Dior Small Babe Shopper

To wear white or to not wear white (after Labor Day), that is the question. I think we all remember growing up and hearing our mothers tell us that white should not be worn after Labor Day. With Labor Day weekend upon us, I figured, why not pose the question yet again. See, I have a super cute pair of white jeans I bought earlier this Summer and I would absolutely love to keep wearing them will a “Fall appropriate” top, but maybe I shouldn’t. And I am sure you’ve noticed all the white sunglasses around this year. Sidebar – I love white sunglasses and I hope they aren’t just a fad. So, when I came across this gorgeous white Dior Small Babe Shopper, I couldn’t help to wonder if I would be shunned if I bought it now and tried to sport it this Fall/Winter.

As you might notice, I am desperately trying to justify going against what my mom always told me and not only wear but also buy white items after Labor Day. I hear conflicting opinions all the time, but this handbag might just be enough to get me to break a (previous?) fashion rule. Dior completely hit a home run here. I love the white gently pleated Italian leather and metal hinged handles. And guess what else… there is a detachable clutch!!! That’s right, two handbags for the price one. Sure, the price is on the high side, but I feel it is definitely worth splurging for! So, *is* white a no-no after Labor Day? You can buy this fabulous bag through Saks for $2,290.

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  • pursecrzy

    IMO weraing white after Labour Day depends on where you live. I can see people living in tropical climates wearing white year round. Those living in colder climates would be more likely to put away white until next spring.

  • I think it can be pulled off in South Florida. There are always beautiful creams that can be used too, to give off a white feel but not stark white.

    I do however love white handbags in the winter. Crisp and cool and clean!

    • jackie725

      Rules are meant to be broken – especially in fashion! You love it, wear it, you’ll feel great year round and your happiness will MAKE IT WORK!!!!!!! Hope you get it and love it:).

  • Angie

    Ah…the age-old question…can one wear white after Labor Day? Generally, I say no. But I think that the weather, not just the calendar, should be considered. While it’s still summer-like, I would say you could get away with a limited amount. Just the bag. Just the pants. Maybe a belt. Never the shoes.

  • Kaytey

    Okay, white is a GREAT colour for winter! Whites, greys, winter blues and silvers are just so seasonal! Hello, snow is white. It fits.

    I never bought in to that age old fashion mantra… And a recent issue of In Style agrees with me. :D

    I think in the South that kind of traditional rule probably means more than up here, so it’s really up to you. But I say rules are sometimes made to be broken, and white is an amazing neutral of sorts – it goes with every colour, and makes things pop. I love monochromatic dressing – that whole grayscale spectrum of black, grey, white…

    In conclusion: wear what you want when you want! Attitude makes style, anyway.

    • Ceci

      Totally agreed. It depends what style you are into. I’m from the north & people wear white during winter!!! Though I don’t have any white leather purse, but I do have a pair of white boots, white winter jacket & white/brown fur jacket & tote. Actually, if we all wear dark color throughout the winter, it’s kind of sad. It’s so depressing to have a long winter already! We need some bright colors in winter too!

      • Kaytey

        Totally! Only people who live in the Northern area of 6-month-long-winters can understand our pain! :p

  • dela

    Winter whites looks amazing in colder climates. White cahmere or pashminas can really pull a look together.
    Wear what you wish and when you wish.

    • jackie725

      TOTALLY agree!!!!!!

  • JNH14

    “White” is always alright! Anywhere, anytime, and anyplace…with the exception of a wedding (if you’re not the bride)or a funeral.

  • White all year long is one of the many things I love about living in Miami!!
    The bag is absolutely gorgeous, Shannon!!!!

  • some rules are meant to be broken! =)

    i loveee that bag! so fabulous! please check out my blog, http://la-couturier.blogspot.com =)

  • Serayane

    White doesn’t really fit with fall, but it’s a gorgeous winter color!

  • I think you should wear whatever you want. In fact, I prefer to steer clear of sombre fall colours because the cold weather can get depressing so why not a bit of bright white or cream to perk things up?

  • kinny

    It is beautiful. I personally use white bags all year round esp. during summer and winter. Of course this particular one is very expenive so do not expose to too much dirt and pollution or your heart will break into a million pieces.

  • Firefly1605

    I think you can wear white whenever you want!
    If you like how it looks, wear ir…Rules are meant to be broken anyway!

  • hawaii2484

    no white after labor day – my personal preference. this does not include a white top or white wool jacket, but does include white shoes, handbags, hats, and pants. sorry gals, i’m stuck on traditional.

    • Do you live in Hawaii? Even there you follow that?

      I wonder if people who live in tropical climates apply the white rule differently… people in south Florida def do!

  • Adam

    i think a nice white coat/ scarf/ or winter white bag with brass hardware is alright for autumn and into winter. I do feel that many people can go over do it with the black and grey during winter in Northeast. Hey it can be so DR Zhiago so a nice pop of color is a good thing. I say a must. as for the bag listed above, I would so have to pass on it . $ 2,290 is insane for a bag that most would assume was $15.99 from TJ max/ Marshalls/ AJ wright/ Sears.

  • Lisa

    I think it depends on the weather. Like Florida, it’s so hot here until October or even November, you can get away with white most of the year. I wear it until the first frost/cold snap.

  • Alvira Khan

    This is a very unique looking bag.

    Alvira Khan
    Florida Atlantic University
    FAU Alumna

  • Regina

    Well according to What Not to Wear you can wear (or carry) white after Labor Day, and let’s face it the looks you’ll be getting is jealously – the bag is great. I probably would not use it in NY until summer but I say go for it! Then again I have a great white hat, gloves and scarf that it would look fab with, so hmm…

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