I remember an era in my life where yellow gold was so out of style. No one wanted to wear yellow gold and it became associated with gaudiness, but right now yellow gold is taking center stage once again and I’m thrilled about it.

Today’s perfect pair is all about two things that are both a girl’s best friend, jewelry and designer handbags. If I received both of these items together, well, I’d have to call them a perfect match.

Gucci Soho Disco Gold Bag

First we have the Gucci Soho Disco Bag, a bag that I own in red and have become utterly obsessed with. The pouch is more spacious than you might imagine, but it’s not bulky. I love the long shoulder strap and the simple design. There’s no Gucci monogram fabric to be found, but there is an embroidered interlocking GG on the front of the bag. This is a bag that transitions from day to night easily and because the bag isn’t too large, and the gold and beige ombre makes a great combo. Buy via Gucci for $1,100.

Cartier LOVE Necklace

My jewelry obsession really grew over the past year. After Vlad got me one of my dream bracelets, the Cartier Love Bracelet in gold with diamonds, I started checking out other pieces from the collection. I don’t want to be a walking Cartier Love billboard, but I wouldn’t mind having the interlocking Cartier Love Necklace. The interlocking rings symbolize eternal love and, let’s be honest, eternal style. Buy via Cartier for $2,170.

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  • Catherine

    Hi! I have the Cartier Love necklace in rose gold and absolutely adore it. However, I’ve been wanting the Cartier bracelet in plain gold for so long, but did not think about how pairing both would eventually look when I was offered the necklace in rose gold by my boyfriend as a gift. So the question is, could I match the rose gold necklace with the plain gold bracelet or must I get the rose gold bracelet as well?

    • NN

      I think it would be nice to have everything pink, as a set!

  • Eleanor

    Hm. I would have to see the bag in person. I dislike the large logo, which has biased me against the design from the start and rendered me incapable of judging the bag’s design objectively. However, it just reminds me of something the cool girls would have worn in junior high – a box-shaped bag with a goofy tassel on the side (I usually do not like tassels), its juvenile design exacerbated with a cross-body strap. I don’t know. I would have to see it in person.

    (I could not ever purchase a bag in this price range, at least not for the next five years of my life or so, so in terms of “would I buy it?” my observation about its lack of appeal is a moot point. However, I do like APPRECIATING bags in person – which has got me in trouble a few times, either because I was chastised by sales associated for leaning over counters to peer at designs or because I inadvertently set off an alarm while groping a Chloe bag to examine its stitching. It may seem gauche to mention “budget” here or to discuss finances, but if any “god that’s so expensive you guys are shallow and terrible people” lurkers stumble into this comment thread, I would like to share my purchase-free appreciation in order to point out that bags hold appeal beyond pure consumerism. ).

  • Gia

    Hey Eleanor
    What are u writing a dissertation ?

  • Cassandra Smith

    Cartier and GUCCI are the perfect combo. This is classic! The gold is perfect!