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Change is always good. And Mulberry has undergone a site renovation adding great features and falling snowflakes for the winter season. The snowfall is my favorite, it simply gets me in the Holiday spirit right away (kind of like our Purse Blog Winter Theme). Even better is that you can download a snowing desktop application, which means the cheer can transfer onto your screen at all times. Below is the information about the website, with all new features explained in detail. Mulberry, which is based in the UK, is a brand that has been around garnering attention for years, yet is making a larger impact on the US market recently. Check out their site renovation and all of their amazing renditions of the ever favorite Bayswater and others!

Autumn Winter 2007 sees Mulberry’s online boutique re-vamped and re-launched in time for the Christmas season. A ‘snowsfall ‘on the homepage sees Mulberry getting into the Christmas spirit and enables users to download a snowing desktop application. The new site gives the consumer a luxurious and stress free shopping experience from the comfort of their own home with great gift ideas for ‘him’ and ‘her’!

Check out celebrity favourites Mabel and Bayswater in a host of shades and skins. They debut online in a more user friendly, flash based format on an open airy site. Improved accessibility and navigation make for pleasurable, simple shopping. Men’s bags, luggage, smaller leather goods, gift items, cufflinks, ties and scarves give as broad a range of products as the flagship store; with magnifying functions and more detailed photography allowing each product to be viewed up close. A streamlined check out process helps to beat the queues to a bestseller with as few clicks as possible.

Away from the online shop more brand information is available too. View the clothing collections online for the first time through the seasonal look book, and trace worldwide stockists with the interactive map. A press area will keep everyone updated on all Mulberry news. Key features are available to view along with the very latest celebrity sightings. A new improved customer services area includes material and care advice to make sure each product can stay as beautiful as the day it is first unwrapped.

The complete Autumn Winter range and the new early Spring 2008 collection can be viewed in their new online home now. Go to to view.


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