The pint sized Eva Longoria Parker packs quite a bubbly punch. When I see her, she usually makes me smile. Then again, if I stood next to her I would probably cry. If you have seen pictures of her next to a ‘normal’ sized person, she looks like she comes from a completely different planet. She is tiny tiny, and full of energy, and always smiles. That is the kind of person you love and hate at times (just jealousy). If I would have been asked the perfect Hermes Birkin for Eva Longoria I would have named something bright, fun, and charismatic, in other words, a bag that perfectly fits her personality. Looks like Eva is able to figure out what suits her fancy without me though, as she has been seen carrying the perfect Eva Longoria Birkin; a Hermes 30 cm Fuchsia Croc Birkin with Palladium Hardware. This Birkin radiates beauty and I am sure if we got to see it in person it would put a smile on our faces. It is too bad the photogs were so consumed just snapping Eva and focusing on her face, because they were not able to capture the true beauty of her handbag. But we know it is stunning, it is a hue of pink only Hermes can pull off. And in porosus (shiny croc), the color just pops out and grabs your attention. This would be the perfect gift after having a baby girl (so all you men need to take an important note!). This is a divine combination that fits Eva perfectly!

Images via Socialite’s Life.

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