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Hermès Price Increase 2024 – It’s Here Already

Hermès Prices Are Already Up - Happy (Sorta) New Year?!

Happy 2024 – have you recovered from your New Year’s hangover yet? You might want to bring back the tequila and pick up where you left off.

Hermès Price Increase in 2024: An Unexpected Start

This year, Hermès decided to dispense with the usual full month of preparation for its annual price increases – which usually start somewhere around the beginning of February and proceed, by metièr, over the course of a few weeks – and hit US clients pretty much while they were still sleeping it off.

Global Impact: Hermès Price Changes Across Continents

While European and Asian clients have not been given that consideration and are used to new prices hitting the market pretty much as soon as the ball drops (and some countries, such as China, saw some price increases as early as December 22), Americans, and now most of the world, has been brought into line time-wise, if not price-wise, with all increases happening within roughly the same period.

These are still implemented by department and are rolled out over two or three weeks, but they have certainly begun in earnest. Already, we have seen price changes in leather goods (January 2) and shoes (January 3), with ready-to-wear increases expected today.

Reasons Behind the Hermès Price Hike

Europe saw their increases begin to be implemented last week, and clients everywhere note the higher prices. Why the price hikes?

Hermès, like many companies, cites added costs for raw materials and labor, which is not unusual, although increased inflation has affected markets everywhere.

K25 Sellier Epsom$10,300$10,300$10,300$10,600$11,300$11,800
B25 Togo$9,400$9,650$9,750$10,100$10,400$11,400
B30 Togo$10,900$11,000$11,000$11,200$11,600$12,500
Hermès price increases of popular styles over the last 5 years.
H Price Increases 5 Years 1

Of course, at this point, the client has come to expect price increases; over the past twenty years or so, the entire luxury fashion industry has shifted (a point which I previously lamented in my Price Increase article from 2022) from making price changes a rare occurrence to a regular event.

In turn, it wouldn’t be a surprise to understand that brands have come to expect these regular increases and rely on them to whatever extent in anticipation of future profits.

Pre-Increase Purchasing: A Strategy to Avoid Higher Prices

The bump in income comes not only from the increased price; the effects of a price change begin before the new prices take effect.

This is due to the anticipation of an upcoming price change, which stirs clients to buy whatever they have been considering for fear that they will have to pay more for the same item if they wait too long.

Analyzing the Extent of Price Increases on Hermès Products

Although the big numbers get everyone’s attention, the amount of the increase varies per item. For shoes, prices have gone up more than 10%, with Orans going from $700 to $760, Paris Loafers from $1,100 to $1,225, Bouncing Sneakers from $920 to $990, and Chypre Sandals from $780 to $910.

It appears that leather goods have increased from about 3% to about 15%, with many increases hovering in the usual 6-7% range.

New 2024 Hermès Prices in the USA

Below is a preliminary list showing the previous US bag prices from 2023 next to the new 2024 prices. We will update this list as more prices become available; feel free to post new prices, further information, or corrections in the comments below.

Hermès Kelly/Birkin Prices in 2024

Style/SizeLeather2023 Price2024 Price
Kelly 25Togo Retourne$10,900$11,300
Epsom Sellier$11,300$11,800
Kelly 28Togo Retourne$11,300$12,000
Epsom Sellier$11,800$12,500
Kelly 32Togo Retourne$12,000$12,600
Kelly Mini 20Epsom$8,700$9,400
Kelly Dépêches 25Togo$8,450$9,000
Birkin 25cmTogo$10,400$11,400
Birkin 30cmTogo$11,600$12,500
The average percentage increase across all listed US bags is approximately 6.40%.

Other Hermès Bag Prices in 2024

Style/SizeLeather2023 Price2024 Price
Constance 18Epsom$8,750$8,950
Lindy MiniClemence$6,650$7,300
Lindy 26Clemence$8,150$8,700
Evelyne III 29Clemence$3,650$3,850
Bolide 1923 MiniChevre$5,800$6,300
Bolide 1923 25Epsom$6,850$7,450
Picotin 18Clemence$3,025$3,300
Picotin 22Clemence$3,325$3,575
Garden Party 30Negonda$3,775$4,125
Herbag Zip 31Canvas$2,825$3,050
Herbag Zip Cabine$4,900$5,400
Roulis MiniEvergrain$8,000$8,700
24/24 MiniEvercoloir/Swift$8,800$9,550
Della Cavalleria Mini 18Epsom$6,050$6,550
The average percentage increase across all items is approximately 7.94%.

Hermès Bag Prices in Europe for 2024

Below is a preliminary list showing the previous EU bag prices from 2023 next to the new 2024 prices. We will update this list as more prices become available; feel free to post new prices, further information, or corrections in the comments below.

Style/SizeLeather2023 Price2024 Price
Kelly 25Togo Retourne€8050€9100
Epsom Sellier€8650€9500
Chevre Sellier€9250€9600
Kelly 28Togo Retourne€8650€9600
Epsom Sellier€9100€10,300
Kelly 32Togo Retourne€9200€10,000
Epsom Sellier€9850€10,700
Kelly Mini 20Epsom€6700€7150
En Desordre€10500€11400
Alligator (Matte)€26200€27900
Kelly DollPicto€12300€13400
Kelly ElanCrocodile (Shiny)€36600€39900
Kelly PochetteSwift€4900€5200
Kelly DanseLizard (Ombre)€15200€16200
Birkin 25Togo€8050€8600
Epsom Sellier€8650€9000
Alligator (Matte)€39000€42100
Birkin 30Epsom€8750€9250
Barenia Faubourg€9800€10400
Birkin 35Togo€9850€10200
Constance 18Epsom€6700€6950
Swift with Mirror€7250€7550
Alligator (Matte with Mirror)€26200€27000
Lindy MiniClemence€5100€5500
Lindy 26Clemence€6250€6500
Evelyne III 16Clemence€1570€1660
Evelyne III 29Clemence€2800€2900
Bolide 1923 25Epsom€5300€5600
Jypsiere MiniSwift€5500€6000
Picotin MicroOstrich€6450€7350
Picotin 18Clemence€2380€2490
Picotin 22Clemence€2550€2700
Garden Party 30Negonda€2900€3100
Garden Party 36Negonda€2800€3250
Herbag Zip 31Quadrille/Hunter€2170€2600
Della Cavalleria Mini 18Epsom€4650€4950
24/24 MiniEvercoloir/Swift€6750€7200
Sac A Dos Off PisteEpsom€6100€6850
Cabas H 40Canvas/Swift€2750€2950
Kelly To GoEpsom€4600€4900
Constance To GoEpsom€4600€4900
The average percentage increase across all items is approximately 7.98%.

Price Increases Around the World

There is some anecdotal information available from other countries:

Australian prices went up by over 13% on silk, with the twilly increasing from AUD $320 to $370 and cashmere shawls going from AUD $1895 to $2140. Some fine jewelry, such as the Farandole bracelet, increased by as much as 22%, going from AUD $2995 to $3600.

Canada’s prices increased, on average, by about 10% on Fine Jewelry, 20% on Shoes, and almost 13% on Silk. A 90cm silk scarf increased from CAD 550 to 620, a 140cm cashmere shawl went from CAD 1600 to 1650, and Oran sandals increased from CAD 900 to 1050.

China saw bags go up at an average of around 10%, with some bags increasing by as much as 20%.

Clients in Singapore are reporting increases of about 10%.

The UK saw silks go up around 12%, with the 90cm going from £415 to £450 and the Twilly increasing from £190 to ¢210. Silver jewelry has increased from 10% to 18%.

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