Henry Beguelin Crocodile Doctor Handbag

Although I have what I consider an amazing handbag collection, a luxe croc piece is still missing (but will soon be purchased, I am sure :wink: ). In my dream world (come on, get your feet wet and step into it with me), my first croc purchase would be a Hermes Croc Kelly Clutch, which is so unbelievably drool worthy you can not even imagine. But that is merely my dream world, and right now we need to step back into reality. The reality world that tells me my bank account would seriously turn its back on me if I were to buy that bag. But to find a luxe piece does not mean you need to spend thousands upon thousands. We have talked about the stunning colors and beauty behind Nancy Gonzalez exotics before and now we will talk about the beauty behind Henry Beguelin. Admire the Henry Beguelin Crocodile Doctor Handbag with me. Luscious brown crocodile offset with cream stitching combine to make this doctor bag an impeccable option. There is a shoulder strap along with top handles, a zip top closure, and the Henry Beguelin signature stick figure on the front. While not super cheap, it is quite affordable as far as exotics go: Pre-order via Neiman Marcus for $1438.

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  • Susan Taublieb


    You have obviously not seen this Henry Beguelin bag. I have – it arrived today from Neiman Marcus – it is neither luscious nor crocodile. I opened up the box with anticipation, but at the same time, with a feeling of doubt. I had recently purchased a python clutch at Ralph Lauren for $2000.00, and could not fathom croc for this small a pricetag. Well,it is pressed leather. I called the Henry Beguelin store in NYC – they do not and will not use exotic skins of any kind.

    I am returning this bag to Neiman’s tomorrow. It is OK, but not great. Not good enough to enter my collection, which, is, frankly, great.

  • denise

    good for them for refusing to use exotic skins! Snakeskin is plain awful, they basically torture the python to remove it’s skin. It is done whilst the poor creature is alive.
    I know croc is farmed, so it’s not quite as bad.

  • Naggy

    Nothing here particularly stands out at all. (ipad)