Update on Hermès Bag Prices: February 2022

With other fashion houses' skyrocketing bag prices, is Hermès about to follow suit?

When I started shopping at Hermès back in 1997, 90 cm scarves cost $275, 45 cms cost $100. There were no twillies, triangles, or 70 cms, but mousselines were plentiful and came in two sizes, and the cashmere silk GMs were so sturdy they very rarely pilled or pulled. Birkins still weren’t easy to find, but my Kellys were occasionally on display, and Constances could be had for the asking (and they couldn’t give the Kelly Danse away).

The Old Hermès

There is a certain kind of chest pain I feel when looking back at the old prices. If only! Those 32 cm Sellier Kellys on display in the mid-aughts were $6,500. My first Birkin purchase was $8,900 (or thereabouts) for a 30cm in Raisin. I remember looking at reseller websites back then, thinking, “who is gonna pay for that crazy markup price??” when those crazy markup prices are about half of what I’m seeing now. Prices seem to be increasing exponentially, and as a customer, it’s hard to keep up.

However, another slightly irritating issue I find is when we’re talking about current prices, markups, or sales values, so many in the media seem to be unable to research what these bags actually cost. How many “news” articles have we read where any given Hermès bag is deemed to cost $20,000 or more? (Hey, Newsweek: no Vert Bosphore Birkin, even in exotic, is going to sell for $110,000. That’s the reseller’s wishful thinking. Oh, and P.S.: don’t delete comments that question easily verifiable information.)

To some extent, of course, I understand that for most people who don’t keep up with the offerings and the ever-changing prices, it can get a bit confusing. The same item can have different prices depending upon the leather used or the structure.

Hermès 2022 Pricing

Now, of course, as I’m writing this article, Hermès decides to announce that it’s time for a price increase – which admittedly does happen around this time every year. So while I have a trove of price information for you…..a lot of it is going to be slightly out of date.

Never fear! I’ve done my best to get as much of the new information as possible, and for the rest, I am passing along some guesstimates.

A few new confirmed Hermès bag prices for 2022. Chart via @The_Notorious_Pink.
A few new confirmed Hermès bag prices for 2022. Chart via @The_Notorious_Pink.

As it happens, as of this writing, the prices have not completely changed over yet. Therefore, I will include the “old” prices along with an estimate of what the new price could be. These “estimates” are based on the limited confirmed increased prices I have listed above (reported by Hermès clients), ranging from 2% to 5%. I have rounded the estimated number up or down to the closest $25, as Hermès tends to do, rounding down when the price is about to hit “large” numbers (e.g., a new thousand), which Hermès may want to avoid.

My Disclaimers

NOTE that Hermès does NOT tend to increase prices by an even percentage or across the board; some prices may not change at all, depending on the style of the bag or the leather; occasionally, some prices are decreased as well. In particular, I find that exotic bag prices do not tend to increase by the same percentage as regular leather – it’s usually less.  Please note the estimate column is solely a suggestion. The 2021 price column is accurate, as reported by members of The PurseForum; the new price estimate is based on the 2021 number plus 2-5%. Note also that the percentage I am choosing is somewhat arbitrary, but as Hermès tends to round their prices to the nearest $25, deciding to estimate a percentage by a few points either way (say, 3.5% instead of 3%) isn’t going to make a huge difference ($5000 x .03 = $150, $5000 x .035 = $175).

I will update the charts below with confirmed 2022 prices, but PurseBlog and I need your help to do this! PurseForum price threads are a member-generated source of information. When you purchase a bag, please visit this thread, which is the PurseForum 2022 price thread. Quote the last post, remove the “[quote]” at the beginning and the end, add the price you paid (not including tax) at an Hermès boutique in the appropriate bag section, along with the date of purchase, and leather, and submit. This is how we all get the latest and most up-to-date price information. As new prices are submitted I will update this article. Thank you!

Estimated Kelly Price Increases. Chart by @The_Notorious_Pink.
Estimated Kelly Price Increases. Chart by @The_Notorious_Pink.
Estimated Birkin Price Increases. Chart by @The_Notorious_Pink.
Estimated Birkin Price Increases. Chart by @The_Notorious_Pink.
Estimated Constance and Lindy Increases. Chart by @The_Notorious_Pink.
Estimated Constance and Lindy Increases. Chart by @The_Notorious_Pink.
Estimated Picotin and Evelyn Increases. Chart by @The_Notorious_Pink.
Estimated Picotin and Evelyne Increases. Chart by @The_Notorious_Pink.

If you are reading this after 2022, click here for the Hermès Shopping subform, and scroll down to “[Year] Hermès Bag Prices – No Chatting PLEASE!”.


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  1. C. Kress Avatar
    C. Kress

    Thank you for this informative article. You mention that, in the past, “cashmere silk GMs were so sturdy they very rarely pilled or pulled.” Do you see a difference in the quality of the cashmere scarves today? 

    1. Boo Avatar

      Its crap now. So is the regular leathers (thinner, skunk, etc). I remember when Epsom first came out and the SAs even said wtf is this?!

      1. Fabuleux Avatar

        Epsom is definitely the worst leather at Hermès.

      2. Star Avatar

        What’s the best leather if not Epsom?

      3. Lucy Avatar


      4. Bari Brandes Corbin Avatar
        Bari Brandes Corbin

        In my opinion, Chevre. I find Swift, though supple and great with color, tends to scratch a bit more easily than I ‘d like.

      5. Adguru Avatar

        Not my favorite either but it’s so popular I’m not sure it can be called the “worst”.

    2. Bari Brandes Corbin Avatar
      Bari Brandes Corbin

      I do. Right now they’re fine, but they are not as good before they started playing with the content percentages. I remember for a while they were saying it had to do with the quality of cashmere the goats were producing but it seemed to go from fabulous to terrible very quickly, and it took a few seasons to adjust. For they past few seasons I’ve been happy with the quality, but i’ts never going back to what it had been.

      And on that note, I’ve become pretty good at fixing pulls. I have a highlight on my Instagram pages showing how I do it.

    3. Michee F Avatar

      My experience is that the large silk/cashmere scarves and shawls will degrade over time, especially around the edges. There is nothing much you can do about it.

  2. Sandee Avatar

    These price increases are reasonable (a relative term) at only 2-3%. Now, if only Hermes could get these bags in their stores.

    1. Toby Avatar

      True. Especially compare to Chanel, Dior and of course “ Louis Vuitton”!!
      Sadly everything getting so expensive due to the current inflation………..

      1. Tara L. Avatar
        Tara L.

        so true. in the process to buy my 1st lady dior that been on my wish list for so long; prices keeps going up up and away. same for lv.

  3. Passerine Avatar

    Are Bolide prices going up too? I didn’t see them listed in any of the tables.

    1. Bari Brandes Corbin Avatar
      Bari Brandes Corbin

      Most are. I just didn’t do all of the bag designs. My apologies!

  4. Alexandra Barcomb Avatar
    Alexandra Barcomb

    I bought my Togo Birkin 35 (etoupe, Palladium) in 2016, for 7,500 Euro over in Germany. Wait was 6 months. Crazy how much they cost here.

    1. Bari Brandes Corbin Avatar
      Bari Brandes Corbin

      They used to try to equalize prices…now I’m not seeing it so much.

  5. Maxine Avatar

    Just don’t think they are worth the money, people seem to fall out of love with them.Hundreds of them in the preloved market place.

    1. Bari Brandes Corbin Avatar
      Bari Brandes Corbin

      Sometimes people buy them with the intent to resell, but I think that’s relatively rare; often their lifestyle changes and they need a different size, or their tastes change, or they’d like a different color. I don’t think very many people can or want to have a huge collection so they sell them. Also, because they are made to last, the bags can just keep getting fixed and maintained so they don’t really ever wind up getting tossed.

    2. Kate Belot Avatar
      Kate Belot

      I’ve used one that belonged to my boss, and while it was nice to carry art around, it won’t ever work for my life. It’s a lot for a bag that never leaves your hands free. Glad I got the experience though – I did fall out of love with it.

  6. LindaL Avatar

    Great post! Do you know how much a Kelly 32 and 35 cost? Also, do they still make fjord leather?

    1. Bari Brandes Corbin Avatar
      Bari Brandes Corbin

      They don’t make Fjord anymore, it was replaced. I’m trying to remember what Fjord was replaced by….I want to say Togo…

      1. LindaL Avatar

        Do you know how much a Kelly 32 and 35 are now?

  7. Adguru Avatar

    Per current US website, prices I saw a couple of days ago were Evelyne TPM $1900, Bolide 27 $6300, and Bolide 31 either $8400 or $8500, I forget, up from $8300.

    1. Bari Brandes Corbin Avatar
      Bari Brandes Corbin

      Thank you!!

  8. Sandra Hohn Avatar
    Sandra Hohn

    I need a raincoat for a Birkin 35gauge my Mom gave me but can not find the raincoat for. Any ideas where I could get one? But to stay on topic , all designers have increased their prices almost quarterly. To my estimate at least Hermes is primarily handmade which both Chanel and LV are not both are machine done. I believe Hermes has a quality that the other brands do not,there are great resale options for Hermes handbags.

    1. Leonor Avatar

      Unbelievably Zara has a raincoat for bags online, but not in stores

      1. Sandra Hohn Avatar
        Sandra Hohn

        Thank you Leonor,still hoping to find a Hermes

  9. Naila Avatar

    Price is not even the problem, it is the stock…if money can solve a problem then it is not a problem.

    1. Sandra Hohn Avatar
      Sandra Hohn

      I’ll call my Mom’s Hermes guy in London

    2. Tara L. Avatar
      Tara L.

      Boy do you so uppity. just have to place your order in and wait.

  10. Cathy Avatar

    Do I need to have a purchase record equivalent or close to the amount of the bag in order to have a bag offered to me?

  11. Ciasan388 Avatar

    Hello everyone. I’m new here.. can I ask why my birkin 25 logo ‘Hermes made in Paris’ seems fuzzy. The embossed is spread and not clear. Is that can normally happen or not supposed like that?

    1. Candi Avatar

      Did you purchase it in an Hermes boutique?

      1. Ciasan388 Avatar

        No, with reseller..

  12. Ciasan388 Avatar

    Picture of the logo. Thank you all..

    1. rcw2 Avatar

      i would have bababebi authenticate it, though in my humble opinion, i don’t know if this would have passed hermès quality control. of course i must add that i’m not certain. for future reference, hermès estimates that around 80% of pre-loved bags being sold under their name are counterfeits. if you’re buying second hand always have a bag authenticated by a third party (i.e. bababebi (I really only trust her)) before purchasing. may cost a little money, but it’ll save you thousands. cheers xx

    2. stillfabulous Avatar

      The stitching looks suspect to me.

  13. Jing Avatar

    Can someone please kindly confirm the Birkin 30 Porosus price? I was charged $67600 USD from the boutique in Jan 2022 I was so shock to see the price but my SA said that’s the price porosus 30.

  14. Syejia lau Avatar
    Syejia lau

    The price are so reasonable, reseller mark up at least twice of the price ! Gosh !

  15. Marina Avatar

    Hi, I am in Paris right now. It’s impossible to buy an Kelly or Birkin at this time. You need an appointment trough the website. Unfortunately you will receive every day the same email that no appointments available. I was coming from Dubai with the hope to buy one of them and so many other people were leaving disappointed the shops here.

    Any suggestion how to purchase a NEW Kelly or Birkin Bag?

  16. Vanessa Avatar

    How much is a mini kelly 2 in 2022 in euros?

  17. Ollie Ollie Avatar
    Ollie Ollie

    Couple comments:

    1) It would be great if folks updating the pricing thread could cut and paste instead of quoting. Quoting seems to mess up the formatting.
    2) I am told (by a Paris SM) that most if not all exotic mini Kellys are now gator, not croc.

    1. Bari Brandes Corbin Avatar
      Bari Brandes Corbin

      Good to know – thank you!
      People seem to forget to remove the quotes.

  18. Teeq Avatar

    In my country kelly 25 epsom is almost 30k. And so many stocks in reseller. The demand is really high

  19. Lucy Avatar

    Mini lindy swift price before tax at store: $6900

  20. Margie Avatar

    Does anyone know how much is Brand New Evelyne III 33 now ?? I’ve been searching many site, none of them can tell the price, always pops out used bags prices.
    Thanks !!

  21. Slim Avatar

    Over it, I would rather use my hard earn money for a summer rental in France!

  22. Catherine Avatar

    Hi anyone knows how much a Hermes Birkin 40 togo costs at the boutique ?

  23. Nishay Avatar

    Hi! I’m from
    Australia and after Hermes Evelyn tpm (smallest size) I came to Paris & was unable to get appointment at the store. Off to Bruges Belgium now. Anyone knows as to the bag’s availability there?

  24. Michee F Avatar

    My first 28 cm Kelly (purchased at the boutique in Paris in the Rue Faubourg St. Germain) set me back a whopping $1500 USD. That was in 1981. My first Birkin cost around 5K. I liked these bags much more when few people knew what they were.

    I would perhaps buy another low key 35 cm Bolide, but I will never buy another Birkin or Kelly. These bags are over exposed, and frankly they are now carried by too many woman whom I find uninspiring.

  25. Techluxe Avatar

    Not worth the drama IMHO. I chased a Birkin for months last year running into the 5th Ave store 1/2 dozen times. The only thing I found was desperation and snootiness.

  26. Ewelina Avatar

    I have a chance to buy a kelly bad 28 or 32 retourne
    Used but with all documents and authentication.
    I am just not sure which one it will be better one?
    Which one is more popular and best for the investment? If any?
    What should I check? Is the price depending on the year of manufacture? I will really appreciate for the advise?
    Best wishes