black friday

The closest I have ever come to shopping on Black Friday is online shopping. The crazy masses of people stampeding on top of one another to get a deal at 5 am is not my thing. But the sales are amazing, there are deals to be had, hence millions of people go out to get them. Today I did do some online shopping from the airport, but I did not even shop the sale section. The fascination behind Black Friday has never appealed to me.

So did you shop Black Friday sales? What kind of deals did you get? What was your experience like?

Have a great weekend everyone, and tune in next week for some a great exclusive interview and our Holiday giveaway!

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  • Elverta Whitaker

    I’m with you. Why brave the crowds when anything you want is a click away! But seriously, I’ve never shopped the day after Thanksgiving. Too busy recovering…

  • Christina

    I went thrifting today, and scored majorly:

    Old Navy jeans (2).
    Gap jeans.
    Banana Republic jeans.
    Black shrug.
    MICHAEL Michael Kors skirt.
    Co-Op blue ruffly cardigan.
    Naturalizer black D’Orsay heels.
    Whiting & Davis black mesh clutch.

    The whole consume-consume-consume-ness of Black Friday kind of bugs me. That’s why I went the eco-friendly route and salvaged some new-to-me stuff.

  • Candace117

    Oh…we drove out to the coast to see what the Coach outlet had to offer, a little birdie told me that it opened a 8 so we got there at 0-dark-thirty to get in line. Well there were only about 15 people in line and they opened up at 7! SO…woo hoo! Sadly there wasn’t TOO much in there, but I scored a gold signature lurex kisslock framed wristlet for 45 bucks and a khaki sig ipod case marked down from 50 to 9 bucks! GO ME!

    Also scored some Gap curvy flare, flap pocket jeans that are kinda TDF if i may say so myself. They won’t make me give up my Dojos but you know…

    I am not really a Black Friday shopper type, so i was good that the outlets out there were NOT busy AT ALL.

    Saw lots of fake purses though! :???:

  • MissPinkKate

    I went shopping online- got 2 Prima Donna bras from for $113! Major score. After dinner, my boyfriend and I walked up and down 5th Avenue in Manhattan- saw some holiday windows, almost went ice skating (but decided to go on a day we brought globes), and bf got a new coat at Armani Exchange (he’s been wanting one forever, and they had just what he wanted on sale).

  • Steffi

    None for me, didn’t leave my jammies until 3pm… browsed online and found some cute stuff at Saks.

  • Judi

    Nope, never shop on black Friday. Usually have other things to do (like work or chores) and not my idea of a good time.

  • wgs

    went shopping after the morning crowds at about 4:15p.m. Bought Ecco patent mary jane flats, tory burch croc embossed tote in navy, Banana republic clutch and jeans, Aveda shampoo, 2 mens button down shirts and a Ike Behar tie. Phew!

  • karry kasim

    noway, i have never been shopping on black friday, although we did go out to a furniture store and bought my daugher a new bedroom set, does that count?? is suppose it does, but to go to a mall or outlet, forget it…

  • Black Beauty

    At around 2 ish I went to Starbuck to get my coffee, and there was a crazy line! That’s about all the shopping I did.

  • hellolover

    I always say i would never shop black friday, but never say never right! took my mom to Tory Burch and she made out amazingly well. I saw beautiful winter gear, but didn’t purchase anything cause it doesn’t stay cold in atlanta that long.

  • hoganfe handmade handbag originals

    So far I have managed to avoid ever shopping on Black Friday ;)

  • Nicole

    I had a crazy idea that black friday wouldn’t be that bad. I took bart into Union Square in SF. Let’s just say….I was right back on bart heading home after about 30 minutes. It was awful and really takes away from the shopping experience. Never again will I leave my house on black friday. :cry:

  • chloebagfreak

    I would never wake up early to wait in line with people who would trample you for a deal!
    I did take my son out to the music store to buy his HOLY GRAIL- Gold Top 1957 reissue Les Paul Guitar!
    He was happy , so I was happy!

  • ames

    I work in sales, so i had to work black friday. Even if i wasnt working, i would brave the crowds, i prefer to shop online for holiday deals instead, given if there is anything im searching for.

  • ames

    wouldnt* typo.

  • Jahpson

    I drove to the mall, couldnt find a park and just left to go home. online shopping is so much better, but then again you have to deal with Mr. postman, and that can be frustrating

  • Alison

    I hit South Coast at 8am and picked up 3 Marc Jacoba bags and 1 Chloe..all on sale!!

  • JM

    For the past few years I have gone shopping on Black Friday but this year I actually went the Wednesday before. I think Black Friday is great when it comes to buying electronics, items for kids, or home goods but for clothes it seems to me by Friday they’ve run out of everything my size. I noticed that the Wednesday before there are tons of sales and lots of items available since not a lot of people are shopping.
    Personally, my favorite time to shop is after the new year or the day after Christmas.

  • Margarita

    I didn’t score any major clothing deals, but I did buy a lot of clothing still. :mrgreen:

    Did get a steal on a Coach Sig Stripe Shoulder tote in black for $140!

  • christy

    I actally didn’t shop really. I work at Neiman Marcus…we werent busy. People dont really come shop luxary stores the day after thanksgiving. I went to the mall thats really busy. It was crazy. I was looking at the ads. I wouldnt of got up early for any of it!!! No way! AND PEOPLE WERE like camping out at best buy. I say count me out. :roll: :roll:

  • YAC

    I did. My friend was in NYC from Atlanta and she wanted to go shopping for some things. I picked up a few shirts and turtle necks but nothing big. She told me that she and her Mom went to Circuit City at 5AM to catch a sale and of course they were out of the item. If she wasn’t in town I would have stayed home where it was safe.

  • olivia

    I will never shop on Black Friday! I don’t think I have any desperate need for Anthing that early………..aah except for Starbucks coffee.

  • Daisy

    What I love about this time of year is all the great online deals. I bought two very cute coats, one a red wool with black velvet collar and cuffs and one a black wool with an empire waist. I hope the empire line stays in style long enough to wear this coat for a couple of years but if not, it wasn’t very expensive. Love the look.

  • Sandra

    We don’t even have the “black friday” nor thanksgiving in Sweden :cool:

  • Cathy

    I work black friday and I know that most people are “Christmas” shopping BUT people are nasty!!! I got verbally cursed at, almost run over by people looking for parking spots, not to mention waking up at 3am to see a line around the corner. And why are people using credit cards that get declined. =[ I’ll do my black friday shopping online thanks.