Rebecca Minkoff vs Malababa

Final comparison for the day, the ever-famous Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini versus a new designer in our spectrum, the Malababa Superglue Bag. First thing I must compare is the names. Both are quirky and have that special punch. The Morning After has such a strong connotation, which I love! But Superglue is a funky one, as is Malababa of course.

Both bags deem that they are big enough to carry the essentials. Both bags size up nearly the exact same, only the Malababa has 4 more inches depth wise (other measurements are identical, 8″H x 12″L). The look is quite similar, both having the same shape, same body, and a zip front pocket. But for me, Rebecca Minkoff wins with the flap over the front zip pocket and the signature spring clasp details on the side of the Morning After Mini.

Buy the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini through Shop Bop for $575 and the Malababa Superglue Bag through Shop Bop for $532.

What do you think on the battle of Rebecca Minkoff vs Malababa?

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • I really like them both, but I am a RM girl. My vote goes to the MAM.

  • Shannon

    i totally agree – the Rebecca Minkoff bag gets my vote. plus, the color of the bag will obviously be more easily paired with outfits than the other bag.

  • sarah

    I love the color of the 2nd one, but RM all the way!!

  • Angelique

    mmm I guess the RM one is fancier but I’d rather have the Malababa one, I love it’s color, and besides I don’t like the zipper puller in the Rebecca Minkoff one.

  • dimon

    I don’t think I’d buy either, but I like the Malababa better for the cover and the easy access to the zipper.

  • Krista

    That is a cool teal! Being that these are both relatively simple shapes, the RM is a better design……. for me. Plus for some odd reason I have something against using a bag with two zipper pulls. Has to be more cool for me to bite. My vote is the Rebecca Minkoff in the Malababa color lol.

  • janis

    I like the RM bag better. I wouldn’t buy either one, tho…too plain for me!

  • Arm Candy Lady!

    Rebecca Minkoff ALL the way…there’s truly NO competition IMHO :) Also, please note RM has a bag color very similar to the Malababa bag shown…RM’s color is known as Seagreen & it’s offered in the MAM, MAB & the infamous Nikki bag…enjoy!

  • mh21

    I prefer the Malababa

  • LP

    I like the double zip on the Malababa one but other than that I totally prefer the MA bag – it’s simply much more beautiful!

  • sandra

    I prefer 1 zipper pull, so MAM. But I do think the MAM is overrated.

  • Jelita78

    that looks like twin!
    but, i’d go for RM.. coz the flap on external zipper is what defines it as different and unique! (ipad)