Gerard Darel

Not only did Gerard Darel hire Charlotte Gainsbourg as his new campaign model, he also created this fantastic handbag named “Drape” for her, which also happens to be the hottest must-have in France these days. Prices range from 196-220 Euro for the standard leather version, and bump up to an extraordinary 756 Euro for the python skin bag.

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  • daphne

    I’m in the US and would love to buy this bag….I googled it but found nothing…any idea where I can purchase online or in ny???

    thanks :)

  • Megs

    We are searching for you right now! Seems to be quite the tough bag to find here in the States. We will let you know!!

  • cathy

    i live in denmark but i have my sister who bought it for me …so i coud ask her to buy one for you but how can you pay me back?

    form cathy who lived in france 3 years ago…i saw the picture of the bag on the internet:

  • so,
    has anyone found out where this bag can be purchased in the united states?


  • Jennifer

    I would love to purchase one of these bags and am willing to have someone buy one for me overseas and then me pay them (including shipping).

  • Aja

    I would also love to buy a Drape bag – have been searching for last few weeks since i first saw on a fashion news alert. i am willing to pay to have one sent from europe if they are available there. please let me know if interested in helping me.

  • hanne

    I would also love to buy a Drape bag. Live in norway, is it possible to purchase online ?

  • i dont know who would want to purchase that bag..its really expensive cuz its python skin… have you seen the dior tie dye croc skin bag? $18,000! so if this is python skin its way more expensive!

  • jennifer

    call this number, the woman may have a few more drape bags. 212-302-2055

  • Evelyn

    I live in Portugal and I’d love to buy the drape bag in it’s biggest size, where can I buy this? And how much is it? I mean the normal leather normal one? Thanks

  • K

    I was just in Rome, and I had to decide between the coat and the “drape” bag (didn’t know it was called that until I saw this) at the Gerard Darel store. I chose the coat! Now I wish I got the bag. I’ve been thinking about it since I left. I wanted it in red!

    Let me know if you know of any online stores! Thanks!

  • Kelly

    Shop Etc. has the bag in this month’s issue. Bergdorf Goodman will be carrying it.

  • Sophie

    Heard that a store in Clinton Ney Jersey has two. One in white, the other sequined I think. Anyway, it is a man’s store, forgot the name, that is starting to carry women’s apparel including Gérard Darel.

  • Sandra

    Hello all, I just purchased this bag. It’s great but I prefer a smaller bag. I just posted it on ebay tonight. It’s brand new; the store doesnt give refunds. The leather color is cream. Take a look if your interested.

  • Danielle

    I just got back from Paris and bought this bag. It is gorgeous! The reason I got it was b/c I wanted something that you can’t get in the states. Unfortunately and fortunately, the only way to get it, is to go to France. It reminds me of the Chloe bags.

  • Minee

    I’ll be in Paris in a couple of months, is there a Gerard Darel boutique or is it sold in a high end department store?

  • Ash

    I just ordered one from Bergdorf Goodman’s in NYC….they had plenty of colors – tan, med. brown, dark brown, black, light blue, patent black and patent white.

  • Susan

    I called Bergdorf’s on May 4, 2006 and was told that they no longer have any. They sqaid that they have a plain onje without any stones. Is that the one you are talking about Ash? I would like the one with the stones that was advertised to be there. Anyone know where I can get one?

  • Ash

    Yes – the one I ordered (and was asking about) was plain with no stones but they had several colors. I talked with an SA named Raisa.

  • Rhyu

    Hello, I’m in Paris and willing to take orders for the Drape bag. I’m getting a few for myself. They’re the “must have” bag in Paris and exemplify the Parisian bohemian style that is “la mode” these days. I will probably start selling them on eBay but feel free to contact me directly for specific orders.

  • lisa

    how do I contact you in Paris? how much would one with stones be?

  • Kathryn

    How do I get a hold of a GD Drape bag?!

  • Kathryn

    I found one in a muted camel color at! I just ordered it. It was 245Euros about $331.

  • Jenny

    I ordered the Gerard Darel Leather Satchel through and got it today!!!
    I am so much in love with this practical yet classical and hip bag. The leather is beautiful and looks so good around the shoulders. And it is light so you don’t have to worry about the weight of the bag itself like Mulberry or Luella.

  • nana

    i would like to know the name of the french modele … i like her and i saw film and she was the actress too..thanx

  • elainekitty

    hi, the model is charlotte gainsbourg and her parents are serge gainsbourg and jane birkin, of birkin bag fame. i live in france and the bag is everywhere, and also being copied everywhere. it has a great price point and is great looking. they come in two sizes 24 hrs or 48hrs.

    hope this helps.

  • Jen

    Hi, I was in France over the summer and saw Charlotte Gainsbourg’s new film. I tought she was so beautiful and unique. And when I saw the picture of her holding a drape bag, I had to have it, too. The bag is very light, a good size and well made. And most of all, like her personality, it is not loud and girly. The sales person in the shop said every French girl has one. I didn’t believe that until I met a few French girls who said they have one of these because, just because! I have a brand new Darel bag (black) to sell, If any one is interested, please let me know. Thanks!

  • annemarie

    I bought my bag at Balisimo in Redondo Beach CA
    the number is 310-543-5540 The people that work thier are great so give them a call

  • SkyBag

    I just “discovered” this bag – hopefully not too late… and really want one! I never knew there was any hype about it, until I Googled it to find out how to go about getting one. Seems to me, the best way is to go to Paris. I just happen to be doing that later this month! So now I’m curious… Should I buy more than I need and sell them on eBay??? Any opinions??? How much would people pay???


    just ordered one from balisimo today as well….staff is great, store owner called me right back and located the color i wanted :) i should have it next week!

  • Samantha

    I found mine in New York by calling the US distributor, Isabella Company. 212-302-2055.

  • Susan

    I have three of these bags in stock at the shop I work at in Nashville, TN…Please email at I can send pictures and info from there.

  • NB

    Available online at Neiman Marcus.

  • Amy

    I was in Paris a year ago and a Parisian friend said I had to buy a Darel bag. Instead I opted for the old stand-by Longchamp, and have regretted passing on the Darel ever since. They are great looking and very comfortable. The only downside is that they are very open at the top–and all the junk I keep in my bag was likely to fall out when ever I plunked my bag down. But if you have a chance for one, go for it!

  • monsoon88 currently carries Gerard Darel, and the bags they have on hand are on sale. Check ’em out…

  • liz

    Where in New York did you purchase the bag?

    “Samantha says:
    October 20th, 2006 at 3:03 pm
    I found mine in New York by calling the US distributor, Isabella Company. 212-302-2055.”

  • Jenny

    Can anyone tell me where to get one of these bags in the US now? Thanks!

  • Lori

    Hi I’ve got one of the original front pocket drape bag that was purchased by a co-worker in paris for me. It was from the first darel collection to ever have the front pockets on it, and honestly I feel now that the leather used then is far superior to the leathers used on the bags now.

    Anyways it was gently used and does have couple of markings inside the bag there is also a little bit of slight burnishing from wear which enhances the look of the bags.. especially in the rich Whiskey color I got. I’m now looking to sell the bag since I havn’t used it in ages and ages and it’s just sitting in my closet in the dustbag it came with. Email me if your seriously interested and I’ll get back to you. I live in the LA area of Cali. pyralis (at) hotmail (dot) com

  • nikki


    does anyone know about I recently purchased a versace “snap out of it” bag from the website about 3 weeks ago. Until now, it has not been shipped, and I’m afraid i’m being scammed. I sent an email to them several times to get my tracking number, but there were no replies. I tried to call on numbers they posted on their webiste, but it keeps saying, the numbers are incorrect. I thought they were signs of red flag of internet scam. Iam planning to cancel my transaction, and if i don’t get any answer from them within 24 hours starting at this time, I’am going to file a complaint against them to get my money back. By the way, worst is that they charged me already with my card. Can anyone enlighten me about vanity culture? iam really pissed off right now.


    • bonnie

      i ordered a bag from them 3 months ago (mui mui) it did take about 6 weeks to get it but i must tell you it is beautiful . i also was concered at first but i did call and they did call me back. today i tried to get on the web site to order another bag and had no luck. i also tried to call and got the same thing . i guess it was shut down. now i am sorry i didnt buy more. you can always have your credit card company charge it back. but they may still full the order. he did tell me he was very busy. i will continue to try if you get intouch let me know. they were great. bonnie

  • christel

    to nikki,

    i hope this helps…i did alot of research on this company as i was suspicious. after i decided it was a scam, i threw all the documents i compiled away. so all that i’m giving you is by memory.

    the “manager” sent me an email paul shefield/sheffeld. i cross referenced the number and address of the website on google. came up with a picture of the “location” and it seemed highly unlikely a business would be there, it looked residential and not a very nice area.
    on a cross reference of the address, i came up with a number similar to the one listed on the website (i did not call it)and a mans name of alan or alvin gerven or something similar.

    i hope you can get your money back and hope this bit of info. may help!

  • Ellen

    I’m trying to find Gerard Darel Dublinbrown “24 hour” handbag for my daughter in law for a Christmas gift…have searched through thousands on the designer bag websites…Help…is it available

  • toni

    any one looking for a gerard darel 24 hour bag i have a few in a taupe .cream and tan w studs and navy w studs the one w studs are in sude and the other ones are in leather price is 420.00

    • maria

      Hi Toni: Do you still have these bags available? I would be really interested in buying one from you. – Maria

  • Dawn

    hello peeps,

    i want to sell authentic chloe bags on ebay. I am a single mum struggling to find a job, and want to sell something that is popular and in demand. i know how popu;ar the chloe paddington handbag is. does anyone know where i can buy cheap BUT AUTHENTIC chloe paddinton handabgs??

    please please help??

    cheers xx

  • Kubani

    i’m looking at this chole bag, but is it a fake?! — please help me im not sure if i should bid.

  • Linda

    I have found a site that sells the Gerard Darel handbags at a discount price. I dont know enough about the bags to purchase it. Does anyone know how soft and durable they are? Do they keep their shape. They look classic and bohemian. I’m tempted but always love trying on the bag and putting my things in it before purchasing the bag which means I am not comfortable with purchasing it on line.

  • Kevantae

    I’m selling a Gerard Darel St. Germaine bag (Hobo style as worn by Jessica Alba). It is 100% authentic, in electric Purple. E-mail me if you are interested

  • Angie

    I have a black leather Gerard Darel to sell if there is anyone interested

  • Designer

    I hope he does, I truly do. It really sucks being my age and realizing everything now, instead of when I should have, then. Thanks very much for the compliment and comment!

  • La Bella Figura

    I am searching for a smoky gray gerard darel saint germain bag … anyone selling one? Thanks.

    • Lolila007

      You can find any Gerard Darel bags on, if they don’t have it in stock they will find one. The prices are great and ship anywhere in the world.


  • Elaine

    How can you validate the authenticity of a Gerard Darel bag? Does anyone know?

  • Grace

    I have just bought a Navy Blue Tote HB from and I am really glad about my purchase.

    The sales assistants are really nice and helpful. They are based in the UK and the delivery to the US took only 5 days!

    I recommend this website.

  • Naggy

    All I hear from Gerard Darel is his 24-hour bag, and it is not even hot. (ipad)

  • KY

    Nice picture! (ipad)

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