gerard darel bag
Gerard Darel 36-Heures Bag sold at Delcina for $590

The buzz building around Gerard Darel is a force to be reckoned with. Our forum has been known to catapult bags into stardom, with thousands of posts surrounding one subject and the ability to create an enormous awareness of a new brand. The new kid on the block, as far as being discussed ad nauseum on tPF, is Gerard Darel. Now don’t get me wrong, the brand has been holding its own for years now, but to the US customers they are more of an underground sensation. We discussed the Drape in 2005 and no one was satiated. The craving for more from Gerard Darel is expected, as the brand utilizes a slouchy shape with brilliant leather and a casual feel. If you are in the US you are mostly out of luck in tracking down this designer, except for a few eBoutiques who carry some of the line, like Delcina. When I was in Spain last month my mom and I were on a wild goose chase at each and every El Corte Ingles (department store) that said they carried Gerard Darel bags. They lied. A Gerard Darel bag was no where to be found. But where I constantly see Gerard Darel bags is on celebrities, namely Eva Longoria. She is practically a walking Gerard Darel ad, carrying their bags in an array of colors and then bringing python into the mix. Other lovers of Gerard Darel include Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, and Lindsay Lohan. My new obsession from Gerard Darel is the Midday Midnight Barcelona Bag, which is available in glazed leather and python. Other options that are highly coveted are the Gerard Darel 36-Heures and Gerard Darel 48-Heures. Check out Delcina’s options for Gerard Darel. We hope to bring you more from this fabulous designer soon!

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  • Anilu Magloire

    Gorgeous bag! Now I need it too :)
    This place is gonna ruin me :wink:

  • Elizabeth

    I had a black Gerard Darel 24-Heures, which I sold at Ann’s Fabulous Finds. Reason? The bag is lovely, but when you put it down — on the table, a chair, a floor, it splays like an amoeba. It is also hard to dig through when it is on your shoulder or you are holding it by hand. Sorry ladies! I wanted to love it, but couldn’t. It looks great…but wasn’t comfy to use.

  • Elizabeth

    :neutral: I had a black Gerard Darel 24-Heures, which I sold. Reason? The bag is lovely, but when you put it down — on the table, a chair, a floor, it splays like an amoeba. It is also hard to dig through when it is on your shoulder or you are holding it by hand. Sorry ladies! I wanted to love it, but couldn’t. It looks great…but wasn’t comfy to use. :sad:

  • jeaniep

    The bags do photograph very well. I did order one and returned it. I thought it was cheap and not worth the money. I would rather get a Kooba or Botkier for that price. Also, it scratched very easily.

    • Anilu Magloire

      Oh… Good yo know :???:

      • Anilu Magloire

        sorry, meant to say “to”… :oops:

    • I still have to see more of their bags in person, so once I do I will have a better idea! Thanks for the info!

  • lovejewelry

    I love those bags!! I just found these really cute ones at a really great shopping should definitely check it out!!

  • Empress

    Love the look of the Gerard Darel 24-Heures Barcelona bag, but I’ve heard a lot about the quality issues. As much as I’d love to hunt down an “underground” bag, I don’t think it’s worth it. Also, quality + trashy celebrity endorsement (i.e. LL)= not a bag I want.

    • Something to look into!

  • dimon

    Here’s a little bit of Gerard Darel info: According to this week’s French Elle, Mamie Gummer (one of Meryl Streep’s daughters and an accomplished stage actress), is taking over from Charlotte Gainsbourg (Jane Birkin’s daughter with Serge) as the new main model for Gerard Darel for this Fall’s ad campain. They’re continuing with their 70’s boho look. I remember when Stephanie Seymour did their ads and especially when they came out with the JackieO necklace. In the photo in Elle, Gummer is wearing a python bag but it’s not the 24h. She does look like a young Meryl!

    I live here in France so I may get the new 24hr white python. It’s a beauty.

  • Livia

    I had a Gerard Darel 24-Heures bag in black. It is a beautiful and very lightweight bag. But I sold it for exactly the same reasons that Elizabeth described above.

  • lulu

    I was just in Paris and chic girls everywhere were carrying them in different sizes and shades.

  • My favorite shape right now is the Midday Midnight Barcelona bag… I would LOVE that in python or just leather!

  • dierregi

    I am not a fan of the 24 or 48-Heures, because the strap is too short and the bag just does not feel comfortable, so I would be the last person to endorse this particular brand but I own a Midday Midnight and I do make an exception for this baby because I just love it. I have been using it non-stop and although it is too early to say, it does not look like a bag too delicate or easily scratched. This model is very comfortable to carry, the quality is excellent and I get tons of compliments for the unusual color and shape. Finally, if these bags were poor quality, I doubt there would be so many around (in France and in Belgium). Women talk and if they would agree about the poor quality the sale of these bags would have fallen. Why would anybody want to buy a rather expensive poor quality handbag, when there is such a huge choice? As far a “trashy celebrity” endorsement, I think trashy celebrities carry anything they get for free. You name it, they carry it and then they just trash it on a pile of discarded “it” bags… Does it really matter?

  • Raquel

    i have it !!!! and i love my bag !!

  • dela

    looks like one of the gucci hysteria bags. don’t know which one came first.

  • l

    I live in paris and the gerard darel bag is the ultimate Parisian girl bag, everywhere you go you see them. I love mine because the leather is amazing and it’s so versatile, I was even carrying my laptop around in it sometimes. Hope this fantastic brand and label gets bigger in the states.

    • lizelle

      thats true, I’ve been to Paris, and all the girls are using it. it looks better especially when u ad some accesories on it..

  • Faustine

    Gerard Darel’s bags are nice but I’ve long renounced buying one as every other girl in Paris carries one, and now so do they in the rest of the country, which usually means it’s time to choose another brand (yes I know, I’m a Parisian snob…).
    Better invest in comparable, chic Parisian brands such as Vanessa Bruno, one of the queens of bag fashion in the capital, or Zadig et Voltaire, or even Jerome Dreyfuss.

  • Jennifer

    These bags are sooo hard to find in the US. Just so you know, I found them in Nashville at a store called Levy’s. I loove mine!

  • Jen

    Does anyone know where to buy a Gerard Darel sac 24 heures online in the UK, I love the black python but want to see other leather options too and can’t even get the prices off the official website!

  • Jennie

    Yes, these bags are tough to find in the states – but they have them at Blu in San Francisco (Fillmore Street) – and they sell an amazing Gerard Darel wallet/wristlet that’s big enough to tuck a cell phone into the middle, but small enough to be a wallet. Perfect.

  • Linda

    I had the 24 hour bag and returned it as well. It was cute, but it was uncomfortable to carry and I share Elizabeth’s feeling about it. I bought a Gusto instead, and it’s terrific.

  • eileen

    I have the knited bag which anglelina is carring above. could you tell me how you would have it cleaned.
    thank you

  • lizelle

    i have one GD bag from Paris France.. gee i have it since 2006 .. now that im back in the Philippines, i have aN LV bag and Gucci Bag sorry to say this but i find GD bag more durable than the two bags that i’d mentioned… and im comfortable using it, especially when i go to the mall, i can put a lot of stuff within..

  • Grace

    I have the new snake skin 24 hour bag and three other Gerard Darel bags. I absolutly love Gerard Darel bags, they are such good quality and well worth the money. I brought mine from In the Uk they deliver a very quick and cheap delivery service world wide!!

    They also have all the new seasons bags on the website, all the bright corals and oranges as well as the new straw syracuse bag!!!

  • Holly

    Gorgeous bag! Grace I also shop with maboutique they are so fast and efficient! I have a black 24 hour bag and a tan 24 hour bag I love them!