If you’re a fan of the Hermes Birkin (or simply not a fan of Lady Gaga), gird your loins for this one.

When her Monster Ball tour landed recently in Tokyo, La Gagita was seen in the airport carrying a white Hermes Birkin inscribed with a message that loosely translates to “I love small monster. Toyko love.”

In case you’re not familiar with the Gaga vernacular, “little monsters” is the name that she uses to refer to her fans, so her Birkin message was a shout-out to those that would be attending her Japanese shows. Using accessories and the paparazzi to communicate – clever, or not so much?

Regular readers of the blog will know that I’m a huge Lady Gaga fangirl, so I think it’s fairly clever. It’s not the most interesting thing she’s ever done, but playing with fashion and blurring the lines of social acceptability are two things that are integral to her public image, and not only does a Sharpie’d Birkin combine those things effectively, but it has managed set tongues wagging all over the internet.

UPDATE: As commenter Allen pointed out, it looks as though Gaga has now had her Japanese fans sign the back of the same Birkin, according the the pictures that she posted on Twitter today.

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  • Tamee

    To each their own.

    I’d like to think that Lady Gaga did this as a spontaneous reaction to her fans, and that it was done with positive intent.

    As for the Birkin, aye yai yai! Why’d it have to be the Birkin?! (fb)

    • cK

      So rude!!! That’s all I can say!

      I’m so surprised that people here are not as angry as I expect. Some even compliment on what she just did to get another low class attention.

      Maybe you guys are just not real purse lovers!

  • Aya N

    I see what she’s trying to do… But I’m Japanese and I wish she’d picked someone with a better handwriting (which is clearly not hers; looks like she asked a native to do it for her). :P Also it says “small monsters” & it could’ve actually said “little monsters” since the word “little” has been well-incorporated into the Japanese language.

    I don’t mean to nitpick–I just think if you’re going to (gulp) Sharpie a lovely Birkin & insult the craftsman who finished the leather, you should perhaps do it right (make it somewhat pretty). Though there is no “right” way in existence–maybe that was her point? Maybe my little protest shows my conventional thinking…

    • Thanks for the clarification – I had seen it translated both ways on various sites, and wasn’t sure which one to go with. I’ll change it in the post.

      • Aya N

        Oh I thought you meant she uses “little monsters” as her standard lingo. My bad. Yes, it does say “small monster.” (In Japanese singular & plural forms are the same, so I suspect she means “monsters.”

      • She does generally use “little monsters,” whoever wrote it used the wrong word. I think some sites assumed that the Japanese words for “little” and “small” were the same and mistranslated it. I changed the post to reflect the correct translation :-)

      • Aya N

        Hahaha, whoever wrote it didn’t really bother to translate it to Japanese words. We use certain conventions to write out English (or other western language) words, so it literally says “I love small monster” then “Tokyo love” in English words, just written w/ Japanese letters.

    • Kellie

      I’m with you Aya, you’re not nitpicking. Many of us would love to have this bag that she has chosen to write all over. It may have been more expected from her outrageous make-up and costumes for her to write this message on her forehead…at least that would have washed off. :-)

      • Aya N

        Yeah, I kind of feel like: If you’re showing you’re unconventional, why carry a Birkin to begin with…? It’s like the ultimate (& obvious) status symbol.

  • Allan

    her tweet earlier today, if you haven’t seen it yet:


    • Aya N

      OMG I didn’t realize there was the back side. I see–looks like she had her fans sign her bag. (The front side looks more intentional & thought out.) The backside is kind of cool, in that she let her fans write on her Birkin to memorialize it. Still wouldn’t do it myself, but like Tamee says, each to their own.

  • lala

    Gaga ooh lala!(fb)

  • Kellie

    She can afford to write all over her Hermes so I don’t know that I find it clever. I think she could have gotten off the plane with a t-shirt that said the same thing and tongues would have gone to wagging. She just has that star power that no matter what she does, people are going to talk. I just wonder, once she returns to the States, is it going to end up on Ebay? ;-) It’ll go for a record breaking price if it does end up there.

    • Aya N

      I think, by doing it on a Birkin, she was upping the shock value… Y’know, more dramatic to ruin a bag that expensive than a t-shirt=more press. I kinda feel like she might be trying too hard.

      • 19yearslater

        I agree. As usual, she is trying too hard. A poorly translated message scribbled on one of the most well-respected and traditional bags in fashion is not tongue-in-cheek like the rhinestone birkinesque bag but rather lame.

  • Empress

    The bag needs palladium hardware and then it would be truly Gagatastic. Who am I to judge what someone does with their handbag? I happen to like it. Lady Gaga is this generation’s Madonna. Except she can sing. And play piano. Awesome.

  • Tiffany

    LOVE gaga!!!

  • Shannon

    I personally love it. It’s her bag, and fashion is a huge part of her image, so I just think it’s perfect! And if she ever becomes unpopular (which I hope not!), she’ll
    always have this bag to remember this great time in her life. (fb)

  • Claudia

    I was really shock when I saw this a couple of days ago. I think she should have done this in a shirt. How can you ruin such a beautiful bag ? Or use another less expensive bag, she had to use the most expensive bag there is, in order to be shocking and out of the ordinary. I’m a big fan but really ? She already gets a lot of attention with what she wears and it’s enough. Next Time Gaga you can give it to me lol.


    • ingrid

      but don’t you think it’s an amazing way to show appreciation to your fans? (fb)

  • ingrid

    i think Shannon nailed it on the head. she loves fashion, so she knows exactly what kind of statement she’s making by marking up the THE Birkin. and i think for those of her japanese fans who know what a birkin is (and i’m sure it’s most of them) will appreciate the gesture that much more.

  • Mika

    can’t help but say ouch for her birkin.. but its her way of expressing her thanks to her japanese fans or little monsters as she calls them (fb)

  • Shamron

    I love GaGa and Birkin bags, but not necessarily this look. (fb)

  • marian t

    love lady gaga! (fb)

  • cge

    I agree with almost everyone here…this kind of “stunt” is totally up her alley, and it would be just like her to take the Holy Grail of all handbags and put her own “mark” on it! Having just purchased my very first Birkin today (after wanting one since it was introduced in 1983!), I could personally never knowingly do something like that to something I worked so hard for, but then again, I don’t earn what she does!

    • Megs Mahoney Dusil

      CONGRATS on your first Birkin!! What did ya get??

      • cge

        Oh Megs, I don’t know how I did it without you???? Honestly, I agonized about the decision, so I went to the purseforum and posted a new thread asking for everyone’s advice. I chose a 30 cm gold with GHW! The perfect size for my 5′ 4″ frame, and I already have a Lindy in Etoupe and a Goodnews in Indigo, so I thought it would be a wonderful new, neutral addition. I just can’t believe that I had to wait until I was 48 years old to get something I’ve wanted since I first saw it in a photo in 1984! Do you approve of my choice??

  • Debbie

    I think it’s a sweet gesture. It’s not like she’s putting any obscene or offensive message, which in that case, I’d be pretty annoyed. I can’t possibly see how this could be turned into something negative, considering it’s her purse, and her money.

  • zaali

    Oh nooooo! I saw that yesterday and I was like, WHAT? It is sacrilegious! What are the Hermes people thinking? If I were the CEO of Hermes, I would be thinking…should she be on our wait list anymore? (fb)

  • Arie

    Such a GaGa thing to do! And only she can pull something like this off!! <3 Gaga!

  • Charlene

    ouch!!!she lives up to her name…(fb)

    • Charlene

      BTW it’s her birkin anyway, therefore, she can do whatever she wants with it..=) (fb)

  • Cat-Janet

    Wow I love her. I would never do that! (fb)

  • Reese

    Harvey Milk said, “There is no such thing as bad press.” (or something like that) Gaga, like early madonna before she started to care about her how she was perceived in the media with her fashion (like she said in a recent interview), just DO fashion they way they want without over thinking or caring much. They can, it works, the fans love it, so why not? (fb)

    • Reese

      I forgot to mention that when I first saw these pic I was more concerned with her wig tape than anything else. That is NOT a style statement.


    I find this to funny… I do not agree with defacing any bag but she is great at promoting herself and this is super unique idea.

    For only about $10k to $20k it is prob less expensive than any add (LOL)..

  • Cate

    love love love it! Gaga sure made a statement with this one–she loves her fans more than the glitz and glamor of her success <3 (fb)

  • kylie

    love her! i think she’s clever as well :) not to mention her facial expression is ferosh.. haha (fb)


    I find this to funny… I do not agree with defacing any bag but she is great at promoting herself and this is super unique idea.

    For only about $10k to $20k it is prob less expensive than any add (LOL)..

    WOW I just read the section that she is letting the fans sign the Birkin… That is just total genous that bag will go for $$$ money…

  • Brenda

    Love the bag! Cute gesture but couldn’t she have written it on her shirt and not damage the birkin??? (fb)

  • Sofia Nolan

    Lady Gaga, sorry I have to break it to you, but you`re pathetic. iLike some of her songs, she has a good voice, but no offence people, what is she thinking, who is teaching her to dress this way nd act this way in public???

  • hoofbeats95

    Love it! Love Lady Gaga! can’t wait to see her when she come to StL :) (fb)

  • Colleen D

    The fact that she defamed this bag is ridiculous. It’s a birkin. The purse of all purses. I think with this last publicity stunt, it’s safe to say GAga has officially gone Gaga. (fb)

  • Maryann

    So Gagaesque! (fb)

  • Choy

    Lady Gaga has definitely made a statement and yes, each to their own. Though unless she did this so that she could give it on a charity auction, I am really negatively affected that she has managed to ruin such a beautiful bag. I am appalled by it if I’m honest. Does this now mean people who never knew about the Birkin will now refer it to as “the bag that LG scribbled on?” That would be such a grave shame and yes, I agree with Zaali, if I were the CEO of Hermes, I’d be like “wtf woman!” (fb)

  • Nata

    I can only add one thing to all the previous posts: one day this bag is gonna sell for ga(ga)zillions of dollars to some hardcore fan.

  • Mattie

    As much as I would love to own a Birkin, I don’t really hate on Gaga for doing this. If anything it shows her devotion to her fans. She has such an obviously expensive status symbol and she basically “devoted’ it to her fans in this way. Plus as others pointed out, she is so rich she could get another one whenever she wants haha. (fb)

  • Lily

    lady gaga is so audacious! cute gesture right up her alley – and afterall, it’s not like she doesn’t have the money to have several more birkins (fb)

  • Laura

    i love it!! she is outlandish and it’s great. besides….as someone said….it’s her bag, she can do whatever she wants. and, it was a positive message. FB

  • Bex

    Lol that is hilarious!!!! (fb)

  • Debbie C

    I can’t imagine taking a marker to my bags but when you’re Gaga, I guess it’s ok. It’s a nice sentiment and certainly an interesting way to get a message out. It’s also amazing that the fans got to write on the purse as well. What a unique piece (and priceless) piece. (fb)

  • Amy

    Wow. I guess I can’t say anything because it’s her bag and she can do what she wants with it. But ouch to all of us that would take extra super special care if they ever got a Birkin and keep it pristine! (fb)

  • Kori

    It’s unusual for sure. But, kind of a nice gesture for her fans. (fb)

  • Lianne

    Eep! Eep! I don’t even carry a white bag because any mark would drive me insane. Eep! (fb)

  • Shine

    I think its so sweet of Lady Gaga, i like her.. Hermes is a very expensive bag, she did that to express her gratitude for her fans in Japan in order for them to understand her or convey her message. By writting on and letting her fans sign on her Hermes i think is equals the worth of her fans to her Hermes bag which is “too much” so the value of her fans to her is alot, since Hermes cost alot.. thats so sweet.. Love Love Love Ladt Gaga..(fb)

  • Denise

    love her! (fb)

  • Valerie

    It’s her bag, she can do what she wants :) (fb)

  • ingrid

    I doubt Gaga would ever sell this bag. If she’s as devoted to her fans as she says she is, she wouldn’t sell it for any price.

  • Pat

    I saw this yesterday online and I thought it was a creative way to send a message to fans while walking through an airport. But I do think than rather using a beautiful Birkin, that she could’ve used a t-shirt or something like others have posted. But, people do whatever they want to do. I love Gaga regardless. (fb)

  • Linda

    That bag will cost an even more fortune if she sells it.

  • Sharyn

    I’m sure Hermes is grateful for all of the publicity…(fb)

  • Raleine

    that bag will cost a lot when it’s put up in the market! (fb)

  • mai

    I like them both . It belongs to her. She could do whatever she wants with the bag. Normal, non superstars, like myself could not ever do that… ha ha (fb)

  • Kiwishopper

    my heart aches a little when I saw it but heck it’s her Hermes, she can do whatever she wants (fb)

  • Pattie

    Poor poor Hermes bag =( (fb)

  • Cate

    Well, it totally fits her personality, and, of course, she paid the money for the bag–she can do whatever she likes to it. Also, the advantage is that now she has a bag that her fans have signed, which makes for a really great souvenir/conversation piece. Personally, I could never, ever do something like that to a Birkin, but then again, that’s why I’ll never be Lady Gaga.

    • Pookie F. – (Stacy)

      WOW – My sentiments exactly. (now get outta my head – haha)

  • Shelly

    Wow this is so her
    love the bagg (fb)

  • Michelle

    Her (now trashed) bag, so she can do what she wants, but what a complete waste of Hermes :( (fb)

  • Carol

    Could be in greaseboard marker …. just wipe off when you get tired of it! LOL! (fb)

  • Tiff Chao

    It def. make the bag look cheap but if it’s anyone that can pull it off, it’s Lady Gaga. (fb)

  • Candace

    i think it’s a great move on her part , as the saying goes any publicity is good publicity …(fb)

  • Ashley Allen

    her gloves are neat. (fb)

  • Laura

    Must be nice to have the money to ink up a Birkin!! LOL!! But it was a nice show of affection to the fans of hers in Japan. (fb)

  • Valentina

    I can’t stand this woman, but yes I do think this is very clever. Always a lot of Birkins around, is nice to see people doing distinctive things with them. Like the Birkin bag full of stones and embellishments you posted a while ago. Although I know is a bit of a crime to do it on a original Birkin…I do like it. (fb)

  • gacats

    I think Gaga is brilliant. (fb)

  • robyn

    That is so not cool!! But then again I am not a fan of hers. (fb)

  • Jacqueline

    I like this! I wish i could afford to do this (fb)

  • cleawalford

    think it is funny and like the look of the Japanese characters on the white bag!

  • hannah

    gosh i feel so sorry for the bag (fb)

  • Bavleen

    The poor bag :(

  • Leona

    I don’t mind it. It’s done neatly & looks pretty good… and at the end of the day – It’s HER bag. (fb)

  • Karin bag4bag

    It looks like Birkins are fair game to do with what you want now ! After the bejewelled Leah & Bliss Birkin, (sorry not Birkin, influenced by the Birkin) it is like the status of the bag is gone… (FB)

  • swags

    What would normally be considered defacing a beautiful birkin will be cool since Lady Gaga did it and would probably sell for twice as much (fb)

  • Leslie

    I would never do that to any of my bags and especially not if i had a Birkin but I think its kind of cool that she got fans to sign it.

    Birkin = $$, sentimental value = priceless.

  • Irene

    I like the contrast, actually. Totally works because it’s Gaga :) (fb)

  • Kris

    Defacing a Birkin is criminal :( (fb)

  • justa9url

    Wow…just imagining to be able to deface a Birkin, oh the luxuries. (fb)

  • JennMSU

    it’s her thing so why not? now if it were me, aww heck no! (fb)

  • Kayla

    It’s alright for her to do it, but I never could! (fb)

  • sunflower

    Writing on her Birkin is just like everything else this gal does… it’s her way of getting attention. She realized the only way she was going to get people to listen to her music was to draw attention to herself with shocking clothing and comments. When she started performing as Lady Gaga she used tactics that have been used before by Bowie, Grace Jones, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, etc. I lost interest in her after reading in so many interviews how she called herself a “performance artist”. So I guess her art is taking bits from older artists, spinning them with her twist ala’ the Haus of Gaga, and selling her “shock value” as if it is something new. Would we even know who she was if she kept performing as Stephanie Germanotta? Of course not. She is smart and calculating, but not everyone is buying what she is selling. Waste of Birkin.

    • Nola

      wow you sound OLD

  • Shine

    she just giving herelf a memorabilia that’s worth keeping, and to treasure.. she can always afford to buy another Hermes, She’s Lady Gaga, ra rah oh la lah, I want that Hermes!.. love love love I want Hermes, Lady Gaga.(fb)

  • geulizz

    Wow, me likey. U can do whatever to UR bag, if she regrets this, she can always get a brand new one just in the nick of time :)

  • Natasha

    I can’t believe she would do that to her birkin :( so pretty and totally ruint! (fb)

  • Luv_Bags

    Hmmmm…..I am wondering after all is said and done if she would place it on Ebay and sell it and maybe donate the profits to a charity? I am sure it would bring a fortune!!

  • Lisa *

    I hope Hermes says NO if she wants another one (fb)

    • geulizz

      @lisa: *lol* I kinda agreed with u though, Hermes trauma :D

  • Prisilia

    OMG..why would she do that??!! (fb)

  • mochababe73

    To be honest, I really wouldn’t care what bag she had. I would never do that to one of my handbags.

    To do it to a Birkin? BLASPHEMOUS!

  • michelle

    this is the reason why i LOVE lady gaga!!! she’s a mad genius!!!

    • lindaC

      I totally agree! That was a brilliant idea to get more attention. Actually, that was a very inexpensive advertising. LOL

  • Jackie

    Wellllllll… I guess when you have that much money, it’s okay to write on a Hermes bag!

    WTF! It’s not even like ART. It’s a stupid message! That’s almost insulting!

  • Jessica

    good for her. how many other celebs will do that for their fans, seriously. and its on the most coveted bag ever so it shows how much she loves her fan and fashion. (FB)

  • ad

    i think its cute. and the writing does look very neat and artsy. just the hardware i think should be paladium, then it’ll look much,much better (fb)

  • caro

    I like it, it suits her but i would never do that myself! (fb)

  • joce

    i love that she asked her fans to sign the bag! Great sentimental value! At the end of the day, a birkin is just a few pieces of leather sewn together (ie. bag).

  • Nola

    I think it’s great. This is just a silly handbag. It’s not like she desecrated the Louvre.

    • Karen K.

      Exactly! I think it’s awesome, it’s like wearable street art! Would it be more acceptable if Banksy sprayed it and it got auctioned for a fortune??? Probably, and isn’t that lame. (fb)

  • Karelia

    OMG… anyway I do love that gorgeous white monster she carries!! (fb)

  • BadRomance93

    For God’s sake, how stuffy some people sound!

    “Oh, heaven forfend, a DEFACED Birkin, oh, deary me.”

    Who are you putting on the act for? Jane Birkin kicks the sh*t out of any Birkin she comes into contect with.

    As for the “shock jock” accusations; re-examine your use of the words, and all words for that matter, and most importantly, LISTEN TO HER F*CKING MUSIC FIRST.

    The internet is littered with raw audio/footage of her singing with not but her own piano accompanying her.

    I say all of this with the utmost respect and love. (: You are all classy and gorgeous in your own right.

    P.S. Some people in the public eye attract publicity when they do things IN PUBLIC?? They must be warned at once! :P

  • jodleekha

    im an hermes expert i worked at hermes for 25 years, so you see the handel of her birkin its tall and a tall handel is rare and will be only found in a hac and that bag is not a hac, the other thing is the piping line you see at the left side the pipng line is at the front of the bag insted at the side of the bag so she’s caring a replica!

    • lindaC

      Jodleekha, you are just jealous that you can’t afford one to accuse her of wearing a replica. She makes millions! BTW, I know it’s not Haut A Courroies (HAC) as you said because the handles (that’s the right spelling).

      • jodleekha

        im russian!

    • BB

      Oh, you said that you work in Hermes for 25 years and you still don’t know which one is fake or authentic? She can even afford a 100 birkins if she wants! N yet, she doesn’t need a waiting list too!

      • Abraham

        yeap russian jodhleeka apparently we dont care about where you come from and what lady gaga is carrying. and THAT’s also the right spelling. god.

  • Voodoo

    Her bag…her choice…. heck, now it’s a pop culture collectors item. (fb)

  • Kelly

    I love it! I think she took a classic and made it her own in an interesting and statement making way. Whether you like her or not, she is a hell of an entertainer on and off the stage.

  • natalie78

    Don’t like her, her music, or her supposed style. I could really care less what she does to her bags. (fb)

  • lindaC

    I like her music a lot. I think she’s the next Madonna who keeps reinventing herself. She owns that bag and she can do whatever she wants to do! When you buy a Birkin do you have to sign a contract what and what you cannot and should not do to your bag? I only know super luxury car dealers do that.

  • Tanyus

    I love Gaga, but not the birkin :( (fb)

    • lola!

      do realy hate birkins!!! :O

  • sheri d

    At least she didn’t write it in english, then it would’ve looked even more horrid (fb)

  • Monique

    guess she can afford to deface her own property (fb)

  • Melody

    great music! great idea! but i feel sad for the birkin ahahaha! (fb)

  • covertanjou

    LOVE GAGA!! However, I would never write on a Birkin (if I could ever afford one!) (fb)

    • stealthisstyle

      Why not? It’s just a bag. Albeit a very very expensive bag. She didn’t even pay for it. http://bit.ly/fEgLJD

  • Blaire

    I can look past her outfits because to be honest, wacky and tacky attire is just so…Lady Gaga? However, I can not look past the fact that she has written (with what appears to be a black Sharpie) on one of the most coveted, well-known, CLASSY bags in the fashion industry. It baffles me and to be honest, it shows a lack of respect to the brand. Lady Gaga has treated her Birkin as if it is some chalkboard. She needs to realize that sooner or later, this is going to get old and she is going to have to grow up.

  • Roxanna

    I love Lady Gaga and her uniqueness since it usually has a purpose, but I just cant see it here. (fb)

  • BB

    To anyone who said that is not appropriate to write letters on a Hermes birkin bag, you should know that Gaga always do things differently. Like writing on your shirt is too normal, everyone does it right? So she will do smth that other won’t ever do….and that is her style! Love you Gaga!

  • Eliane T.

    I want that bag even with the writing on it. (fb)

    • stealthisstyle

      I want it, even if she painted it metallic grey. LOL

  • Yoonmee

    I think it’s a cute idea.

  • Kate

    whyyyyyyyyyyyy (fb)

  • PhotoGirl

    Love! Very much in keeping with who she is and that, IMHO, is what real style is all about.

  • giria

    poor birkin

  • Gorgeous

    i actually like it. i’m a fan of making things your own and her bag is now one of a kind and holds a lot of meaning to her. and its not like she cant buy another one. some of you people need to get off your high horse and pull that stick out your @ss and stop being so judge mental. like omggg the most coveted bags in the fashion industry, blah blah blah. at the end of the day, it is just a thing; a materialistic thing created by man. and when we die, we can’t take it with us. stop making these material things sound like they’re some sort of god, don’t get me wrong i am heavily into fashion and i loveeee purses; but materialistic things are of the world,and the world is of the devil.
    ” What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, and loose his soul in the process?”

  • Alanna

    it’s a bag, it’s HER bag, i don’t really get all the outrage! (fb)

  • Blaire

    I understand that it is her bag and that she can probably buy many more. However, that is not my point. What I am in utter shock of is how she can completely disrespect a brand like Hermes, that has been known for class and elegance. I do not think it is right to put yourself above others and that is what she is doing with this picture. Talk about how many hours the designer put into handcrafting this bag (as all Hermes bags are handmade) and she has ruined it in a matter of minutes. That is my reason for “all the outrage.”

    • Nikki

      What does the designer care? They got paid. Thats how it is. You make something, you sell it, you get money for your work, they now own what you sell. So she could use a seam ripper, open it up and wear it as a hat if she wanted to.

      Your outrage is silly, I would equate it to jealousy, because that’s not “your” white Birkin, its hers.

  • abitnerdy

    Creative, awesome and nonetheless effective. Don’t think Hermes going to care too much this is getting them a lot of free PR. (fb)

  • ginny

    i love her and all but i heart broke a bit seeing what happened to the birkin (fb)

  • jen

    I don’t care for the bag or Gaga, man she looks like Marylin Manson!

  • Adrienne Zedella

    who cares (fb)

  • Leticia

    Jesus, so much hate around here! As much as I can understand the feeling that she’s desecrated something, and as big a fan as I am of Birkin bags, and even though I do too put them up in a sort of “purse pedestal”, it’s still just a bag, people. It’s stitched leather. There are worse things in life than writing on a bag. And I actually consider carrying replicas a much bigger act of desecration than writing on a Birkin. (fb)

  • Theresa W

    Well…I would never do that…but she can afford it, right? lol To each their own. (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    well that’s definately headline news (fb)

  • Cherul

    WTH?!!oh well it’s her birkin’s lol..don’t own one and vaguely picture myself doing that lmao..peeps with money nowadays!(fb)

  • Deborah Curran

    I’m jealous because I can’t afford this bag but Lady Gaga can and I think it was a cute thing for her to do (fb)

  • Joy Park

    I really really love the bag!!
    But not loving the writing, it was sweet for her, but on that costly bag!!
    I wouldn’t have done it, but that’s because I would have treasured the bag. Haha.
    But, it’s definitely nice of her! (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    here i am (fb)

  • Marta Borrero

    LUV, LUV, LUV this bad and it should b a crime to ruin a gorgeous handbag like Lady Gaga DID!!!! (fb)

  • Marta Borrero

    I meant

  • Marta Borrero

    bag (fb)

  • faith24

    love her, love the bag- but the writing really cheapens the bag (fb)

  • Mary

    I think Gaga is probably sending a message about materialism. A sharpie on a prized Birkin is like saying these expensive things are not as important as her fans. Still think she’s crazy to smear a birkin like that though!!

  • Jocelyn

    She’s brave for having writing on it. I freak out if there’s a pen mark on my bags. (fb)

  • hamda

    : D :D:D:D,yeah so true,she really has a big heart that she actually used a pen on white bag. it is little creative but good writing is really needed for that dare:D.but good concept indeed.

  • Cherry Q

    Dos , Lady gaga look like crazy chick , she act like she know how to dress up , but anything she dress it’s like madona , she dont know how to respect peopel .


    Just insane……I just hope Hermes did not GIVE the bags to her. If she paid for them…then she can do what she likes to the bags……but she is still stupid. What is wrong with stars these days……….anything for attention. They are all disgustingly narcissistic.

  • fashionflag
  • kiko

    ????????? fan or not, writing on a Hermes bag is silly…
    that what hapen when u r as spoiled as this chick ;-)
    go to q Hermes shop once qnd u will see that there is no room for stupidity like this ;-)

  • Bella

    Talented gal………but this is just plain stupidity. Showing off ? Rebellious ???? or just plain ga ga. They appreciate NOTHING and take everything for GRANTED (not all of them)….THEY being the spoiled rotten youth of stardomville. Grow-up and get a life.

  • Jelita78

    ohhh so this is the scribble birkin..
    omg! omg! pleaseeee let that be removable ink!! (ipad)

  • Sabrina

    Arg wtf why would anyone do that… Well I guess she has the money so who cares right? Ugh.. (ipad)

  • Emma G

    It doesn’t bother me it’s not my bag (ipad)

  • stealthisstyle

    This does remind me of the Studded Birkin she did before. Certainly she either does not pay for these and can mess them up anyway she wants, or she doesn’t know the value of a dollar. Although that maybe true anyway. Still, let her express herself anyway she wants. If she wanted to paint it turquoise, so what?

  • Daniel

    I know this is old news, but I think it was so cool. It was a real statement, in an understated kind of way.

    Hell, if i had the money she did, I’d do it too.

    • Alexandra Davidoff

      If I had the money to buy a Birkin, I wouldn’t just write on it, I’d spread some oil paint on it! Lucky I am an artist who’s comfortable with painting beautiful images….but unlucky to not have the necessary funds….

  • amoiemarry123

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  • Vicky

    Do you think Gaga cares about the Birkin? She can buy 54515258578 more. And still have some spear bucks.

  • I think its kind of cool… She should auction it away for charity… (never seen her in anything twice) Maybe she even increased the value?