mena suvari lambertson Truex bag

At first glance, I could not figure out the identity of this short haired beauty. But then the American Beauty princess among other roles revealed her new buzzed head. Honestly, if I could pull of hair like this I would do it in a heart beat. Mena Suvari hit the town looking ultra laid back and fabulous with her Lambertson Truex Nicole Python Bag. Lambertson Truex prides themselves in quality made bags, and the Nicole bag Mena is carrying is killer. Available in glazed crocodile, supple ostrich, or the divine shiny python that Mena has been sporting, this handbag is a great shape that adds glamour to any outfit. For all of you who kept emailing me to find the designer of this bag, here you have it. Problem is, it is not available online right now. Inquire further via Lambertson Truex.

Lambertson Truex Nicole Python Bag

More pics below!

mena suvari lambertson Truex bag1

mena suvari lambertson Truex bag2

mena suvari lambertson Truex bag3

mena suvari lambertson Truex bag4

mena suvari lambertson Truex bag5

Images via Celeb Utopia

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  • Tina

    Actually, the brand is called Lambertson TRUEX, not Lambertson Turex. I would have expected someone who writes a handbag blog to know this.

    • I do know, just suffer from a bit of dyslexia.

      Thanks, fixed now!

  • coachwife6

    Love you Megs and love your blog! :smile: I wonder if this is uncomfortable to carry. She does rock that haircut and that bag.

  • fendifemale

    I love it. Esp the color she is carrying but I also like the ostrich looking one.

  • Dania (fendihunter)

    This is a gorgeous bag. I admired it ever since I saw these pics.

    BTW, Tina, there are courteous ways of calling attention to a spelling mistake without doing it in such a condescending tone. Anyone can make a mistake. Megs writes this blog, and I’m sure takes the time to familiarize herself with every detail necessary. A slip up is bound to happen. I’d be surprised if it didn’t. I’m embarrassed for people like you who feel the need to point out mistakes in such a manner. How sad.

    Thanks, Megs, for the review. :wink:

  • chloebagfreak

    I totally agree, i felt bad for Megs who does an Amazing job with this site!
    The Python bag is gorgeous and i found it for anyone who wants one
    Neiman Marcus- Palm Beach
    Ask for Lillian in designer bags- 561-805-6150
    Price- 2900.00
    Go Get Em Gals!

  • beebee602

    Hmmm…I wonder why did she get that haircut? Maybe for a movie? I agree with fendifemale, I am drawn to the ostrich one.

  • mette

    It is quite cute-I mean the python one worn with the patched jeans. :cool:

  • z

    it’s very cute, if only someone could buy it for me. ahahaha :)

  • Otter

    Megs — luv ya babe and luv your blog and i’m sorry that someone left a snotty remark. But, it’s freedom of speech on the wild internet.

    Anyway, great bag! I am not familiar with the line, but will be sure to take notice in the future. I like the python version and think the entire outfit is fierce! Luv the Tom Ford sunglasses and the jewlery too.

  • Thanks guys- but no worries! I realize I spelled it wrong at first and needed to change it!

  • thefashionscientist

    I saw this bag last weekend in NM and it is fabulous in person–I loved the python one and would get it but I recently purchased a python similair to this…but thanks to you–I see they have it in ostrich–AWESOME! :lol:

  • Conchita

    the bag rocks… the outfit rocks… she rocks!

  • Emmanuelle

    This bag looks so great !
    I want it! I want it! I want it !

    Anyone an idea on where getting it in Europe? (Belgium)


  • Lisa

    Does anyone know the price for the ostrich one? Love it!

  • blkladylaw

    I’ve got this bag! I scored it on eBay for about $500 earlier this year. I just saw it at Neimans today. I had no idea what the retail price was!

  • blkladylaw
  • Alexia

    Hey everyone!
    I just wanted to let you know that there is a sample sale going on in the Lambertson Truex showroom until the 15 of November.
    The address is: 230 West 17th street on the 6th floor.
    Everything is 50% off and it is current merchandise of the Fall!
    Go check it out!! It’s great!

  • M

    very good tanks

  • m

    :wink: :eek: :smile: