stella mccartney anti fur

If you know one thing about Stella McCartney it most likely is that she does not use leather or fur in her designs. Stella has been a huge PETA advocate and has even ventured into an online protest against furs. But what would you think if you saw this designer make a handbag with actual leather? Would that make her a total hypocrite to those that have followed this anti-leather and fur designer?

Saks carries some of Stella McCartney’s handbags and shoes. Many of items are signified as faux-leather, but to my surprise I found the Stella McCartney Patchwork Clutch labeled as “navy leather and fabric patchwork with tonal topstitching”. Either Stella has strayed from what she has told us all, or Saks has made an egregious error. This is the type or error that is much more than just a simple error, it is such a grave error to those that follow Stella and her anti-animal use beliefs. Even on Stella’s site, bags are labeled as ‘patent’ rather than adding the obligatory ‘faux’ as a prefix.

If you were to find out that Stella McCartney uses leather or fur in any of her designs, would you see her as a hypocrite? Do you think it will make her loose credibility?

stella mccartney patchwork clutch

The leather? clutch is available through Saks for $695.

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  • FashionAddicted

    Yes…definitely. Stella is widely known for her anti fur uses…I think thats why shes gained alot of respect from people, cause we all know in this industry you can make alot of money off FUR … but if she eventually starts using it in her designs, she will definitely be a BIG hypocrite. she will lose alot of credibility…this reminds me of when naomi campbell did a campaign for PETA…and walked on the runway afterwards wearing a FUR COAT…

  • my new bag

    I know that animals are bred for their use, usually cows, some deer etc.
    Not endangered species. If Fur from leapards etc were part of the disucssion, then
    that is, by the the very limited number of animals on the planet, a different story.
    Even snakes and crocs can be bred for their skins.

    Somehow, I don not see the difference between eating chicken beef, pork, even fish.
    There is a reasonable line that can be drawn, and it is the all or nothing attitude
    that creates the scenarios for wars.

    Stella can make her leather bag, and she should be just fine to do so.
    To make a cheetah bag or whale skin bag would be a sin, and one I would never
    ever expect her to make.

  • william

    Though I can not give up leather, I cut back on animal products as much as possible. I know I could never fully commit to PETA’s ideas, but I think using less has a significant amount of impact.

  • Otter

    My guess is that this is a typo. I cannot imagine a leather designer bag by Stella for $695. Has to be synthetic. Whoops on Neimans!

  • Kaytey

    I am a vegetarian. I do not eat anything containing gelatin, or wear furs or leather. I love beautifully designed handbags. Stella McCartney has been my only go-to designer for this kind of thing, and if she were to turn full circle, I would be beyond disappointed. Really.
    It’s hard to have principles that go against the grain of society. It’s even harder to do that and look good. Don’t abandon me, Stella!

  • Cathy

    I work in shoes and have a dear friend who works for Stella McCartney.I can assure you that not a single accessory is made with leather. I am sure that Neiman’s made the mistake.
    Technically, it would be so easier to work with leather…

  • Lydia

    leather is a bi-product. people eat beef. naturally there is a lot of cow hide leftover. it would be a sin NOT to use it. there is no difference between using part of an animal (people eating beef) or all of the animal (people eating beef and people wearing leather), because in either case, the cow is dead. get over it. :wink:

  • Julie

    It is only a byproduct to people who eat meat. Many people like Stella for the fact that they can hold to their vegetarian lifestyle and in good conscience wear designer clothes. I don’t see how the two people that argue the byproduct angle don’t see that as obvious. :???:

  • Madeleine

    I think it’s a mistake. NM once listed a Matt & Nat Montreal purse as “calfskin.” For those that don’t know, Matt & Nat is a vegan company.

    Anyway, I’m vegan and recently bought Stella’s white “patent” Appaloosa. It’s gorgeous, nicely weighty and so well made. Well worth the price and I’m quite thrifty. :wink:

    To the poster who said that leather is a “by-product” of meat. Actually, it isn’t. The animals killed for designer clothing aren’t the same as those you eat at McDonald’s. :roll:


    peta is a bunch of bullshit anyway. theyll never see that what their doing is a f**king waste of time.

  • Sweet pea

    Happily the Stella McCartney Patchwork Clutch is not real leather. Neiman Marcus has corrected their mistake. The item is now described as faux leather on their website.;jsessionid=XYWJ2EBBU22DMCQAAKJBABY?itemId=prod45640152&parentId=cat9270735&index=116&cmCat=cat000000cat000141cat000143cat9230740cat9270735

  • WOW !!!

    thank god! because that would be ashamed since she charges so much for her stuff. Do we know the type of manufacturing she uses in Italy for all her new bags?

  • Louisespeople

    stella is and has been a staunch animal rights soul
    saks made a huge blooper
    when i ask stores IS THIS LEATHER they have NO clue 
    is this NON leather NO clue
    so i doubt stella would SELL OUT i love her