Hear me out on this one, folks. I know that Juicy Couture is not known for their amazing bags, but I think they’re on to something interesting with this one. The Narda Houndstooth Bag, to me at least, is somewhat of a rare bird. I spend such vast amount of time looking for handbags to write about that rarely does anything make me stop and go, “Wait…WHAT?” On first examination, the leather looks kind of randomly patchworked in black and brown (or in grey and ivory, which appears to not be available at the moment via Saks), sort of like any number of Miu Miu bags I’ve seen over the past few season. But then I read the name – and that’s where my “Wait…WHAT?” moment came – there’s a method to Juicy’s patchwork madness. Well, sort of, anyway. Maybe the pictures are just bad, but if you squint your eyes a bit, you can see it – the leather is actually pieced together to form an oversized houndstooth pattern. Brilliant…kind of.

Here’s the problem: the scale of the pattern is too large for the bag, and it becomes difficult to see the pattern. The top flap also interrupts the houndstooth motif, further thwarting their efforts at
cleverness. On a tote with no top flap? This would be an incredibly intelligent and modern bag, I think. And while Juicy makes some cute clothes as of late, I don’t think anyone has ever accused them of being smart or thought-provoking, so this idea is a good, if somewhat
mishandled, step in the right direction. Buy through Saks for $550.

On second thought, Juicy often makes bags with the same style in several shapes and sizes – has anyone encountered this bag in tote form?

Oooh, there is another version: the Houndstooth J.Z.N. Satchel – it’s not a tote, but it’s a zip satchel, which lets you see the clever little pattern a bit better. Buy through Nordstrom for $450.

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  • Cathy

    hate the black/brown (whose pattern is hard to discern), LOVE the ivory/gray – especially since it doesn’t have a top flap. the colors look great for matching almost anything~

  • Grete

    The first Juicy Couture bag that I actually like.

  • Merve

    I like both, which is a first for me with Juicy.

  • Shorty


    I like both bags ! esp. the one with the top flap

  • dimon

    I love the black/brown. It’s one of those very modern color combinations that you didn’t used to see like navy/black. I think a light gray and purple would be a winning combo on this bag too.I actually found a cute, large clutch at H&M in Vienna in purple and gray . This leads me to ask, do you ladies ever see a bag in say Mango or Zara or H&M and find it kind of design forward? Sometimes I find what is quality can look stodgy. Don’t usually care for Juicy, but these styles are a hit weather you can see the pattern or not.

  • LC

    The 2nd bag is better than the 1st one

  • pursefan

    I like them both, but prefer the ivory/gray. Is ist just me or do those bags look a little like miu miu? To dimon (5.) You seem to like shopping in Vienna. :-)

  • The dark one is horrible. It looks like it fell in the mud…
    I like the lighter version better. Still, not in love though.

  • Seriously, claps to Juicy for having an interesting handbag idea. I’m still kinda shocked that they were the first to come up with something like this, but I still think it’s pretty brilliant.

  • Anita

    I like both bags. The first one immediately caught my eye, though and I’d be more likely to buy that one. Definitely an interesting idea.

  • Ellez

    For once Juicy created a great bag that doesn’t make me want to puke bubblegum.

  • Annie

    It looks like it has a Star of David pattern all over it. I think it’s cute, especially the white one/

  • kq

    i like the gray and ivory color combo in either bag

  • Kelly

    The houndstooth pattern on the Juicy purse is actually their Scottie dog logo (the dog’s head).

  • Veronika

    I actually like the black/brown bag…and like others- a first for me with Juicy!

  • Sally

    Juicy has stepped it up! There is a first time for everything…

  • Anti-Houndstooth

    It is striking. Kinda looks like it is made from strips of beef jerky though.

  • colorstrendscom

    I love the second bag. So elegant.

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