Although plenty of information factors into the purchase of any particular bag, there’s one fact that likely holds more sway than others for almost all shoppers: price. In our Ultimate Bag Guides, we give you a look at how popular bag designs are priced by size, but that information was always limited to the American market and US dollars–until now. We’re in the midst of building an easier way for consumers to compare prices in different markets around the world, but we wanted to go ahead and get the ball rolling with a price guide for one of the most iconic bags in the world: the Chanel Classic Flap Bag.

If you’re looking for information on dimensions, size names, leathers or hardware, the Classic Flap’s Ultimate Bag Guide is the place to look; as a supplement to that, we’ve created an international price guide for eight prominent global fashion markets, which you can find below. Because Chanel Classic Flap Bag prices can be hard to find, we’ve done our best to find the most accurate pricing information for each size, in each market. If you have a more up-to-date price for one of the sizes listed, please let us know.

All prices listed below are for the Classic Flap in its three most common materials: lambskin, caviar or patent leather. Prices for each country are listed in local currency. Happy shopping.

Chanel Mini Flap Prices
Last Updated: June 2017

Country Extra Mini Regular Mini Square Mini
USA $2,000 $3,100 $2,900
Canada $2,700 $3,600 $3,350
UK £1405 £2330 £2100
France €1600 €2610 €2360
China ¥15800 ¥19500 ¥17500
Japan ¥302400 ¥349920 ¥316440
Singapore $3130 $3920 $3520
Australia $2950 $4180 $3780

Extra Mini


Rectangular Mini


Square Mini


Chanel Classic Flap Prices

Country Small Medium Jumbo Maxi
USA $4,700 $4,900 $5,500 $6,000
Canada $6,075 $6,325 $7,075 $7,675
UK £3840 £3990 £4450 £4830
France €3990 €4480 €4990 €5420
China ¥30900 ¥34700 ¥38600 ¥41900
Japan ¥523800 ¥545400 ¥610200 ¥658800
Singapore $6840 $7090 $7930 $8610
Australia $6540 $6800 $7580 $8240









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  • Joshua

    I was curious about exchange rates and I was surprised to find that when exchanged to US$, the prices are much lower than the US price for all the countries listed except for Australia! For the jumbo, CA $6650 is about US $5000!

  • Reina77

    Why is there such a huge price difference between the mini and the small?

    • Casey

      I know that mini is single flap and small is double flap, but realistically, I think it’s because small and medium are more popular so they experienced higher price increases over the years. That’s my best educated guess.

  • Looks like we won’t have as many Asians coming to the US to buy Chanel. After converting currency, the prices are nearly the same.

    • Sara

      This was done intentionally by Chanel for that very reason.

  • That is pretty cool to see how much the bags are according to different currency

  • Tank Diaz

    Thanks for this, I have been trying to find prices to see where I should buy my maxi and it seems after all the conversions and taxes that for the sake of $100 I’ll buy it at home, thanks again, brilliant

    • TMA

      Yes, but remember that when you buy in euros you get the VAT(taxes) back in the airport so it actually makes it much cheaper to buy in Europe with the current exchange rate. You can basically buy your ticket to whatever country you want AND buy the bag for the same as the USD price.

      • Tank Diaz

        TMA, this is great advice, unfortunately for me I’m an EU resident, so no VAT refund, but I wouldn’t mind being a US citizen so I could have a new maxi and a holiday for the same price… great recommendations

      • Pamela

        lol good luck with us citizship haha. not too hard..

  • confessionsofashopper

    I think Canadian prices recently went up to $6850! =(

    • Sara

      Still cheaper than Australian :-((

      • JC

        Yes, glad I got my small in USD when our dollar was high. Now want a medium and doing the math whether to buy pre-loved or new. With our low dollar plus tax some of the pre-loved work out more expensive than new locally!!!!

      • Sara

        Try Portero, Fashionphiles or Yoogie’s closet for pre-loved. They have quite a range. Not sure if taxes & duties are included or not. Worth looking.

      • JC

        Thank you. Have bought from Fashionphile and Yoogi’s Closet and also Malleries (check every day). Will give Portero a go.

  • Marta

    BUT that means you have to get a place to stay, eat, drink and enjoy Paris since you’re already there. Now therein lies the problem… Haha…

    • Sparky

      Absolutely but if you’re like me taking multiple connecting flights, it might be worth it to plan the flights so you pass through one of these cities and take a 2 night break. Tax refund in Europe can be 10% – 13%. If you combine your designer purchases (shoes + bags) on a single trip the savings add up. I checked and YSL shoes can be $300 less PER PAIR! Your savings offset the hotel plus you’ll have a wider selection. Two days ago the Euro was only 1.06 to the dollar.

      I wouldn’t fly to Paris just to buy one bag.
      Well, come to think of it… I would if I could afford it! How fun!!

  • Violet

    I’ve been to Singapore, Hong Kong and Taipei recently (on business) and I’m telling you, Chanel boutiques don’t have any of these classic flaps in stock!! They only have the seasonal flaps (one of each, usually). I almost bought a medium iridescent flap bag but opted to “stick to the mission” and continue my search for a medium black caviar classic double flap with gold hardware!! It’s a challenge to find it! It’s gotten to the point that if I actually see one in stock in a Chanel boutique, the price would not matter!

    (By the way, this info might be pertinent: I just picked up a beige GST in Taipei last week. The Chanel boutique had beige and black in stock. New arrival they said. I asked if its true that they were discontinuing and the SAs did not hear anything. They said the classic flap was far more rare than the GST! They said that the classic flap barely came in this whole year! Hmm, interesting!)

    • Eugenia

      I get what you mean. I am a Singaporean, and I got mine in London, because it was sold out when I was in Venice and Amsterdam. Both salesperson told me that it was sold out in Europe in Oct 2015.

    • Pamela

      come to nyc! the list is a bit long though… my sister got her large classic in 4-5 months at chanel in bloomingdales.

    • My classic flap was purchased at the Chanel store in Rome, near the Spanish Steps. Walked right in and got exactly what I wanted, black lambskin with silver hardware. Didn’t seem to be any big deal and clearly wasn’t sold out – maybe I just got lucky.

      • Sofia

        Ahhh! I am visiting Rome soon and staying right down the street from that boutique. Was the price in Rome comparable to the Paris prices listed in the article?

    • Vivi

      I live in Paris and my SA keeps me informed whenever one of my wished bags arrives…
      I know they have classic flap in store stock even in caviar …! But they usually tell tourists that they don’t have any so they would buy other seasonal bags knowing that they will buy at least one bag anyway after such long flight there …

    • Amanda

      Call Asia at the Boston boutique. She found me one in one week!

    • Marty Pecciola

      Always pretty easy to get in Paris.

  • Sparky

    I plan on buying my first Chanel and was searching for global prices.

  • Sara

    Someone I know flew to Paris to get a small black flap, nowhere in France had one. They told her that she can get one in Venice! She flew from Paris to Rome to Venice to be told it was a mistake, they don’t have one either. It was the Milan store that had one, she flew to Milan but it was beige they had not black! She got one from Dubai airport on the way home purely by chance! Way to send a girl possessed on a wild goose chase, good one Chanel! LOL

  • Passerine

    This is really helpful, thanks! I’m planning to get a Jumbo in black caviar this spring, so fingers crossed I can find one! I will first try the store in Zurich, but will look elsewhere if needed. Or, if they have a list, I’m willing to wait. It’s a classic bag, so if I have to wait several months or a year, it will be still be in style.

  • Christina Samoylov

    Thank you for providing this informative price guide. It’s unbelievable how much prices have increased in just the last 5 years alone!

  • shern

    is the price for all designs/collections? price depends on the size?

    • No. Any seasonal/special designs are usually priced differently.

  • Heather

    I was in Nice in September and bought a WOC. With the exchange rate and VAT refund i saved about $400US. I also asked about the GST and was told that they discontinued the old version. I live in NYC and have been told the same thing. The SA in France showed me the new style (not sure if they are calling it the GST) which seemed much larger and bulkier with flaps over the top opening. I’m still hoping they bring back the older style that just has the chain straps. If buying overseas remember to get all the paperwork at the boutique and get your refund BEFORE going through customs.

    • Sofia

      Thanks for posting this! I’m going to Europe soon and was considering a WOC. Do you mind sharing the price?

      • Marty Pecciola

        Classic quilted is 1740€

      • Sofia

        Thanks a bunch!

  • Linda Kim

    I absolutely love your blog !!!

    I went to the 2015-2016 Chanel Cruise Launch Party in Seoul.

    If youre interested, please check out my blog

  • Carolyn Lee

    The square mini is $2900. Purchased mine in November in San Francisco.

  • Cyndee

    There are many errors in the Canadian dollar prices that are quoted here.

    • cristinalulumum

      yes, I just learned that. Holt Renfrew is selling the Jumbo flap for $6825.

  • Great! I really love the square mini x

  • Ellejays11

    If these CDN prices are correct, and with our Canadian dollar currently at $0.73 to the US dollar as of this morning… you could fit a plane ticket in the difference!

  • Slim

    Purchase my jumbo flap caviar in Paris, June 2014. Price was $4,850 was given paperwork at Chanel store, received $700 cash back at airport. Found out, if I had put refund back credit card and not took the cash, refund would’ve been larger.
    Purchase bag at original store on Rue Cambon. Hope this helps you gals.

  • cristinalulumum

    How accurate are these prices? I just called the Vancouver Chanel boutique (inside Holt Renfrew) and was quoted $6825 for the Jumbo.

    • Canada had a price update since we worked on this but we updated it to include prices that are current as of December 2015 now!

  • pamela

    how about alligator handbags, specifically medium, jumbo and rectangle mini – what is the price breakdown on those?

  • Amy

    Does anyone know how much the Chanel classic jumbo double flap bag is in caviar leather at the momment? As on the website it 3,760 but that’s lambskin, I’m wanting caviar. And when do the prices increase again?


    Great guide. But I was wondering why in this guide says that tha extra mini classic flap is U$ 2.000,00 In US while in other sites (and even in an earlier PB chanel guide) says that it it U$ 2.400,00. What would be the correct value for this classic flap size in american Chanel boutiques? Thanks in advance.

  • anna

    would anyone know how much is the medium chevron flap bag in caviar in paris right now? thank you so much

  • Jimmy Chan

    That’s exactly where Chanel is actually stated to possess saved the woman’s adore characters within the woman’s unique bag from .

  • Yee90

    The rectangular mini price is AUD4180 instead of AUD4130.