celebrity birkin

This celebrity was seen jet setting, on her way to Spain from London, when spotted with this beautiful 35cm Black Clemence Hermes Birkin. The highly coveted handbag, especially in the neutral color black in the stunning pebbled leather, is hard to come by, but not if you are this celebrity.

Find out who the celeb is after the jump!

Of course, Victoria Beckham is known for her extravagant Hermes Birkin collection and was sporting this 35cm Black Birkin on her way to Spain. Adding a yellow ribbon, for the safe return of missing 4 year old Madeleine McCann, Vicky B showed chic class and support.

Price on this baby, upwards of $8500.

victoria beckham hermes birkin

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  • Janet

    The yellow ribbon is for Melissa McCann, the four year old British child abducted in Portugal some weeks ago. David Beckham, Victoria’s husband made a personal appeal for her safe return.

    • Richard

      the little girl is called madeline mcCann not melissa

    • josh

      can someone tell me where to buy the 35MM black birkin for my fiance??? shes feeling blue and we need to make her feel gold.

  • Frankchrfc

    Hi, Just to say the ribbon is for a four year old little girl called madeleine who was abducted on a family holiday in portugal! The little girl was taken from her bed four weeks ago and has not been seen since! the yellow ribbon is to help find her! The address is http://www.findmadeleine.com – please check it out!! she needs to be found!xx

  • Thanks all! I did not read about that ribbon, but I know about Madeleine. Wishing her a safe return!

  • Janet

    whoops sorry I don’t know why the name Melissa popped into my head. Of course she is Madeleine :oops:

  • Frankchrfc

    I knew who you meant.xx

  • louislovesfendi818

    Vicky Beckham.

  • MichelleO

    I wonder what she’s got stuffed in that bag…

  • robsa

    Hmn, but who owns the Ostrich version…?

  • jade – www.myspace.com/tfsismetaldeth

    1. that Madeleine thing is a scam.
    and 2. y is that bag THAT much?! its not even pretty.:/

  • jaslene

    :cool: the bags are that much because there made by hand…by 1 man in paris for hermes….and to get 1 u gotta be on a waiting list for about 2 yrs……i have 3 each was 13,000

    • Meg

      You ought to be ashamed of yourself. Do you even care that there are very hungry, starving people in this world. Dear God you have to be utterly stupid.

      • mell

        i agree 1000%

    • ann

      Not made by one man, there is a team that all work together on a single bag.

  • me

    damn it, it’s true! how could some one spend such money

  • tinietaz


  • Naggy

    I was going to say Lady Gaga, but she didn’t exist as she does now back then. (ipad)