right-giving.jpgAlbert Einstein once said “It is every man’s obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it”. Many of you come to this website daily to read about the latest trends in handbags and the fashion world. Even the tag line of the website, ‘shallow obsessing strongly encouraged’, reflects that we are all here for fun to drool over objects that are not a necessity in life. But it is always important to give back, no matter what the amount. From as long as I can remember my parents always stressed the importance of giving to those who have less, need more, the sick, the forgotten, the young, the old, the world. But no matter what, always give back. After talking about it from time to time, some of the members from the Purse Forum got together and decided it was finally time to do something. Starting today, the Purse Blog and Purse Forum will choose a charity of the month. To keep matters simple and let everyone know exactly where their money is going, any money donated will go directly to the charity. We will apply a button to the top of the Purse Blog and Purse Forum naming the charity we are supporting that month and link the button directly to the donate page. You may decide to donate depending on the cause, one month and not the next, not at all, or every time. It is up to you. There will be a thread on tPF where you may suggest a new charity for the next month. The Purse Blog and Purse Forum will donate a portion of our advertising revenue monthly. We hope you all choose to donate if possible to very worthy causes!

For the first month, Vlad and I choose The Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation. You can find more information about the charity of the month on their website. Because of Mother’s Day, the month of May can be really hard for those who have lost their mother, either physically or mentally. If you can, please donate to this great cause! More about how to donate on this page!

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  • lhsyu

    This is a really great idea! What a great opportunity for those of us who gather here daily! Together, we could really make a difference by educating ourselves on the groups that could really use our help and taking action!

  • Stela

    Hello to all..
    I am a single mother fighting for her son’s life and health.Two weeks ago my son had a terrible accident in witch he almost lost he’s left arm :cry: .Now he’s lieing on the hospital bed hopeing that he’s mom can come up with the necesary amount for the operation in order to save he’s arm.My boy has all the time tears in he’s eyes :cry: and wishes nothing more than to keep he’s arm and be a normal boy again.

    We are a poor family and it’s impossible for me to raise the money on my own :sad: ,my only hope for my son is you.For those who want to make a donation or for more details click here :


    So please if you know anyone who has the posibility to make a donation and help save my son’s life please let them know about our situation.We need all the help we can get.If you can help us in anyway feel free to contact me here or on the email stelutza_ar@yahoo.com.

    God bless you !

  • Michael Finnegan

    Hello All,
    I am running a marathon for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I am raising funds to fights various kinds of blood cancer. Please help the cause and pass this on to others. http://pages.teamintraining.org/nyc/rnr09/mfinnegan

    Thank you,


  • Nana

    Please save my child with only $1 !!!
    He is suffering from Leukemia since 1 year!!
    please only $1 from each person can save my only child
    Please save him!!
    it will only take you 1 minute…
    please help me… I don’t want to lose my only child…
    his father is dead and I have no one left except this little boy!!
    This is a pic of my little boy:


    To Donate


    Thank You, May God Bless You!!