Celine Watch Me Gauffre Bag

Who is the new girl you ask? Blake Lively. No one, including me, can get enough of this Gossip Girl. The natural beauty has garnered our attention being the star of the hit show, as well as being part of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (ok, so you do not all like that show, but I liked it!). Blake Lively made the Celine Watch Me Work a huge hit, with its perfect 80’s style which is of-the-moment.

Now my attention has turned to the sister of the Watch Me Work, the Celine Watch Me Gauffre Bag. This bag shows off its beauty with piercing lipstick leather with silver link chain straps. The front flap of the bag is where the Gauffre leather appears, popping out and adding oomph. There is a clasp at the front to fasten, press studs to expand the inside, and a zip compartment on the inside. My preference is with the version Blake Lively was carrying, but the red hue and textured material of this version would look stunning. Buy through Net A Porter for $1450.

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  • Krista

    Megs, you read my mind! I saw this a few days ago on NAP and was instantly captured. It is quite a show stopper. The detail is amazing, I just wanna touch it! It’s a little bit punk if you ask me… But I much prefer this one as to the other one you featured because it’s more unique in style.
    Keep up the good handbag detective work :)

  • I prefer the Watch Me Work bag, but the details on this one are so interesting. Not necessarily interesting in a way that I’d wear, but interesting in a way that I can’t stop looking at and would really like to touch. So maybe I WOULD wear it. Hmmm.

  • I actually would love love love to see this in person! I have never been a huge Celine fan, this bag really has caught my attention

  • Yikes!! The texture of the leather is freaking me out. Me no likey!!!!

  • I do not like this bag aesthetically at all… next…

  • Kaytey

    I can’t stand this. It’s called Gauffre, right? Meaning “waffle”? I eat waffles, I don’t wear them. :) I love the colour, but something about it just seems off… Maybe IRL it’s better, but that picture looks sloppy to me. Plus, Celine bags are made in China. Booh.

  • dimon

    I visited the Celine store on Avenue Montaigne a couple of weeks ago just to see this bag and in this color. I would buy it in a heartbeat. The leather is very soft (cerf, I believe, so deerskin) and the gauffre effect is really just dressing up the flap like any bag that is matelasse or quilted. I liked the inside very well too because I need organization, absolutely hate fishing around in my bag to find something. There were a few different sizes and I liked the smallest size best for my own needs. It is a beautiful red that would dress up any city girl’s winter staples of gray, navy and black. I think we can expect big things from Celine as Pheobe Philo will be very shortly taking over as artistic director.

  • Gina

    Color is stunning, but the shape and “waffle” effect… not for me

  • me

    It kinda reminds me of those shirts that were popular a few years back that were quite small and then you put them on and they stretched and looked like bubble wrap on. That said; this bag is not bad.

  • gitwenty5

    i find this hideous… i saw it at Celine’s stores in HK on Sat. It’s so hideous the SA’s hid it behind shoes @_o

  • coco13

    Love it, really unusual, lovely bag and would love to get it. I always assumed Celine was a bit middle aged, but lately they are doing much better stuff.

  • Info

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