I have decided that Lady Gaga performs makeovers on her Hermes Birkins just for us. She wants the handbag lovers of the world to get a rise out of what she is doing to her bag. And how can you not? Her last Hermes Birkin was taken over by what looked like a Sharpie marker with a message to her Japanese fans.

This Birkin has been taken over with studs, and not just any studs, seemingly sharp studs. The kind of studs that can poke you and get an “Ouch” reaction from your mouth. And when you inspect the bag closely, they are not perfectly set apart, rather tried to be somewhat in pattern but it is a bit of a free-form design.

What I wonder is if Lady Gaga sits in her spacious first class seat as she flies from location to location with a glue gun and a bag of studs working on her handbag-art-project. You know, with anyone else I would be shocked, but this is Lady Gaga. What else can you expect? Her outfits and her entire persona is there for shock value, so at least she is staying true to herself and making sure each and every item she wears gets the attention she is seeking. Oh yea, her shoes look like horse’s hooves… I’m just saying.

What do you think about Lady Gaga customizing her Hermes Birkins?

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  • Valerie

    wow, she ruined that bag :(






      • yourmom

        The Lady has it RIGHT! Both GaGa and Adita. Every woman should personalize their Birkin. Instead of leaving the plastic on and carefully tucking them into their little orange sleping bags and into their burnt orange boxes everynight. Moo bitches MOO!

  • KE$HA

    I absolutely love it (and her).

    I would NEVER treat my Birkin’s the same way she does, but this is her!
    If I could own Birkin’s everyday, I would customize mine as well, lol.

  • vida

    what’s bothering me are the shoes… :)) more than the bag haha

  • jetsetgo!

    Oh no. That’s a mess. That poor bag!

  • Jen

    Yeah. I’m still trying to figure out the footwear as well!

  • chaiyee

    kinna reminds me of the fruit Durian..

    • reese

      yeah I think it stinks too!

  • Shelly

    disaster ever.

  • carrie

    Those make my feet hurt just looking at them.

  • PhotoGirl

    Love! When artists become too worried about the status quo, I think they risk losing their creativity. I’m glad she’s different and not overly concerned about what others think. I wish I had her courage AND her sense of style. (No, I could never wear those shoes, but I do enjoy looking at them and trying to imagine how they work.)

    • Nee

      hmmm, personally, i think she is VERY concerned about what others think and her shock value…. she has to keep her little monsters interested and talking about her.

  • Septembre

    I also blogged about Lady Gaga’s Birkin personalization projects (we all remember the white Birking with graffitied Kanji).

    I don’t mind the personalization of the Birkin – I think it’s time the Birkin got a little update – what bothers me is the execution. The stud placement looks haphazard and like it was done by a clumsy pre-teen.

  • Debbie

    In my opinion, the rest of her outfit is a bit more bizarre than her essentially defacing her Birkin. LOL. She’s wearing a velvet suit with a bra and some crazy shoes that I can’t even figure out. The bag is almost bleh compared to that.

  • James

    I love the way she pokes fun at things that so many people take too seriously. Way to go Gaga!

  • Lesley

    Gotta say – I think it looks great! I don’t think she’s rubbing anyone’s nose in it – she’s an individual not a mannequin like ‘posh’ Beckham – Go Gaga, go!

  • Barms

    Im kind of jealous at her ability to walk in those shoes!

  • margot

    I actually like the bag. After all it’s hers and she does whatever she wants to it ! She takes a bag that SO many people have and made it her own ! She doesn’t blend in a crowd that’s for sure !!
    I think if I could buy myself a whole range of birkin bags I’d probably do the same.

  • reese

    hey at least she isn’t wearing that hair outfit from her Nottingham show… That is far worse than the bag, but it would have been nicer if she had used some type of organization on the studs. Did anyone else notice how she has a distinctive S&M theme running through her clothing? Horse shoes, latex, studs, rope… just saying… ;p

  • kemilia

    The bag is ok, though I know that is blasphemy to the Hermes ladies (it DOES edge it up), but what is really bothering me is the shoes–how does she get around in them?

  • Valentina

    Only to think that this bag has been touched by this creature annoys me. I dislike her with all my heart. The bag doesn’t look bad, but the studs are really not exciting, just the fact that she can buy Birkin bags exclusively to customize is exciting and worthy of my envy.

  • gaga’s dad

    shes a cuntface

  • styleezta

    not loving it

  • Colby

    Theres this new bag line by Leah&Bliss and they make jeweled and studded bags that are the same look as a Birkin but isnt… SOOOOOO FUN! and 1/50th the price!!

  • Shannon

    I LOVE this, it gives a young edge to the bag.

  • Mary

    Good for her!

  • Dana

    I just wonder how she walks in those shoes!

  • Theresa W

    Did she take ballet?? Cause that’s the only way I can see her being able to walk in those shoes…shaking my head at what she did to the Birkin. I can see her defacing her white Birkin in the name of giving a shout out to her fans…but this is just in poor taste…at least do a better job of distributing the studs…lol

  • mochababe73

    I guess if it were done strategically and not so haphazardly, I would have said okay. Not something that I would do to my dream handbag but to each his own.
    I still find it heinous that she would deface such beautiful leather. I could care less that it’s a Hermes.

  • tPFmariah9999

    She does her own thing and I bet in her case it only adds value to that bag – whether you like it or not she’s her own unique self and we could all take something from that kind of confidence. Go Gaga!

  • 19yearslater

    Hoof shoes, Bride of Frankenstein hair, bra as top, and another DIY Birkin. Why, Lady Gaga? She’s pretty and she has a nice voice. She’s a Picasso. His early work proves his talent but he wanted to shock and awe.

  • Irene

    The shoes are Nina Ricci and they were designed in a certain way so that you can actually walk in them. All the models at Nina Ricci fall/winter 2009/10 could walk in them and no one fell on the catwalk, compared that to the normal looking platformed Prada shoes Summer 2009 which made 60 percents of the models fell on their butt.

    • Thanks for the info! The shoes look uncomfortable though!

      • little monster

        those are not nina ricci, their by Noritaka tatehana.

  • Mary

    Ok, Hermes needs to stop selling her anything. What she does to bags is disgusting. It’s like going to a five star restaurant and ordering the signature $300 dish, and then spraying it with hot sauce!! Sure she is allowed to do it, but likewise the restaurant is allowed to deny her entry in the future!!

  • hannah

    i pity the bag :(

  • Jane

    I actually a little surprised because it is really altered. The other bag was beautiful and special because it was a message to her fans and then the signing of the bag was so cool. This however, I don’t really like I am happy for her that she will alter her bags to make them her own, but I don’t like the random pattern to the design.

  • michele

    just awful….

  • Eling

    Ouchhh .. on Birkin’s behalf!!

  • Jamie Stewart

    Your Blog made me laugh more than the bag! HA!!! You rock.

  • berrycraig

    I like it alot! She did her own thing. I’m not saying I’d deface my $10,000 bag, but that’s Lady Gaga. She’s certainly unique! ;) But I looked into the Nina Ricci shoes, and that link shows them from the sides. http://www.urdown.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/nina-ricci-weird-shoes.jpg The heel is down at the bottom, so they’d be easier to walk in! (as easy as walking in a horseshoe could be! lol)

  • Joanne

    The bag is as fugly as she is.

    • johnass


  • sunflower

    What a mess. She should have spent the money on orthodontics.

  • Merve

    I feel like grabbing her Birkin and legging it to the nearest hospital to get all its wounds seen to.

  • Tinkerbelle

    I actually rather like the bag. Hermes cross Mcqueen.

    • Abbi

      I actually never thought of it that way…i could never do that to my future birkin but now you’ve said that makes me quite like the bag now…
      Interesting indeed…

  • JennMSU

    I wouldn’t mind it as much if the studs were in a pattern and not free-form. I personally would never do it, but that’s her!

    • Jansue

      That’s just what I was thinking!

  • amelia

    gaga is supposed to not care what people think and be her own person blahdy blah. but to me it’s more obvious that she does care what people think, with every crazier thing that she does. at this point it’s become petty and needy.
    The people who understand that true value of a birken makes up a very small niche of people. Most of gaga’s fans are pre/teens who have no idea what a bag like this is worth. Any outrage that a designer purse fan or enthusiast would have over something like this will only stand to have her less knowledgeable fans come to her rescue (via internet). Further ingratiating her into their hearts for being a real revolutionary and artist.

    in my mind the defacing of the birken is a much more calculated move than it first appears.

  • BeHappy

    If she doesn’t care about her Birkins…She can one my way….

  • Nola

    I think it’s fabulous. And what a conceit to think she gives a carp what a bunch of middle class people on a blog think!

  • Sofia Nolan

    of course she likes it. it`s so vulgar how could she not.
    don`t get me wrong, iLove many of her songs, the only thing I have a problem with is her style that she likes to have. style that wasn`t chosen by her :)

  • Tiffany

    That bag is awesome! I am not so much liking her hair style though..

  • Linda

    I wish I understood the message she is trying to give out without defacing a perfectly classic bag. I am sure Hermes does not appreciate the abuse! It’s enough to turn off any well-established woman from buying it! If she is trying to give off a “don’t go near me look” then why use a perfect Hermes Birkin bag and mess it up with studs? Huh? What is the significance in that?

  • arlene

    I love her songs but hate the bag

    • Barbara

      I agree. She has a wonderful voice, but her style is a Madonna and David Bowie Rip off.

  • Irma Tso

    I feel for the bag.. : o

  • Cindy

    She’s a moron. Obviously has no conception of how the other half lives.

  • mEEEE

    does anyone know if the shoes doesn’t have a heel or it’s just the way they took the picture??

  • Belle

    Hmmm, I wonder what the Hermes people think of this…

  • !!!

    wow. i can’t get over how people talk sh*t on her teeth when the topic at hand is her studding an hermes. really, what do you care if she studs the damn thing or not? it ain’t yours. are you jealous that she can afford to practice such whimsy on it? boy, if that’s all you have in life to upset you, count your blessings!

  • Audrey

    What an idiot!! hate her pathetic ‘style’!!

    • Jo

      aint your business.

  • shushuwu

    its her bag and her style….her freedom of will seems to be what make people either love or hate her. She always makes me smile :) ps Hermes is a money making company, all they care is that she BUYS! love y’all

  • Lulu

    Personally I think its cool, simply coz it represents her. I love that the studs free form too..sometimes I cant stand symmetrical designs. Hate the shoes though =\.

  • johnass

    love eh!

  • hamda

    the bag do look little classy and with the hip hop look but just from the distance :D,the close look is not very appreciable.few simple words.it look good just in her hand:bb.

  • Jo

    I love that she doesn’t care what other people thinks and just simply does what she wants. She’s just a non-conformist, people. Stop bashing her. I think Lady Gaga is genuinely creative and I think that we have no business whatsoever on what she wants to do with her things. We need more understanding people. There’s already so many close-minded people around the world. I’m so glad that Lady Gaga makes the world see that you CAN be different, in so many ways.

  • Lorie

    How in the world does she walk in those shoes? They’re freaking me out.

  • Demi

    I’d never treat an H bag like this…
    I usually like her style, because it’s very unique and I really believe she’s becoming a new fashion icon (a bit extravagant for my taste though). HOWEVER, I would never treat a bag as precious and expensive as a Birkin like this!

  • Majena

    Well, I am not worried about the bag, it fits her personality. I just can’t stop laughing about the shoes, hahahaha. I wonder how she goes around with those shoes, it surely likes she is walking on a stilt, LOL! Go Gaga!

    • Majena

      I mean, it surely looks like she is walking on a stilt, LOL! Go Gaga!

  • dani

    as far as testing the boundaries of acceptability goes, lady gaga never disappoints. this is insane! side note for all of you hermes lovers out there – i heard about a site called wesigh.com recently that apparently auctions off hermes, LV, etc. at prices that are way lower than retail, i’m testing it out for myself, let me know what you guys find!

  • Alice

    thanks for the tip… just checked it out today and registered just for the hell of it since its free anyway. or maybe because i was mesmerized by the giant Rolex on the main page lol. so dani, i’m guessing you’re planning on bidding on the Hermes in the auction this weekend?

  • caroline

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  • Jessica

    That is a total and unbelieveable waste of a $12000 bag. UNREAL!

  • Eva

    Nothing she does will change the fact that she is basically unattractive & boring looking.

    • Anna B

      Well, if she were trying to be a model that might mean something, but since she is selling herself to the world as a talented artist rather than a beauty queen she probably doesn’t care if shallow people aren’t able to see her as a human being beyond her showroom value.

  • Jelita78

    first impression of the studded birkin > eeekkkk!! WTF ??? (ipad)

  • Jelita78

    second impression > hmm.. she really rockin’ it! (ipad)

  • Sabrina

    LOL I like this, I like weird things… Although I must say I wish they were placed with more of a pattern!

  • Sabrina

    Woops forgot this! :P (ipad)

  • Emma G

    This looks dangerous (ipad)

  • Emma G

    Surely she can’t get that through customs! (ipad)

  • little monster

    just to make it clear, the shoea are not Ninna Ricci. Their by Noritaka Tatehana.

  • kerry

    WHATS Bothering me are the shoes..me too :-) i love your comment. i agree you have to personalised your thing. being unique makes you stands out in the crowd.

  • whe she runs out of ideas to be an attention whore and when no one cares about the madonna knock off  she will most likely sell that train wrek of a bag on ebay

  • Anna B

    Her shoes do look like horse hooves. I think the bag is kinda cool, although I think it looks better from far away.