For tonight we’ve saved up a delicate snack that is so high in calories you may want to cut back on the Tostitos and salsa for the next few days. Further reading may also cause high amounts of stress and as a result thereof, hightened blood pressure, sudden queasiness and uncontrolable sweating. In addition, you may start drooling like a Pavolian dog at ring bell and tears may roll down your cheeks for no apparent reason.

Actually the reason is very apparent, because the purse blog duo had worked its way into the lion’s den, the molten, glowing hot core of the Big Momma of all handbags – the Hermes Headquarters in Paris. Being nearly paralyzed of awe, we stood in front of the wide store front and stared for literally 20 minutes at the carefully selected exclusive goodies resting in the display cases. Jealous eyes scanned those that came out of the enormous store with one of those highly sought after orange shopping bags, being proof of obvious financial wealth or willingness to dive into debt. Eventually, reality settled in and we figured that it was still yet another store that was offering goods, and that there was nothing to really be afraid of. Another reality settled in rather quickly once the heavy black doors swung open, we stepped in and the aura of perfection slapped us in our faces like a soft velvet glove.

Yes, perfection. The layout of the store, the incredible variety of items, outstanding in both price and quality, the overall flair of the three story store all just added additional weight to the already lowered jaw, like Mr. Universe was fishhooking you personally. Absolutely breathtaking. Did we mention variety? From watches, card games, to towels, jewelry, perfumes, pen holders, from tables to evening sweaters, Hermes seemed to have it all. It was quite the task to even find a handful of items, no matter how seemingly insignificant, whose prices went under the 3-digit Euro mark. There is no use to talk about the upper boundary, since there really didn’t seem to be one. And then the bags… sigh.

Hermes BagStrategically placed right around its main entrance, a great selection of handbags, small clutches or large totes, were presented to us in a wonderful fashion. Our eyes ran across the glass vitrines, unknowing which bag to look at first, because they all seemed so pretty, so perfect. The green tote below was one of our favorites (if any of our readers know its name, please let us know), and fortunately it happened to be showcased to the outside world. We also took a snapshot of two barrel bags that just looked plain delicious, too. At a price of over EUR 4,600, the deliciousness wore off a notch though. We ended up spending almost a good hour in the store, leaving it behind with a really sad heart, and a motivation to work harder and earn more money to buy us some Hermes goodies. Because afterall, who does not want to be one of those people with the orange shopping bag for once too?

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