Sling BagFor those of you who have been following us here at Purse Blog for a while, you probably remember reading about handbag designer, Katherine Kwei. Her intricate designs and attention to detail help make her bags the unique masterpieces they are. I fell in love with the Donna Clutch and can’t wait to add it to my collection. There is no way you will find another clutch out there like it.

Well, we have a lovely update for you about all the amazing stuff going on with Katherine Kwei and her line. I love getting a chance to speak with designers and hear about the latest and greatest. It’s as if I am dishing info with a close friend! And since you know me and what a hard time I have keeping secrets, it’s not a coincidence that I am sharing this update today.

Donna Clutch
I had to peak your interest a bit because we will be giving away a gorgeous Katherine Kwei bag which kicks off this coming Monday! Make sure to come back to hear how you can win!

Now for the update from the lovely and gracious Katherine Kwei herself:

Since our last interview a lot has happened. We have expanded our line using new materials, such a straw/wicker and cotton canvas, as well as small leather goods such as wallets, key chains and charms. We are going forward with an ‘edtions’ line which are 30-40% lower than our traditional pieces and this will be fully launched for AW10. We have added more celebs to our list of fans to include Eva Mendes, Maria Menounos, Jessica Szohr, Blake Lively, Taylor Momsen, Olivia Palermo as well as Jennifer Lopez, and Eva Longoria.

Skinny Clutch For SS10 we took most of our inspiration from Bali, as I just got married there last year. We used a lot of pinks, all shades from hot fuchsia to bubble gum to a pale fleshy flushed pink. The pinks reminded me of the beautiful Frangipani flower that surrounded us. We have a ‘batik/tie dye’ print that is one of my favourites as Bali is famous for their batik work. We also took inspiration from the repetitive detailed pattern seen in batik prints which can be seen in our Gia and Donna clutch line with the Swarovski crystal pattern. We also added some more animal prints in python and leopard (my favourite) in our Isabel line. We brought back our Edna line which Blake Lively wore all the time and even added a ‘Edna Sport’ line which is more casual, in canvas and a lower price point, which has been very successful. Our Joyce line is well received as the price for our Carry-All (largest bag) is $625. Finally we have added a small leather goods line, Clea, which has a zip wallet, mini purse, coin purse and key chain retailing from $185-$100. Great gift items!

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  • madeleine

    love this line!!! Loving the Bali inspiration.

    check out my opinions on purses:

  • chirpy_gal

    Nice handbags :) …….

  • Joe

    Love Kathy and all of her bags! I am using my Turtle keychain every day from her line, so Luxe yet understated!

  • reneeo

    I am so in love with this line. I am looking on where I can get one of these amazing handbags………all of the links came up with nothing so far……… : (

    • Kathy

      Hi Reneeo,

      You can go onto our website: for the store list and see which store is closest to you. Otherwise call me on 646 896 1078 and I can help you find one.

      Thanks so much.


  • Milana

    ove the blac/white clutch – so different!

    Must have!

    Milana – editor of

  • Terri

    Love the black/white clutch. It reminds me of the paper panties that chefs put on crown roasts!

  • ali67

    amazing and intricate craftsmanship…each design is a unique piece which any bag-a-holic would love to have…

  • Beina

    one-of-the-kind bags!I love all donna bags!