One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is all the treats. Whether it’s homemade batches of grandma’s cookies or peppermint chocolates or a warm cup of hot cocoa with whipped cream, my sweet tooth is on hyper-drive for the entire month of December (ok, it started with Halloween). I receive sweet treats as holiday gifts and I enjoying giving them out as well.

If you’d like to give the perfect sweet for the gal who loves her accessories, I have found 9 of the best choices out there to surprise and delight your friends and loved ones. From chocolate shoes to handbag-shaped cookies, there is the perfect option for the sweet love in your life.

“Classic Satchel” Cheesecake | Price is $235 via Neiman Marcus
As a major fan of cheesecake, this satchel shaped cheesecake has me drooling. Made of milk toffee cheesecake on a cookie crust decorated with imported Belgian chocolate paper with basketweave detail, this cake should serve 15-18 (or if it came to my house, it would serve just one).

Eleni’s December 25th Cookies | Price is $65 via Saks
If you are simply looking for Christmas cookies to send, I love this option from Eleni’s. Christmas trees, reindeer, candy canes, snowmen, and Santa will put anyone in a festive mood.

Chocolate Handbags | Price is $52 via Neiman Marcus
This is my favorite find, delicious bite-sized chocolates with a painted finishes that will be an instant hit. All of the chocolates are very Chanel-esque.

Gaga’s Workshop x Barneys NY Gaga Chocolate Shoe | Price is $58 via Barneys
Lady Gaga made Alexander McQueen’s monster shoe popular, and now Barneys makes it edible just in time for the holidays. If you know a Gaga fangirl with a sweet tooth, this chocolate shoe may be what you are looking for.

Eleni’s Designer Handbag Cookies | Price is $75 via Eleni’s
Eleni’s gets three spots on our roundup and each spot is well-deserved. A tasty sugar cookie that is hand-iced in the shape of handbags will win over any handbag lover’s heart. Also, for those of you with food allergies, this is from a no-nuts facility!

Gayle’s Chocolates High-Heel Chocolate Shoe | Price is $45 via Saks
For the ultimate SOLEsister, these purple high-heel pumps look as delicious as they probably taste. An extra plus is they come in a clear reusable purse container.

SweetBliss Polka Dot Chocolate Purse & Pump | Price is $52 via Saks
This is one of my favorite finds, and the chocolate purse and pump are both entirely fashionable with their polka dot patterns.

MarieBelle Vanity Purse Chocolates | Price is $75 via Saks
I’m a sucker for MarieBelle chocolates and these dark chocolate ganaches both look beautiful and melt in your mouth.

Eleni’s Festival of Lights Cookies | Price is $75 via Eleni’s
We can’t leave out all of our friends celebrating Hanukkah! Opt for the Festival of Lights cookies for a nice Hanukkah touch to your celebrations.

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  • Alexandra Davidoff

    Love all these chocolate goodies! I bet even the fashionista who’s on a diet would scream for one of these. My pick is the “Classic Satchel” Cheesecake……no bite is too big!

    • Right?! I would eat the ENTIRE thing!!!!

      • Alexandra Davidoff

        And I forgot to mention……no matter how many bites you take, you’ll never have enough!

  • katia

    Wow so pretty! sweets that are fab! the 2 things i love combined!

  • AW

    All are so adorable that it would be almost a shame to eat them. My fav has got to be the MarieBelle Vanity Purse Chocolates – so compact yet so tidy and pretty :))

  • Dawne

    I wouldn’t know whether to eat these…or have them preserved as art!

  • Alexandra

    I love Eleni’s cookies. And the no-nuts facility is a plus – it’s always a bummer when I can’t eat something delicious because of my allergy.

  • kb

    They are all too beautiful to eat

    – immediately.

  • J Umm

    omg this is amazing i want the AMQ shoe!

  • 19yearslater

    These are really cute, but I wouldn’t spend so much on a dessert. Well- maybe the candy. XD

  • Jessie C.

    Love Eleni’s December 25th Cookies !

  • Yaayaa

    OMG! These are awesome. Been trying to find something to give to friends as gifts which were thoughtful but didnt break the bank. These are a homerun. Thanks Megs

    • Glad you like these!! I found them and thought it would be the perfect gift guide :)

  • L

    The chocolate shoes look awesome.

  • Nadia

    I don’t know why hanukkah has to always creep into lists

  • Nadia

    But I’d like the chocolates! Great post!

  • Emma

    Ahhhh so cute ! amazing advices ! thank you <3

  • Simar

    Mmmmmm Chocolate…

  • Dana

    The idea of cutting into a cute satchel seems so…wrong… But mmm cheeesecake….

  • CTA

    Check out these options as well… so cute! I used them as parting gifts for a holiday party I threw. And who would not want the Thursday Friday bag filled with A.sweeT. treats!

  • Nikolas Davidoff

    If only our runway divas held these beauties posing above in as high a regard as their financially naughty counterparts, Vogue Italia might have been able to sleep easier at night…

  • Sil

    wow, i had no idea there were such things, they’re so amazing!
    i’d love to buy pretty much all of them, specially the cheesecake. i can’t believe it’s not a real bag!

  • Kathryn

    Oh my! some of these had me really questioning whether they were food.
    the cheesecake satchel and the chocolate handbags are too cute!

  • Jennie

    The satchel cheesecake and the chocolate handbags are too cute for words!!!

  • Alice

    nice, wonderful idea Iike it sooo much. thanks for showing us!

  • Chris

    The Satchel Cheesecake is adorable. And very yummy, at least I hope. Thank you for sharing, Megs. This was a fun post.

  • lavinia30

    this is a great idea. Really new and innovative for a Xmas present. Thanks

  • Antoinette Simeon

    too pretty to eat <3