If people don’t like it then they don’t have to post. Obviously, they’re interested. I never bought the Birkin but i appreciate the workmanship as I grew up an equestrian so I’m partial :). Share photos when you want they’re many who appreciate the beauty and sentiment they bring.

  • expertess

    Here are the additional photos

  • expertess

    And the Picnic Basket from 2012

  • expertess

    And the Kelly Dolly Bag

  • expertess

    And an exotic skin bag that my sister and I were offered but…….

    • MrsRance

      If i am not mistaken it’s called himalaya bag. A friend of mine also a tpf member has this exact style & color combo. This one quite a big bag.

      • expertess

        Thank you, yes it was even too big for my sister and she is about 5’7″. But neither of us liked the opening. However, I never knew its name. I thought the Himalaya was that rare crocodile that Mrs Beckham received when she had her baby girl—with the diamond clasp, etc. Anyhow, the photo that I would call the Himalayan is below and now very rare because of the skins and comes in grayish, more white, and cream colours. Any help or comments on the correct names? Thanks much and I can go to sleep dreaming about a 200,000 euros handbag!

      • MrsRance

        Googled it just now and i found this:
        It said the name of the bag: the Sac Himalaya.
        Hermes Extremely Rare Shiny Vert Emerald Alligator, Rouge Vif Ostrich, Violet Veau Doblis Suede & Black Calf Box Leather Sac Himalaya Bag with Gold Hardware.

      • QuelleFromage

        There are two “Himalayan” references in Hermès. The “Himalayan” crocodile refers to the gradated snowy gray colour of the skins. It varies because skins vary but there aren’t different colours of Himalayan croc. The “Himalaya” bag is a different bag model as pictured above, very angular and has an 80s Memphis look to it. Totally unrelated.

      • expertess

        @Quelle Fromage and Mrs Rance, Thank you for the clarification. Confusion definitely not helped by the Daily Mail article nor a Google Search where both handbags appear as Himalaya. Either way, I think my sister and I said no to money maker. Personally, I prefer the one that is made from Himalayan Croc in either the rare albino colour or the Gris cendre colour for myself because there appear to be choice of size and of birkin or kelly—-or at least there once upon a time was a choice. And in photos below to me very very hard to see difference between albino colour and gres cendre colour. Merci.

  • expertess

    I am going to try the Kelly Dolly bag photo again—grrrr

  • HLover

    Constance Cartable is not on the list!

    • TT

      True ! Or the Mailbox

  • janels1

    The name of one is incorrect, not the “Kelly So Bag” but “So Kelly Bag”–was not my favorite Hermes bag…

  • Dragonness

    Thanks for putting this together. You’re missing my fave, the Paris Bombay 37. It’s a very different look from the larger one you featured.

  • Mary Smith

    Thanks so much for putting this together! I thought I knew the brand well but even I saw a couple of new bags.

  • Chica

    Slide 46 should be “So Kelly bag”, not “Kelly So bag”

  • Chris

    Love them all! Never out of style. I already have four, now saving for the constance bag. I find my other bags, more ‘modern’ are of a lesser quality OR the color goes. Wether I always keep them in their dustbags.

  • QuelleFromage

    The “Le Tote” is actually called the Initiale. As a few noted, currently produced bags missing from this list include the Convoyeur, Atlas, and Plipat. It’s Double Sens, not Double Sense. Did I miss the Kelly Cut? Also, maybe it’s a good idea to separate, say, the Kelly Relax from standard Kelly, and same with the Bolide? Also Shoulder Garden Party with the long handles.

  • QuelleFromage

    Also, since you are including vintage styles here, the Lydie, the Le La, Web Bolide, 1923 Bolide, Whitebus Up, the MacPherson, the Sac Mallette, the Sac a Malice and the Balle de Golfe. And if you want to get reallllly old the Monaco. There are so many! I am a dork.

    • Petal NYC

      Hi, I’m new to the site and you are all so funny. Someone told someone they were boring. Anyway, I have an incredible vintage Sac Malette and it’s simply stunning. I can’t go anywhere without someone saying how gorgeous it is (even men and that’s sexy). One of bags isn’t on here and I forget the name (I have a horrid memory currently) but it is also stunning. Love your input as you’re such lovers of the bags. That’s refreshing in this crazy world. Lol

  • “The bags are outstanding for their price points (sic), but once one stores their bones in them, they get all sloppy and greasy just like the cheap ones….”

  • PSK

    There is also the Grand Marriage – I cannot find a good picture anywhere.

  • adguru

    Does anyone know what the bag is on p. 47 of the Winter Escape 2014 issue of Porter magazine? It’s a small rectangular crossbody with leather “tongue” and metal tab closure and the magazine lists it at $6840.

  • Stylie

    How about the Chaine d’ Ancre? Such a beautiful and unusual bag.

  • Love their cross body bags. Fantastic.

  • Diamondgirl

    I actually like the Kelly more than the Birkin. Skins are the only way to go, because less people could afford them. There is just too many Birkins out there now days, which are probably fake.


    hello Does someone know about the constance wallet ? when did this models put on the market by Hermes ? which year ?
    Thank you

  • meandanitoo

    The leathers are beautiful but aside from the Bolide, Kelly and Birkin the bags are just odd looking. I’ve seen them in person and they look the exact same in the store as they do on this page and I have to say that this most of the hype around designer bags, especially at the premiere level is imagery – to own one makes you part of an “exclusive” club and to ensure that they make the price so high that most cannot afford it and keep quantities so limited that you have to get on a waiting list for most of these bags.

    No bag is worth more than a few hundred dollars and even then, it would depend upon the craftsmanship of the artisan. All bags are made from animal skins – every single one. No matter what the animal the end product is wholly dependent on the processing of the skin and NOT the value of the animal. Afterall a goat is a goat is a goat… be honest, this entire industry is nothing more than a sham. It probably cost them 95% less than the actual price to manufacture the bag but people like to feel important and make a statement and so they “invest” in handbags to boost their image and imaginary status not understanding that they are merely dupes (they are paying top dollar to advertise for the designer) and the manufactures are laughing all the way to the bank.

    • girlscoutnocookie

      Tanners pay farmers more for unblemished hides (no scars from razor wire fence, mosquito bites etc) so there are actually grades of cowhide. How much does it factor into the final price that I don’t know. (Just putting it out there for reference in case anyone reads this.)

  • Thanks so much for putting this together! I thought I knew the brand well but even I saw a couple of new bags.