britney spears hermes croc kelly

Oops she did it again! How can one person make a handbag as stunning and timeless as the Hermes Croc Kelly loose its luster? I keep trying to secretly root for Britney Spears, hoping she will find her way and get back on track. But she keeps missing important appointments, acting irresponsible, and making beautiful items look bad. Britney Spears was snapped shopping with horribly ratty hair, an outfit that just did not work with her, and a beautiful Hermes Croc Kelly. Her shiny Black Crocodile Kelly is screaming for help, it would prefer to be carried by someone else, yet there is Britney toting it around. But when you examine the bag closely, you see that it is in good shape, still stunning, and ultimately luxurious. Money can buy a bag, but money sure can not buy class. Britney, I still hope you turn things around for the better. Until then, take care of your Hermes bag!

Check out a previous instance where Spears carried this bag, and one more new pic after the jump!

britney spears hermes croc kelly1

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