Why would you ever assume that it could not happen to you? Purse-theft is out there happening everyday to women like you and I. My guess would be if some guy wanting to steal a purse, he sure would find a lady with delectable taste, like all of us, and pick us out of a crowd. Now I seriously hope any person who wants to rob me realizes what he or she is getting themselves into. Don’t mess with me! For that matter just quit it. Stop stealing other people’s things. But if this were to ever happen to you, there are a few steps you need to take in order to protect yourself after your purse has been stolen:

If your wallet or purse is lost or stolen, the Federal Trade Commission suggests that you:

  • File a report with the police immediately. Get a copy in case your bank, credit card company or insurance company needs proof of the crime
  • Cancel each credit and charge card. Get new cards with new account numbers. l Call the fraud departments of the major credit reporting agencies:
  •    Equifax (800) 525-6285
  •    Experian (888) 397-3742
  •    TransUnion (800) 680-7289
  • Ask them to put a “fraud alert” on your account and add a “victim’s statement” to your file requesting that creditors contact you before opening new accounts in your name
  • Ask the credit bureaus for copies of your credit reports. Review your reports carefully to make sure no additional fraudulent accounts have been opened in your name or unauthorized changes made to your existing accounts. In a few months, order new copies of your reports to verify your corrections and changes, and to make sure no new fraudulent activity has occurred
  • Report the loss to your bank if your wallet or purse contained bank account information, including account numbers, ATM cards or checks
  • Cancel checking and savings accounts and open new ones. Stop payments on outstanding checks
  • Get a new ATM card, account number and Personal Identification Number (PIN) or password
  • Report your missing driver’s license to the department of motor vehicles. If your state uses your Social Security number as your driver’s license number, ask to substitute another number
  • Change the locks on your home and car if your keys were taken. Don’t give an identity thief access to even more personal property and information

Hopefully you will not ever need this information, but if you do, make sure to follow all the above steps to ensure your safety against identity theft and fraud.

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  • Mary

    Also, here’s something I (sadly) learned from experience: If this happens to you while you are traveling, do not panic. Even in this age of heavy screening, you will be able to get on a plane without your ID. Simply explain what happened to the baggage agent (it always helps to show a copy of the police report). You’ll be searched more thoroughly than you would otherwise — so give yourself enough time at the airport — but you’ll ultimately make your flight.

  • ms

    Great tip, do it now:
    Take all your cards out of your wallet and put them on the xerox machine. Make a copy, flip them over, make a copy.

  • pinkmink

    ohh a guy stole my grandmas bottega veneta purse a couple of years back… we never got him though. it was right when she came out from the bank and she withdrew a couple thousand dollars. he took them all. apparently the thief didnt know the value of her purse or wallet and he just left it out on the street after he took the wallet. must’ve sucked for her, i would’ve been friggin pissed.

  • background check

    great blog. very informative.

  • nicola

    I got my bag stole last night in a pub, inside was a £200 mobile phone (that wasn’t insured),a debit card with a £300 overdraught (that wasn’t signed)a make up bag with around £50 of makeup in it plus house keys. Iv never insured a mobile phone as couldnt see the point paying an extra £15 a month when you probably would never need to make a claim but from now on I will. All in all I was out a fortune last night. The person that stole my bag actualy had the cheek to answer my phone when I rang it! Never Again!

  • sean

    Check out the anti-theft bags from http://www.pacsafe.com they are designed with anti-theft features to help stop these types of thefts.

  • Teri

    Check out the alarms offered at http://www.21stcenturydevices.com
    You set a radius with these and if the purse leaves that radius and alarm will go off. One model even has a really loud siren that will make any thief stop in his tracks. Forget fixing the problems after the theft…keep them from happening.

  • luci

    rep[ort loss to your insurance company for your homeowners policy. Homeowners will cover replacement for cellphone, car keys, cost of wallet and purse, a certain amount of cash, changing the locks on your home and car, medicines which may be in your purse, makeup, camera, eyeglasses, sun glasses, gloves and many othere personal items. How much do you think the contents of your purse is worth? Add it up, mine came to almost $1400……..I was able to recover$900 due to a $500 deductable and my homeowners insurance rates did not increase. Think about it.

  • Evie

    um put credit cards in your shoe like thats safest place imaginable. even for money. and make sure its laced shoes. then its harder for the mugger to removed your shoes in a fight or struggle. never keep cell in bag.

  • Larry

    A good idea is instead of signing the back of the card, simply write “NOT VALID WITHOUT PHOTO ID”. This stopped a $600.00 attempted charge on my wife’s card after her wallet was lifted by a pickpocket. They couldn’t produce the required ID and the cashier refused the card. I’ve been doing this for over 20 years and this is the first time we’ve ever had to rely on it.

  • GM

    If your phone has GPS, call the police immediately and they can track it if the thief hasn’t turned it off.

  • Judith

    The alarm and the net are good answers to a lady who was asking for ideas on the internet. Thanks

  • Dove


    We are a small design company based in cambridge UK who designed and patented a really effective product that stops thieves stealing your purse. The product simply consists of a pin – a bit like a drawing pin – that is inserted through the base of your bag in to a tamperproof anchor located inside the bottom of your bag, attached to the anchor is a tamper proof lead that then attaches to the zip pull of your purse. Its very simple but incredibably effective.


    • glenlea

      Hi, is this product still available? i have been trying to find this co on the internet but nothing is coming up?

  • Brent stevens

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    I am sorry for not being able to explain my invention in details, But for all of you that like the concept of it, please let me know, Because if that where to happen to you, YOU WILL WISH YOU HAD MY INVENTION, that way the “PERPETRATOR” would be immobilized, thus you would be able to contact the police.

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  • Brent stevens

    Again everyone, I have reviewed about 5 different types of inventions that pertains to my invention, from above, A weight(witch is bulky, and no one wants to lift any weights), to a devise on a basket that prevents from people stealing in grocery stores, An alarm that is loud, A DEVISE THAT WOULD POSSIBLY TAKE OFF FINGERS OR EVEN A HAND, wow is what I said, who wants to see blood everywhere, especially on your purse, and let alone, NOT YOUR BLOOD, who knows about the pathogens in the perps blood, and also and invention(witch I like the most) that is connected to a strap on your wrist, that way if you where a victim, at lest you would have your wallet, and personal stuff, They can have the purse, you can always get another one. WHAT WOMAN ONLY HAS ONE PURSE ANYWHO,lol. Again LADIES, My invention is 20 times better than all that you would find. My whole concept with my invention(again I cannot reveal any details pertaining on how its made, and the science behind it), WHY LET THE PERP GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING!With my invention… THEY WOULDENT GET AWAY, THEIR IS NO WEIGHT, NO DEVISE THAT WOULD AMPUTATE ANY FINGERS OR HANDS,NO SHOPPING CARTS NEEDED, NO LOUD NOISE, AND NOTHING ATTACHED TO YOUR WALLET IN YOUR PURSE. THEIR IS ABSOLUTE NO WAY THAT THE PERP WOULD GET AWAY WITH MY INVENTION. If you are inquired to know more about my invention.. I am in need of financial assistance, thus I would explain the details of my invention to you, that way you would get a better idea of my invention. Again, WHY LET THE PERP GET AWAY, THEIR IS ALWAYS A CHANCE THAT THE PERP CAN GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING, EVEN WITH ALL THESE INVENTIONS THAT I HAVE MENTIONED, WITH MINE…. THEIR IS A 100% CHANCE THAT THEY WOULDENT GET AWAY, AND AWAY WITH YOUR PURSE.

  • Jay Kurney

    My wife just received a gift for her b-day about 2 months ago from her mother, called the Perslock. It is a very attractive jewlery type item that hangs on a purse. It is like a very attractive chain with charms and you wrap it aroung chairs and grocery carts….or whatever to prevent the “quick-snatch” purse theft. It’s strong and only about $20. We actually just bought 6 or them as gifts for our friends and relatives. Its one of those things that are so simple, you say “why didn’t I think of that.”
    Webiste is http://www.perslock.com

  • kmj

    I have one of those PersLocks and it is awesome! I am one of those paranoid types who normally holds my purse on my lap and lugs it on my shoulder in the grocery store. Now I can put my purse in the cart and lock it up to the cart. At restaurants I now put it on the back of my chair and lock it up. The zipper lock part is neat too. The nice thing about it is that it’s so pretty. I get compliments on it all of the time. Kudos to whoever invented this!!

  • Natalie

    Theft prevention is the key which is why we created our new product called, SureLoc. It is a portable locking device that you can use to secure your belongings to the back of chairs, grocery shopping carts, beach chairs, luggage, and even strollers! Our infomercial is being filmed now and we can’t wait to share it with you! Thank you for helping us spread the word about the importance of theft prevention! http://blog.buysureloc.com/

  • Naggy

    The only way someone would steal my purse is if they snatched it or cut it off me as I’m very protective of my purse. (ipad)

  • KY

    Great tips! (ipad)

  • Kaitlyn

    I just got my purse stolen at a waterpark. Word to the wise the extra couple of dollars it takes to get a locker is worth it. My cellphone, social security card, I.D., and brand new 100 dollar glasses I got TODAY were taken. I feels good to know that your not the only one this has happened to. I feel so violated.

  • Mohammed Jesus Ali

    Is this why ladies using purses and handbags is so uncommon these days? Why would anyone want to steal ladies purses for? What would they really want with a purse or its contents?

  • Jesus destroys Islam

    Stealing purses? May as well be a kleptomaniac.