Hermès’ Latest Price Increase – November 2021

Hermès gets a little Grinch-y this holiday season

Just in time for the holiday shopping crush, Hermès has once again raised its prices in the United States, for the second time in 2021 (the prior increase this year took place in February).

This increase has not been for every department – at least, not yet, anyway – and appears to be generally limited to silks and fashion jewelry for now. However, with the tremendous increase in demand for luxury goods across the board, and the recent price increase at other luxury houses, it’s hard to believe that there would not be concomitant increases in the other product categories coming soon as well.

Here are some of the new prices:

New Prices for Scarves and Shawls

Style New Price Old Price Prior to 2/21
Silk 90 $470 $435 $420
Silk Wash 90 $520 $485 $465
Silk 70 $350 $325 $315
Double Face $630 $590
Twilly $195 $180 $175
Gavroche $220 $205 $195
Nano 20 $115
Silk Muffler $345 $325
Silk Triangle $700/td> $790
Cashmere Triangle $800
Cashmere GM $1,175 $1,100 No Change
GM Mousseline $1,000
GM 140 Silk $930
GM 140 Wash Silk $990 $930 $890

New Prices for Hermès Fashion Jewelry

Style New Price Old Price
Plain Small Clic H $670 $610
Small Patterned Enamel Clic H $710
Medium Patterned Enamel Clic H $790
CDC Bracelet $1,175
Exotic CDC Bracelet $2,200-$2,250 $2,100
24 Bracelet $770
Exotic 24 Bracelet $1,800
Kelly Dog Bracelet $630
Exotic Kelly Dog Bracelet $1,200
Thinnest Enamel Bangle $300
Small Enamel Bangle $465
Widest Enamel Bangle $820

The PurseForum 2021 Hermès Price Increase thread is here.

Please let us know if you are seeing any more Hermès price increases in other departments!


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