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After reading this site, you will probably think I live in the airport. To be perfectly honest, sometimes I feel like Tom Hanks in The Terminal. The fact of the matter is I fly more than I drive. You know you fly too much when you start to see the same people behind the counter and flight attendants and they recognize you. I am at the airport again on my way to Washington DC and realized that I have never been completely satisfied with my carry on bags. Today I opted for one large purse, my Gucci Horsebit Hobo and an Armani Exchange messenger bag. I flung my laptop in the messenger, only later to realize that it was completely uncomfortable to carry.

So when flying, what do you carry?

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  • Silky

    I swear by Longchamp’s Le Pliage… Not too flashy, classy and roomy!

  • tropicalgal

    I carry a Gucci messenger bag for hands free travel & sightseeing, and I take on the plane either a Kipling bag or a Sportsac. Totally cool and doesn’t mind the wear and tear. Bon Voyage! :wink:

  • travelbliss

    My LV Speedy 40 is roomy enough to hold all my travel essentials….

  • Alicia

    My white large YSL Muse.Its very roomy but its kinda heavy.I think im gonna buy a Longchamp le pliage.

  • tiha

    Hey Meg. You travel sooo much, why? is it mostly interviews and such or shopping shopping shopping lol? Sorry just curious.

    • Tiha- I travel a ton for vacation, sight seeing, and some work :) Mostly though for leisure and shopping! :mrgreen:

  • Donna

    Regrettably, I have to tote around one of those very large LL Bean totes – it comfortably holds enough diaper stuff for 2 toddlers, a Sony portable DVD (with about 6 different DVDs) sippy cups, books, water bottles, etc. The bag makes it very easy to find stuff without having to pull everything out in front of all the other passenger. However, I always take my large Gucci Pelham – for the little stuff translated – passports, sweet stuff for ME & some type of benadryl or aspirin for the kids if they get too wiry LOL!

  • Rose

    Well Donna I feel your pain. I must carry a Vera Bradley bag stuffed to the brim with enough stuff for my four lovely children all under the age of 5. We fly a lot so we’ve made it a science. Along with that though I carry a lovely vintage bowling bag that I put all my needs in. I wish I could forgo that diaper bag, as lovely as it is, and carry my brand new Libertine bag.

  • janice

    Longchamp Le Pliage – you never go wrong with this bag.

  • Jess

    I use my cream Chloe Edith Bowler – it’s HUGE and durable.

  • Baby Pop

    I still haven’t found the right bag.
    It pretty much changes from flight to flight.

    I have a huge laptop. Very big and very heavy (yes,I’m a gaming geek)

    After 2 broken screens, the laptop rules the bag war. :cry:

  • magda101

    Longchamp Le Pliage for me. It is light and not too flashy, at the same time it folds too if you happen to buy a new handbag on your trip :grin:

  • Christy

    I carry my balenciaga work for my carry on. Then my Louis vuitton bh bag for my handbag! Both are roomy and can carry a bottle of water, laptop and magizines!

  • nimbus

    I`ve got a little white carry-on suitcase, the alexander mcqueen/samsonite thing.

  • cherry pie

    my speedy 30 is always by my side. i leave the big things for my SO to carry.

  • Kenny

    A Balenciaga Courier, it carries my life inside!

  • Rapunzel

    My teal quilted Diane Von Furstenburg boarding bag with white trim. I can wear it on the arm, the shoulder, or as a messenger and it holds so much it’s ridiculous. I flew today and I even fit my travel pillow in it on top of all the other stuff I travel with. It looks so chic and goes with anything and I love how it’s so big, yet still sits upright under the seat.

  • keg

    my dog carrier and a longchamp

  • Lisa

    My Coach satin baby bag carries everything I need (don’t use as a baby bag) and I can zip up my handbag inside for the security screening. Great pockets inside and out, handles and shoulder strap make it a dream for the airplane.

  • estee

    i never go anywhere without my lv speedy and my longchamp le pliage bag. It just so durable and comfortable yet so effortlessly chic!

  • jeanie

    That’s the Sacramento International Airport!!!

  • jadey –

    if im going away i take all of my LV luggage bags,if its just for a short while liek a week ill take just a LV keepall, if im just staying over night somewhere i like to keep it all in one bag so i use my marc jacobs Heidi bowling bag or my roberto cavalli Quilted patent tote.

  • slim

    LV speedy is a staple when I travel because it’s so light yet holds so much. Also I just got the YSL Rive Gauche tote which i can wear messenger style.. Lesportsac totes for magazines, treats & my pashimina

  • Monku Girl

    Hi there Jeanie! I was wonderin’ the same thing, too. Megs, were you in Sacramento? Home of Arnold, the Governator?? ::lol::: I wish I had known that you were in town; I’d treat you to lunch! Jeanie, are you in Sac Town too?

    ox Monku Girl